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Version: 0.4a

The Ritual
by treylot

The Ritual is an adult interactive story game with a simple premise. You have summoned a demon and seek to bargain with it. Do you want the magical prowess of a mage? A blessing from Asmodeus himself? Or perhaps you have a more carnal desire in mind? Explore the dark and sexy consequences of your decisions in The Ritual.

Themes / Elements:

Blessing Path: m/f, m/m, transformation (m2f and demon), non-consensual sex
Sorceress Path: transformation (m2f, f2m), m/f, humiliation, non-consensual sex
Slavemaster Path: m/f, sub/dom, humiliation, non-consensual sex, transformation (m2f)

Unless bold, the element is entirely optional.

If you have issues with the default theme's CSS, try downloading the lite version of the game on the site.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 11/02/2015

A simple yet lustfilled ride. Some endings come quickly, but the game seems to have longer bits in store for us in the following updates. Can't wait for the rest.

Review by perro the traveler

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 05/02/2015

My one problem is that the sidebar is almost covered up most of the time.


By any chance are the lab results on some kind of coin flip or is there something else there?

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.3c on 03/13/2015

It is version 0.3f at the authors site.

I tried the sorceress and slavemaster line, both unfinished remain at an early stage of development. While the writting is above average and the erotic scenes are interesting, it is kind of teasing when you find it good and then boom WIP. Writing three stories (or six for the good and bad ends) is a lot of work and that is probably why the writer unable to finish any of them.

There is this one bug, it seems that the author use <<return>> instead of <<back>>. If you check your status and the endings, you will be unable to return to the game. So please keep that in mind.

Review by Valhalla12

Version reviewed: 0.3c on 03/12/2015

i like whats there so far and looking forward to what comes next but something thats really pissing me of is that there is no save system in it. plz implement that in the next update

Review by Nemeses

Version reviewed: 0.3c on 03/12/2015

very interesting and very hot game, a bit short right now, but if it gets updated with more story then it'd be a solid 9/10

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