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Version: 2.5.0.rc.5 (somewhat stable)

Version: 2.5.0.rc.4 (somewhat stable)

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Version: 2.3.3

Nightgames Mod

This is a mod on the excellent Nightgames by TheSilverBard (http://www.silverbardgames.com/)

Current changelogs are at 


Nightgames is a Java game where you sexfight other coeds in a college campus.

The idea is you and the NPCs wander around on campus, and when you get into an encounter, you try to make each other orgasm until they give up.

It starts off vanilla but then opens up as you progress, unlocking this like succubus, magic, and other content.

The mod adds additional content on top of the original, with most of them dealing with transformation.

You can grow cocks/pussies/tentacles/etc to help you in your fight. It also enables you to play as different genders to start, but it's not as well supported because the original game assumes you are a guy in a lot of places.

The portraits are drawn by me (I'm an amateur, go easy on me :( ), but the sex stance pictures are stolen from image boards.

The current version is starting to support custom characters itself, so other people can add content.

Give it a try and see if you like it.


Just download, unzip and run the jar. You only need java 8 (no need for base game)

If you try to run it but nothing happens, most likely you do not have Java 8 installed.
Get it here:

You: A coed in an unnamed college.

Jewel: An energetic redhead history major. Enjoys knocking guys down.

Mara: A smart black computer engineering major. Enjoys developing gadgets to use on you.

Cassie: A nice girl that you know from class. She has auburn hair and has some interest in the occult.

Angel: A statuesque blonde. She's in journalism, and easily puts guys under her thumb.

Reyka: A raven haired succubus. She got summoned in one of the earlier night games, but decided to stay around campus because she likes it

Kat: A shy strawberry blonde graduate. She's a petite girl and tends to lose all her matches until she received a animal totem that turned her into a cat girl

Some tips:

- At level 10, visit the information broker to get more NPC competitors

- Develop affection with other NPCs by visiting them in the day time. At higher affections, the NPCs will allow you to gift them clothing and change their outfit. Also, some of the NPCs unlocks body transformations at higher affections.

- Fights end when either of your willpowers is reduced to 0 AND you orgasm (fill the arousal bar).

- Lower your opponent's willpower by making them cum (fill the arousal bar)

- Only doing dealing pleasure damage will make them orgasm, but tempting them or arousing them will make their arousal meter overflow, increasing the amount of willpower loss for that orgasm.

- Certain skills can seal the opponent's ability to cum, which allows you to force a higher willpower loss via arousal meter overflow.

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Review by VoidRunner

Version reviewed: 1.8.0 on 09/07/2015

A fun and well made mod.

Love the concept and the sex descriptions, but the transformations are often glossed over in the text, which is a bit of a let down. You can grow breasts or change gender, but I can't find any in game reason to do so other than personal preference.


Nevertheless, I played this one for a good amount of time and definitely think it's a game everybody should check out.

I look forward to future updates.

Review by Munchman

Version reviewed: 1.8.0 on 08/28/2015

This game is great, just be wary that if you do as first reviewer said and just do one skill you will be at a disadvantage, specializing is fine, but if you only choose a single upgrade you will not unlock any skills, I have unlocked a bit of everything and now I got a full array of weapons (Expand Ray, Dissolving Potion, Shock Gloves), powers (Magic Missile, Summon Faerie, Water Form), skills (Grind, Counter, Hip Throw) and a so much more, the diversity of attacks and skills is vast and while I'm still not sure how to get all to work (some require other actions and criteria to be set in order to use, for instance you can't finger a girl till her pussy is exposed) it's great to find new skills all the time.


The game also allows you to "date" the girls, I am currently doing them all, and it seems to be fine, although am worried I'm gonna get stomped out for cheating, although technically I'm screwing them all every night for $$$... Anyway, keep dating the girls, and choose all three options over and over, you unlock so many more skills and powers, for instance when I go down on a girl now it does huge damage since learning new oral techniques with Cassie, it's these msall upgrades that keep you going, if you specialise and try to stick to one path I can see a long slog as sometimes you find yourself forever being forced to lick out a girl and before it was a struggle to get out of that situation, now I just lick my way to freedom, well them to orgasm and me a win.

Also if you keep chasing cache's you will run into girls more often as well as get lot's of prizes and additional money, in fact I make most of my spending money from intercepting caches and make a tidy profit screwing the girls who are trying to beat me their... or if they do beat me their I screw them as revenge.

I will admit the pictures are not always on topic and they are not consistent they convey a sense of the characters you face, which in the end is all we really ask.

All in all an enjoyable game with lots to unlock and do, just remember as you level up so do your opponents and as they unlock weirder and wilder enhancements you'll have to start looking to do the same.

Review by soldier847

Version reviewed: 1.8.0 on 08/28/2015

Overall Very nice concept, the art for your character, well.... stick figures, but the rest of the art is good. The fighting for Power based characters IS difficult to begin with, since all power based attacks and other special moves are based around "Mojo" which you gain through focus, or by doing certain acts,

As for the 1 hit lose cloths that NPCs can do, there are items you can easily get that do the exact same thing, as well as a "sleight of hand" which, for the cost of some "Mojo" again, does the same thing, though I am in agreeance with the lack of characters to fill out the "Combat Space" I bought the 2 extra competitors, and I get in a good 3-4 fights by sitting near the quads, but they're mainly against 2 characters. so more people please.


Overall i feel it is a decent incarnation of this game, having gone back to actually look at the original, it is a step up from the original iteration.

Review by Slarkki

Version reviewed: 1.8.0 on 08/27/2015

I just played this for a couple of hours but um... yeah. I suppose the fights are interesting in *theory* but in practice there seems to be no balance whatsoever and the NPC do not play by the same rules as you do. For example you lose your clothes in a blink of an eye and stripping clothes from your enemies takes many, many attempts per piece of clothing and for every attempt you need to build up a certain resource.

My character was mainly built around Power and that just does not do a damn thing. You can clap, knee, shove and beat the crap out of your enemies with a riding crop for... no effect. If you lose your 'hp' because of similar attacks you are toast but it just does not work like that on the NPC's.

Also, as far as I can tell the fighting area is rather small but still you can have some tournament days where you can't even find more than one fight during the 'day' even if all you do is run around looking for opponents. Overall this game is not a very entertaining experience at it's current state.

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