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Version: 0.5.2c


A transformation game created by AnonymousMan using the RAGS engine.

Updates and update notes can be found at anonymousmangames.blogspot.com

Note: This game uses RAGS 2.4.16

The Player - You are a man in your mid-twenties, transformed by a woman as a punishment.

Maria - The Mysterious woman you met at the bar.

Vivian - Runs the Jewelry Store in the mall.

Genevieve - the stylist in the salon

Due to the freeform action in this game, walkthroughs are not applicable.

Please see the Cursed Wiki for possible actions in this game.


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Review by otaku_zero

Version reviewed: on 05/23/2016

This game has been great since I first tried it and I'm glad to see that the author has dug back into it (at least until this month, and I hope he continues :) )
The main pull is that while you can play the carefree, promiscuous hedonist, you can also do your best at just trying to live a normal life. A very cool approach and I really hope to see not just this game conntinue, but for it to be an inspiration for others.

Review by randomwave

Version reviewed: on 05/14/2016

OMG this is so much furn...love the Bikini contest. I will do whatever it takes to win it...hehe. Soo much is going on in this game.  I really only check on a couple of games on here this one and whatever Sorrow puts out.

Review by devilbimbo

Version reviewed: on 04/13/2016

This game is just plain epic. The amount of time that has to have been spent to create this is mind boggling. I have played a little with RAGS developer and used to be a decent hand at programming, but this is just fantastic. I usually require pictures in my tf games but the descriptions and the gameplay make up for that. Hell, I don't think it will ever be a requirement for this game in my eyes. Thank you for your hard work and for what you have given us in this game

Review by zuli2

Version reviewed: on 02/13/2016

My favourite game here. I never had any buggs. The text was well written and it would only get better if there were pictures.

Review by Preggy Sue

Version reviewed: on 02/06/2016

As far as the rags games go, this is by far my favorite.There is a lot of untapped potential left in this one as wellThe last review I made was 100 percent true,but I did stop playing for a while after I ran into what seemed to be the end of the story. I just played for a solid 9 hours back through the game and I am amazed at how well this game plays out. Keep up the awesome work,

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