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January 2011 (Winter)
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Version: 1.0.92

The HERS Project

"The HERS Project" is a TG-themed transformation game by tempestreturns in the RAGS engine.

After his car breaks down, a young man stumbles upon The HERS Project -- an underground research complex that seems dedicated to transforming young men into submissive feminine sex objects. He must navigate through the various stations of the complex in order to both change himself back and escape, all the while avoiding the many traps and pitfalls that await him.


The Player

The Player is a young man en route to visit his girlfriend on Spring Break. He has no default name.


A sentient A.I. located in HERS-3X, the initial station the player in the complex the player discovers. She seems suspicious and at best is harboring her own motives and at worst is insane.


The chief of security for HERS-0X (The Index).


A security officer for HERS-0X (The Index) and Stacy's sister.


The HERS Project registration photographer. She makes IDs for new employees of HERS. Her sister is Tracy.


The HERS Project receptionist found in HERS-0X.

Other Test Subjects

The Player will encounter a variety of other test subjects throughout the HERS Project.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FAFNSucks

Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 02/19/2017

This game is a "classic", but has a lot of issues. I feel like there is a lot of dead ends and "what the fuck do I do" moments. I wish the mechanics were more openly explained to the player. The world is very detailed but feels mazelike.

Overall I gotta say this game is pretty darn good but pitfalls into the same traps as other point and click adventure games.

Review by deltacat3

Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 02/07/2017

This is by far my favourite game on this site, is their any word on an update in the near future?

Review by dianhua383

Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 12/27/2016

I still have yet to enter complex. I have sound the entrance and opened hatch and nothing, all i can do is continue searching the wood until i pass out

Review by subsophie

Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 11/30/2016

Someone has made a directory full of RAGS games on Mega.  It includes this title, and can be found at:


If I knew how convert that ito a link for just this game, I'd try to get it added.

Review by infidel99

Version reviewed: 1.0.92 on 11/30/2016

Never got to play because it is only available on 4Shared.  Fuck that.

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