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Transformed in Wonderland

Download the Latest Public Version (Around 150mb):

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  • I strongly advise you to install the offline version if you play from a computer. It will be much smoother, since it runs on native code (vs browser).

Bonus Pictures Packs Are Available for the Offline Version:
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Play the game Online (Public Version):


  • No download required - best for mobile devices or to quickly play the game.



Wonderbirds is an open-ended adventure game focused upon sexual transformation and corruption. It takes place in a fantasy land, mostly inspired by the adventures of Alice and various other fairy tales. It stands in Beta stage; it is still a work in progress.


Features (Planned)

Open-Ended Adventure game entirely created in HTML5/Javascript; it is compatible with all browsers, and no download is required.

Reactive and customizable interface designed for mobile phones and tablets, so you can play anywhere.

Real-time combat engine with strategic choices.

Leverages the power of the dynamic avatar drawing, which enables players to see the state of their character in real time.

Come as you are (no pun intended); you play as a man or a woman (or transgender).

A rich story set in a Fantasy universe, which features a full cast of original characters.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by renard

Version reviewed: Public_161210 on 12/18/2016

Really like this game. The writing is great, and there's a bit of customization, allowing the player character to be female is really important to me and this game does that.

This author keeps on delivering with every update. The only thing I think isn't so good is the minigames which can be kind of overwhelming.

Review by StG.

Version reviewed: Public_161201 on 12/02/2016

Great Game so far... the next village area is just awesome thanks to the shops and other very specific sites (like the brothel for instance).

But why there are no options available at the blacksmith? And where do one get the royal tokens to update one's clothes?

I just can't wait for the next update (i hope we could be able to reach the elves to restore the fountain).

Highly recommended!!

Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: Beta 2016-11-19 on 11/22/2016

Logan Scodini's games are among the best in style. This one is going better with every release. Updates are not frequent but they worth to wait for.

Dynamic avatar (probably picked up from this site?) is good idea.

Overall, highly recommended.

Review by spyrodrake

Version reviewed: Beta 2016-11-19 on 11/20/2016

I would enjoy the game if I wasn't forced to look at porn sex pictures while I'm focusing on solving puzzles, it is quite annoying, you really, REALLY should add a option to disable those, because not everyone enjoy have a picture of a giant cock in their face butt fucking or something like that.

Review by narutosasuke

Version reviewed: Beta 2016-10-12 on 11/19/2016

i like the game very much.

good story line , good combat , and good transfrmation.

waiting for the update and the further storyline.

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