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The Curse of Krigas
by jjanon

After your village is destroyed by a wicked sorceror named Krigas and his warband of orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins, he leaves you cursed to transform whenever his minions can manage to have their way with you, and hunted by those same minions. How long can you resist the curse's effects? Will you have enough power to keep your mind intact until you can lift the curse? Is your destiny to become Krigas' personal whore?


Find out in The Curse of Krigas!


(This is an alpha version, so, as always, there may be bugs popping up here and there. And of course, since it's a classic style of text adventure, there may be spots where you try something that won't work like it intuitively should. Please report all bugs and oddities in the forum thread or directly to me in a PM! Also, check the forum thread for development news and the next list of features I'm planning to add to the game.)

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Review by Phenoca

Version reviewed: alpha 0.4.1 on 11/23/2016

The interface worked surprisingly well. It would be nice if there were more places I could wash and of course more content unlocked. I enjoyed the combat and transformation system! Explored the entire map on my first attempt.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: alpha 0.4.1 on 11/22/2016

I enjoyed the beginning of the game, it has potential, but sadly it doesn't seem like there will be more development happening.

Review by aika

Version reviewed: alpha 0.4.1 on 08/10/2015

Hmm, this game felt oddly familiar! ;-)


Keep up the good work, I hope your project takes off.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: alpha 0.4.1 on 07/29/2015

Another trap quest, only this time with some RPG element and more story, well sort of. Instead of a sci-fictional background, this time the game take a more warrior rogue mage approach on a fixed map. The current development ends at the first village. I really like this game and having my hands crossed. 0.4.1 has learn spells showing up on side menu. No new map.


Review by AllyssaHalven

Version reviewed: alpha 0.2.1 on 07/17/2015

Well, it definitely has potential, but I have a few concerns, and will voice them through recommendations:


1. There should be a way to more quickly TF from male to female.  Considering the speed with which you spiral out of control, and how quickly you lose your composure, leading to the bad end, I would think that becoming a woman faster would more suit the point.  After all, Krigas wants to "warm you up" before you fall.


2.  Considering how fast the decency level drops, you might want to slow it down....  a lot.  If you're unlucky, which everyone pretty much is, at the outset, you'll be flirting with collapse by the time you reach the priestess, and that provided no actual reprieve from the spiral into shame.  Give us some real time to play the game, and play with the system, if you please.


3.  Combat needs work.  If it's going to be a loop of being beaten down, savagely used by your enemies, while trying to rest and muster the strength to break free and fight back, it would be nice if there were a bit more balance.  As well, being a woman sooner, as mentioned before, would add some variety to the relatively linear "still a man right up until you hit the bad end."


4. Now, this isn't a deal-breaker, but some pictures would be nice, as things progress.


Thanks for your hard work, and I look forward to seeing this out of alpha and to its fruition.

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