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Trap Gay Submission hypnotism Crossdressing shemale

Version: 0.70

Version: 0.69

Version: 0.68

Version: 0.67

Version: 0.51

Perverted Education

You start as a immature male of indeterminate age, and are slowly corrupted on three sides by your Teacher, Therapist and Guardian (you can choose your mother, or a family friend).

It begins with cross dressing, then forced sexual encounters and eventually surgery.

While I've stopped development at v0.51, AprilRyan has taken over with tonnes of new content, and is still actively developing the game.

Update 0.70 - microupdate

  • Therapist progression fixed
  • Check me page additions and fixes.

Update 0.51 - Original version of the game by bobbob9999.

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Review by perversebi

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 01/21/2017

Having played a few builds I really enjoyed this. I'm big on male on male and sissyfication, and this really hits those spots. The incest elements add a nice femdom spice to the mix. I'd like more early choices for income, like after a few Daring points you could suck off dudes in back alleys and stuff, but that's really up to the developer and what she's imagined. All in all I enjoy the parallel storylines and both visually and textually this game is up to par with the greats like TrapQuest.

Review by terrone

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 01/20/2017

" sorry for the bad inglish i'm italian"

This is the best gestional game form html on the site, but i think is need more idea in the game, in special to "Stacy root"( example, therapy group, private session, talking about your sentiment" require for the gender transition), i think is a great idea to acept to complete gender transition whit stacy and unlock to complete gender bender to clinic, an another idea is to implement when you go to a "daring 9" you have a option to offer a blowjob for money at the mall, this option unlock the " fetish statistic" and unlock other job (example assjob and other fetish), and this job request other tools and specific dresses.

For the "guardian root" when this root proceed, i think is require more option to expand the root whit some difference, example (mistress root"the actualy root" , slaving mother/guardian "you enslaved your mother", become the daugther "require to complete transition whit stacy,and you mother acept you change gender and it treats it treats it as daugther and to defend to the teacher"), more options you have and the better it is and determinate choice preclude determinate root or unlocket. " in the end i will the guardian note you body enchanting during the game XD"


For the "teacher root" i think is need more bully activity after bribe the teacher (example, the bully take you in the bathroom and take a photo for the penis, the bully obbligated you to have anal sex whit the homeless, the bully piss on you, the bully panting a penis in your face), i think is a great idea to implement the special event (example school trip for a weekend or week "i this event you can have a possibility to increase your daring or fetish"

For the arcade, i think is need a week tournament (in this event you can insert the bully and if you win they have revenge on you) and insert more game please*^*, i think is idea you can choice your wanger whitin the hundred dollars


Review by Maynard999

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 01/19/2017

Hands down the best game on this site. The writing and sissy scenes are just so good. I would absolutley love to have more femdom options with the mother, currently the only way you can have sex is with the boyfriend path, and i think it would be so amazing if we could see her become your Mistress, with several sex options (Strap-on, oral, humiliation).

Review by kosh

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 01/19/2017

one of the best games her.

Review by Kahaan

Version reviewed: 0.69 on 01/18/2017

A very captivating game, even though it appears to not be finished.


I have gotten to the point where all my character does is lather, rinse, repeat. All the tattoos, piercings, and other permanent "upgrades" have been acquired, yet there are still some things which my character is not yet daring enough to do, and the psychiatrist has been showing the same hypnosis video for weeks with no visible change in progress. Thousands of dollars have been saved up, but there's nothing on which to spend them.


Despite the previous remark, I would recommend that additional sources of income would be a good thing, perhaps something a little less random than games of chance, and perhaps making use of the mall bathroom as a staging area for glory hole content (off the top of my head, it could start with one of the sessions of giving a blowjob to not give away lost bets in the car game at the arcade; one of the recipients of the oral gratification could drop a few extra dollars for the service or proficient skill and give the idea to the player that setting up "shop" in the bathroom could be a profitable business venture. An added risk being "raids" by Mall Security who will either demand "payment" to turn a blind eye, or bring in the player for punishment).


The Truancy statistic also seems to either not be implemented or not working properly, as my character has gone entire weeks without showing up at school and nothing has happened.


In closing, I recommend this game, and will admit to having wasted many hours playing it.

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