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Version: 0.09

Version: 0.06

Version: 0.05

Please Bark
by ada shu

Please Bark is a game that revolves around the player and how they choose to live with a magical curse that not only threatens their manhood, but their very humanity! Though the main character starts out hopeless, with your wise guidance he will be able to learn more about the world and himself as well as level up various sexual skills and unlock useful perks that will aid you in your quest (or in simply having a fun time).

Alpha Notes:

At the moment there are only a few areas to explore and a small amount of sexy content. You might encounter placeholders or blank pages, if there is no link to continue then you can use the back button and that should be a good workaround. I suggest saving often just in case so you don't lose progress.

There is a lot of planned fetish content including transgender, bdsm, voyeurism, watersports, anthro, etc. I can't make filters for everything but I understand that everyone is different and I don't want anyone to feel forced into playing content they don't enjoy so there will be explicit options to avoid said content and everyone can have a fun experience.

Since there are likely a lot of bugs the back button is availible if you get stuck or want to //experiment//. Please post any bug reports in the discussion thread. There may also be a lot of placeholder events and unfinished stories.

Thank you for trying it out! - Ada Shu

PS- Changelogs can be found on the first page of the linked discussion thread.

Additional Info

- Everything is currently capped at Class C
- Variety of sexy content for girls and boys
- 1 job available (Park)
- Many stats that affect how events play out
- Cheat: Free money is available at Bank
- Cheat: Back arrow is available as well

The plot is currently indescribably brilliant.

The characters are currently indescribably relatable, lovable, and cuddly. Except for the MC, he is kind of a douche atm.

Clicking the Guidebook tab will give you information on what your primary stats do as well as a 'quest log'.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by enterprise2001

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 02/18/2017

I really like where this seems to be going. I hope the developer keeps working on it.


Let me just say up front: THANK YOU for making a game where we can choose to stay male. That’s practically non-existant.


Aside from the obvious WIP bugs:

- We seem to have lost the movie theater and the tavern from the previous version.

- Made it to level 2, nothing happened... Was I supposed to get a perk or... anything?

- Can't see our fetish/kink levels like we could in the last version. At least until the writing is finished to be clear what does what to us, that would be helpful.

- I’ve played several hours, and aside from some dreaming as a canine of some type, I don’t seem to be transforming into anything except the male/female swinging. I assume either I missed it or it’s just planned for future releases…?


The only constructive criticism I can offer is that absolutely EVERYTHING seems to be random events. While randomness is essential to pretty much all modern video gaming, I can’t seem to CHOOSE anything either. Not which kinks I get into, not when I transform, not which jobs I can do, not which dreams I get, NOTHING. I spend most of my time wandering around just trying to get random events to trigger. There should be the option to go looking/trying for certain events.

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 02/11/2017

I got the same Theater bug. It's unlocked but not showing up at all.

Review by Trinox33

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 02/10/2017

I think I found a Bug, I get the notification that the movie theater is open but it doesn't appear in the menu. Help please.

Review by ApplejackShaners

Version reviewed: 0.06 on 02/06/2017

I am really enjoying what is here and can't wait for further updates.

Review by nonenow

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 01/24/2017

I normally don't write reviews, I'm to wordy. I just wanted to say that while there isn't much here yet. I like where it is going the writing is ok, and I hope it continues to update till it has a decent sized amount of content.

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