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Classic Fenoxo

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Corruption of Champions

Corruption of Champions is a transformation game created in the Flash engine by Fenoxo. It is a more advanced version of Fenoxo's previous game, Unnamed Text Game.

The game sees few updates. Content is near complete. Once last area is complete, delevopment is cease. Visit Fenoxo's website for the latest and greatest version.

You grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds. Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm. Legend has it that in years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside. Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire. This year, you have been selected to be the champion.

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Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: See site for latest 1.0 (the final countdown) on 12/17/2016

Even though the Fenoxo had pretty much abandoned the CoC, since he has released it for free (FREE as in Richard Stallman), other people have picked it up and continued to improve and polish it. I advise everyone to check out what this guy here is doing: https://github.com/Kitteh6660/Corruption-of-Champions-Mod/releases


Review by Dracis3D

Version reviewed: See site for latest 1.0 (the final countdown) on 11/06/2016

I've sank hours and hours into the game, way before Patreon and TiTS (Fen's latest game) were out. I've recently sunk a few more hours into the game to see what the ending looked like. This simply is a must play game and in my view the game where almost any TF can happen (or be avoided). The irony is that in the main this game is not my kink, but I've enjoyed it playing a basically human character. Something for everyone and a game where there is just so much content.

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: See site for latest 1.0 (the final countdown) on 05/08/2016

This is a vast game with MANY transformations, be warned this game will corrupt even the best and turn your soul into crystallized Lethicite and you wont be able to stop playing.

Review by aurelia

Version reviewed: See site for latest on 07/28/2015

One of the things I really like about this game is the sense of danger it engenders on the player.  If you don't play it right, you are going to end up in some very "less than desirable" situations.  It immerses you by making each choice count. 

Review by kash420

Version reviewed: See site for latest on 10/06/2014

Simply awesome game with by FAR the most replayability of any I've seen featured on this site. The writing is about as top-notch as it gets, the 

Pros: Close to top-tier writing, very few spelling errors and pretty descriptive/erotic encounters.
RPG setting allows you (to some extent) to feel like you are customizing your character and that you actually OWN your adventure.
Playable on PC's, tablets, phones...though you might want to think twice about opening this up while standing in line somewhere....
Character viewer that (somewhat) works, though it shows only a small percentage of what the game displays.

Cons: 8-bit graphics don't cut it. There is a character viewer that (somewhat) works and a picture pack you can download which will add some (much needed) art to the game to compensate.
Needs moar EVERYTHING! Weapons, armor, encounters, regions... but I guess thats the mark of a *good* game, right? Leaving you wanting more.
Development is apparently more or less finished as the author seems to have moved on to a new project.

TLDR; If you are on this page and haven't played the game yet, do yourself a favor and go to the authors website and check out the most current version. You won't regret that you did.

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