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Version: 0.22

Camelot: The Game


Hello, This fantastic story takes place in ancient times. Times of magic and mythical creatures. CAMELOT!

The story you see, begins at the moment of birth of Arthur. Future King, leader of Britons and just a good guy 

On our patreon you can find all the information about recent updates! 

We're also available on:

Twitter: twitter.com/ShadowPortal69
Blogspot: shadowportalgames.blogspot.com

If you have any questioins, feel free to contact us

Unique artstyle:

Our artists are experienced people who love their jobs and who would love to surprise you with a lot of interesting material! 

Classic battle system:

Our battle system was inspired by the old JRPG games, so get ready for that too! 


You play as King Arthur, so it's your choice who's your chosen one. Wide variety of humans, monsters and others to fullfill the desires (Or fate) of King Arthur! 

A little bit about us:

We're people from the Europe. Who're connected with a bond of enjoying h-games and a high inspiration for making something like this!
We're still working on some features, so few thing won't be still unavailable!


Our game is also free, so check it out! Right now the demo is available and you can download it from our patreon.
But remember! By supporting us, you will speed up the releasing of the game, of course 

This game is featuring by dynamic plot, with a lot of funny moments, and, of course, H-scenes. 
It's your choice to be an evil bastard with a lusty mind, or to be an epic knight in the shiny armor! 

In our Camelot, characters are not the ones you used to know!
Unlike the original legend, our Merlin is one of a kind hot witch, who's practicing different types of magic to create new friends... Even if it's mean to create a Frankenstein. 
Mermaids, descedants of the fallen empires, scarecrows... Huge variety of characters will make your head explode! 
What makes our game so special? 

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Review by Lady_Death

Version reviewed: 0.22 on 10/18/2016

on the note of text speed, the other review isn't accurate, if you look at the controls screen that shows up when you start you get told that ctrl is text skip, but that shift does fast forward, which works quite fine and is a definite improvement over the slow speed that is the default. and you can just let go of the button if it goes too fast too. will add more to this when i have played the game but in the first minute found out that bit and wanted to share incase it put people off trying it.

Review by Goctionni

Version reviewed: 0.22 on 10/17/2016

The writing for this game is poor, you cannot change text speed (you can either skip entirely or go through very slow scrolling text, you cannot hit enter to complete the currently writing text either).


The graphics and art style are good, everything else so far isn't very good :/

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