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Version: 0.04

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Please Bark
by ada shu

This is a very early version of a game I have an (overly?) ambitious design laid out for. This is my first Twine game and I am accepting any constructive critism so that I can become a better author. If you encounter any bugs I would appreciate if you post about them in the discussion thread with as much detail as possible so I can fix them asap. The over-arching goal is to create an open world game that gives the player a lot of choices with a large main story arc, several minor arcs, and a lot of sidequests. Eventually you will be able to slowly transform between male and female and back again as well as take on various canine attributes. Though the main character starts out hopeless with your wise guidance he will be able to learn more about the world and himself as well as level up sexual skills and unlock useful perks that will aid you in your quest (or in simply having a fun time).


At the moment there are only a few areas to explore and a minimal amount of sexy content. This will slowly improve with every update, especially now that I have a lot of the basic systems down I can focus a bit more on writing. Money is not very balanced atm and there are few ways of making it, so I've taken away some of the major money sinks (such as rent) until such time as I am happy with the variety of income possbilities. Currently there is only one job availible, found by wandering downtown. It shouldn't take too long to find, but you might get unlucky and have to try a couple days. Make sure to keep well fed or you will lose energy at a faster rate.


As I work on getting many of the various mechanics tested and increase the amount of potential random events the rates will adjust accordingly. You might encounter placeholders or blank pages, if there is no link to continue then you can use the back button and that should be a good workaround. I suggest saving often just in case so you don't lose progress.


There is a lot of planned fetish content including transgender, bdsm, voyeurism, watersports, anthro, etc. I can't make filters for everything but I understand that everyone is different and I don't want anyone to feel forced into playing content they don't enjoy so there will be explicit options to avoid said content and everyone can have a fun experience.


Thank you for trying it out! - Ada Shu


PS- Changelogs can be found on the first page of the discussion thread.

The plot is currently indescribably brilliant.

The characters are currently indescribably relatable, lovable, and cuddly. Except for the MC, he is kind of a douche atm.

Clicking the Guidebook tab will give you information on what your primary stats do as well as a 'quest log'.

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Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 01/12/2017


The system seems good and should be stable. With the 0.03 release one can get two jobs but the earnings don't pay the rent. There is not increase in wages as one progress with either.  But the developer knowsthis and lets you keep the money. TF is slow. Twice in the park I found the pond and said I could  go there but the pond never showed up in a list of places to visit.  I usually don't like a lot of random encounter but at this moment the game needs more. Looks like some dream information still needs to be written. But the dreams don't bug the game. if may be good to have place holder locations listed so players knows where the game might go and have the structure of the game in place to find them before coding for them is written. The two people the MC doesn't interact with needs more varied dialog. Maybe they can comment on appearance changes. The mirror suggests finding a gym. I guess that would be in the city.


Overall I think this game can be an excellent game once more development is done.


PS. Hygiene decay is better but could be slower.  Also sitting on the bench doesn't restore energy as one would think. I haven't figured out a way to drink an energy drink.

Review by Slarkki

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 01/08/2017

I understand it is a Very Early release but for now there is not much to see. The layout looks clean enough but not sure if I can conjure up more praises at the moment. Finding locations seem to have bugs as you find things like 'location3' or such that never actually open up anything even though there are working locations too. There are *fillers* and non-existing events etc. The player status changes *very* rapidly. You eat yourself full and take a shower only to get a bit hungry again. You wake up around maybe 07:00 every morning and you can easily run out of energy around 13:00 by doing almost nothing (walking around exploring for new locations or events). Your hygiene keeps plummeting and you should probably shower at least twice every day making you go through mountains of soap in a flash. In essence nothing feels like working properly right now. I am interested to see how this develops but I'm waiting for at least version 0.1 before I do. I very rarely test these very early releases and this reminds me why. It's way too early to even try to test anything.

Review by SemperVigilatuns

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 01/07/2017

Vey well structured for what is there. At this point in time, seeing as the only job I stumbled across only netted you 15$ a turn, I'd consider adding a lazy cheat or something to aff like 100$ a click, since it permits someone to test without feeling as if it is overly tedious. Very descriptive, and plenty of structure, as I said. I noticed there weren't really dead ends, though There are at least two: In inventory, and Stats, there is no return button. The back arrow negates the fact, but in case you ever remove that feature, it might be worth adding a return button to the inventory and stat sheet. Very well done for such an early release. 

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