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Hell Breaks Loose!

You are visiting a small town for a convention.  The sleepy little town has no night life and you're braced for a boring stay. 

And that's when...



Someone opened a hellgate in this sleepy little town.  You have to get to an escape before becoming twisted and changed.  


This is a NAVIGATION DEMO!  It is still VERY EARLY!  



FYI: This is a project I've been tinkering on for over a year.  I do have more content than you will see in this demo.  I had the chance to snag game # 666.  It just seemed too good to pass up.  So I'm posting incomplete work.

(Normally, I'd agree with those who are unhappy I didn't post content.  ...but I felt getting that gameID for this project is a pretty good reason.  *grin*)

I do apologize to any who are offended by my actions.

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Review by Dragon_ANGL

Version reviewed: 0.0.2b NAV Demo on 05/28/2015

Hm..still just a 'demo', but it's a skeleton of a game, not quite fleshed out yet. The connectors are there, and the creator's explaining what needs to be done next.

As others have said, demo's and concepts aren't supposed to be posted, only full games, yada yada, but I understand his wanting to get #666, the pop culture number of the Christian Antichrists, and some people just don't have the confidence to display a full product all at once, working by themselves on a product. I sympathasize with that. Anyways, good luck with figuring out how Sugarcube works! (No experience using it to create stuff here)

Review by zephyr

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 05/27/2015

Theres a game concepts area of the forum for a reason. If you have an idea, and what you call a "very early stages" game then please use the game concepts area so people can properly reply and help you.


This area is for game releases, not annoucnements. Have some content for people to see before making a post here.

Review by Extraterrestrial

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 05/27/2015

Going to agree with Isel. If everyone and their mom just posted their ideas with no content, this site would have more submissions than Reddit. If you're going to make a game, then make a game. Why announce it with nothing to show for it? 

Review by Isel

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 05/27/2015

I wished people would stop making posts without content. I get it, you're stoked, you want to release something and you want people to know that you're doing stuff and getting them hyped and all. But frankly, announcements only work for titles that people are anticipating - and even then those have preview material or teasers. Right now this is little more than an annoyancement.

Nothing against you, OP; you just want people to know you're making a game and I appreciate that, it's cool to work on a game. But I've seen a trend arise where people just go like, 'oh hey, yeah, I'm making a game. It's about demons and shit. Uhh. End of message.' and it's cluttering the forumspace and blocks any attempts at viable early feedback, even if you do plan to release what you have within the next 24 hours (in which case, why didn't you wait with posting this so you had it all in a neat package?)

Any goodwill you might have wanted to build and any excitement you probably wanted to raise is instead replaced with a feeling of ambivalence ('oh, sure. I guess. Another one of those.') or, in my case, annoyance ('Damnit, I wasted my time on another one of those.'). Right now you don't even have a forum post where one might discuss your concept, which for a pitch premise sounds decent enough albeit nothing really new. It would depend on how you plan the game mechanics around the pitch. As in, the entire game.


Now I might sound harsh, but all I'm hoping for is improvement. Better pitches, better feedback, better games. Hell, any content at all, or a place to have a meaningful discussion about what it is you are trying to do so you might get a feel for what people need to see in this saturated genre or to get people excited for what you as a designer want them to experience should go before or during the time where you announce your game devving. 'forum post coming in a day or so' is, to me, just poor press.

Despite all that, or maybe because of it because I feel like I bashed you now, I'm interested in seeing what you got.
Good luck.

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