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Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, chapter 1

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy is an adventure/RPG hybrid, which will put players in the Shoes of Celeste Blake, a famous mercenary, and her struggle against her VI corrupted by a virus. The theme is mainly mind control and bimbofication (although one of the npcs will go through a M to F transformation, if you happen to take on a certain quest), so it's very lightweight on the TF side. As with all my games, this isn't password protected, so feel free to look around (and see my terribly poor scripting abilities).

Note: I use RAGS 2.4.14 The game should run fine under the 2.4.16 version, but if you are experiencing problems, you can try downloading the 2.4.14 version from my blog:


Another thing: there is also a web version for this game, which doesn't require the RAGS player (it might have some bugs, but someone helped me to make it work, so it should function as intended). Some things to keep in mind if you opt to use the web version:

If you use the IE and want save/load double click runit.cmd. This should start the server and the IE automatically. To stop the server activate the window and press a key.

It requires Firefox version 22 or later and IE version 9 or later. Haven't tested other browsers yet, but it uses afaik only standard web APIs, as long as they are supported we should be good.

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy Incomplete Walkthrough (version 0.6):

A: Starting out

A.1 Traits

This trait helps with any sort of strength check missions in the game.  It will help you chase down thiefs, win arm wrestling matches, and even increase the bonus of a quest reward late in the game.  It also boosts your starting HP by 5.

This trait helps you with puzzle checks and overlaps a bit with smart.  Nothing too great here.

A similar choice to perceptive.  Not an important choice, either.

Well, since this game IS about sex, sexy is almost always available during choices and actually opens up some sex scenes.  Pick this up if you want to see more options.

Doesn't appear to be that useful.  It only appeared as a choice in one mission for me.

Of the five choices, athletics and sexy are the most important, the third is a toss between perceptive and smart.  Lucky doesn't appear to do much in this version of the game.

A.2 Basic Controls

All actions are done through mouse clicks.  Anything under Room Objects, Visible Characters, Inventory, and has a green border around it can be right clicked on to bring up more options. 
For combat, you right click on the target and select engage in combat.  Once in combat, right click your portrait and select any of the options there.  Remember to switch to bypassing ammo when dealing with enemies that have high shields and low health.

A.3 Tutorial Mission

Once you have control of your character, you must find a way to the mission objective.  There are two people you can choose in order to leave the room.  The woman becomes a mission giver while the man makes a quest easier and allow you to buy a grenade later on.  Afterwards, talk to the person left.

Without smart of perceptive, the maze directions are W > S > E > E > N > N.

B: Main Game

B.1 Europa 4


You run into her by moving around in the Downtown area.  Accepting her advances means you won't be able to date Jane (maybe Piper) later on.

Death Horse - Pub
Buying rounds for the patrons will open up lots of new quests.  I suggest doing this whenever you have spare money.

Safara - Celeste Blake, Errand Girl
Talk to Patrick Hamlin to get this quest.  You must deliver the briefcase to the casino in the Entertainment District.  You must use one of your flashbangs or have the athletic trait in order to complete the mission.  If you take too long, Patrick will no longer give you quests.  You can also buy some weapon upgrades and a health boost form his shop.

Docking Bay - Forth Law of Robotics: Destroying Warehouses It's Okay, Go For It!
Going back to the Docking Bay will start this quest.  Accept or you will lose the quest.  Search the rooms for evidence and confront the boss at the end.  No sex scene.

Walk around Downtown and you will eventually get 100 credits stolen.  If you have the athletic trait, you will chase down the thief for an easy 300 credits reward.

If you have the lucky trait, you can find 200 credits lying on the ground while walking around Downtown.

Monorail (only if you are sexy)
At some point while riding the monorail, a molester will attack you. Not resisting will decrease mental resistance by one.

Red Light District:

Nightclub - Hitting a New Low
Ask Lisa about the bouncer job and talk with the owner.  You can choose to talk the bouncer job, work as a waitress, or work as a stripper (requires sexy).  You will meet an acquaintance with the last two options and using violence will stop you from working at the club in the future.

Titty Twister's Alley - Piper
The first time you arrive here, a prostitute will be in trouble with a customer.  If you help her, she will join your crew later on.

Commercial District:

Jester's Bar - Bodyguard(?)
Talk to the bartender and then James Carlile.  Accept the quest and then talk to Veronika.  The answers are blue, 99, and memories.  Failing results in some lesbian action and a marriage game over.

Random event.  You can fantasize about one of the dancers to reduce your mental resistance by one.

Book Store
You can raise your mental resistance by reading some books (one can also LOWER MR, so be careful).

Entertainment District:

Watch the Illusionst's show and accept to go on stage.  When you leave Celeste will comment on feeling strange.  Go to the Residential District to find out why.  If you continue, the chain of events ends with a hypnosis game over.  If you have this event activated, Celeste will go to the Residential District on her own after enough time has passed while on Europa 4 and will eventually lead to a game over.

Shark Club - Casino
Try to get into the VIP area and the bouncer will turn you away.  Walk around the Entertainment District until you run into a drunk couple.  You will overhear the woman tell the man the VIP password.  Enter the VIP area and you will find three people arguing about who should become the new president of a certain club.  Head outside and Mr. Callahan will stop you.  If you have the Sexy trait, you can get 1000 more credits if you vote for him.  Head back inside and Miss Allen will stop you.  If you have the Smart trait, she can reduce all VR and Holo-glasses upgrades by 50% if you vote for her.  Go into the VIP room and Mr. McGraw will be waiting.  If you have the Perceptive trait, he will give you a flashbang if you vote for him.

Residental District:

Neumann's Apartment - A Dish Best Served Cold
Talk to Ashley and she will give you the quest to tract down her cheating boyfriend.  Search the computer in his apartment to find out where he is.  Once you're at the club, talk the bouncer to get in.  Asking him what you can do to get in and then doing it will reduce your mental resistance by one.  When talking to Alexis, options 2, 3, drink cocktail, 3 results in a successful mission.

Patrons' Quests (and other oddities):
Geoffry Fenty - Spy Vs. Spy
You will find Geoffry in the Residental District.  After accepting his mission, you will be taken to a house.  Going the direct path results in a BDSM game over.  Examine the front yard and go through the open window.  Search the rooms as you go. If you have the Electro-Baton when doing this quest you can use it to solve a puzzle (it's probably best not to do that, though, as it makes noise).  You can't do a thorough search of his house while attempting to not make much noise.

Orlando - In the Dragon's Lair
Ask Lisa in the Red Light District about him.  Once he gives you the mission, call Tony and ask for help.  Find Jens White in Downtown.  Head to the Police Station and find Detective Hill.  Seducing him leads to sex.  Once you find Parad0x, you can attempt to seduce him.  It will end in failure unless you have the Athletic trait.  Arresting him will allow you to join the Dragon Guild (not implemented in this version) and letting him go turns him into your own lacky (he appears to generate money and may have other uses later).

Jay Kendrick - Uncle Jay Wants YOU!
Find him in the Commercial District.  Your first test is gunplay.  Targets will appear on the main screen one at a time.  Click the directional button associated with where the target is on the main screen to score a hit.  Score every hit and you will earn a 500 credit bonus.  Next is a fitness test.  With the Athletic trait, you can pretty much sprint the whole way.  Otherwise, sprint, pace, pace, slow, sprint works.

If you take too long for this mission, the ship's engine explodes and you fail.  Take the short route for the first option and get ready to fight.  use the movement keys to line up the crosshair and press the out button to fire.  To reload, press the in button.  You must reload after every shot.  If you take too long to finish off all of the creatures, it's a mind control game over.  For the second part, select the option to cross but watch out for dangers (if you are perceptive).  For the third portion, select the option to look for another path (again, perceptive).  Lastly, when you're on the ship, use the explosives on the door.  Grab the mission objective and win. 

Michael - Information Broker
Appears in the Downtown bar and helps you with a quest later on.

Sleep With Random Guy
Get too drunk in Downtown.

Get Arrested
Get too drunk in Downtown.  Be nice to him for some BDSM action.

Lesbian Orgy
Get too drunk in the Red Light District

Stripper Game Over
Get too drunk in the Red Light District, in the Death horse pub and in the Jester's bar (not necessarily in this order) and always agree to strip.

Arm Wrestling
Get too drunk in the Commercial District and arm wrestle a patron for 100 credits.

Work In Hotel
Get too drunk in the commercial District and say you will work for her.

Mission - Hunting Ray (part 1)
Ask everyone you can about Ray and eventually you find out Nessa knows where he is.  Head to the Red Light District and the Titty Twister.  Talk to Madame Trixie and she'll let you into the antechamber.  Ask Nessa about Ray and find out he's left the planet.

B.2 Kantor

Kantor is a small planet and doesn't have much to do compared to Europa 4.  The Hi-Tech Equipment Store sells a shield modulator for 3500 which is pretty good.

Talk to Bernadette and ask her about Ray.  Tell her you'll do her a favor then ask her what it is.  Go northwest and north to enter the Neptune.  Choose whatever option you want and tell Justin you'll barter your services for the missing money.  If you select the first choice for all of the options, then you'll be rewarded a 400 credit bonus.

Mission - Hunting Ray (part 2)
Return to Bernadette and head south into the cargo bay.  Sneak past the guard (athletic needed). Head south and check the map in the control room.  Head all the way north and check the content of the crates.  Head into the mines and do some exploring.  There is a lake, swimming in it randomly gives you an item you can sell for money.  Head to the Nividium Depot.  If you are Smart, then you can sabetage the multi-purpose mech.  Otherwise you have to fight Ray.

The Lonely Mermaid - Bar:

Single Dad
Getting too drunk here and Good Guy Russell takes you inside to let you sleep it off.  Do it again and his daughter plays strip poker with you (you losing of course).  You may have to examine Autumn first before the strip poker event occures.  There may be a relationship storyline here in the future.

Bikini Girl
Get too drunk and a woman in a bikini suit will walk in.  You can fantasize about her to reduce your mental resistance by one.

Shady Guy
Get too drunk and a man will approach you about an after party.  Accept and you'll wake up to the police raiding the place.  You are placed under arrest and sent to jail for drug possession.  Game over.

B.3 Returning to Europa 4

Upon returning to Europa 4 and exiting the Drunken Cowboy, you are ambushed by Mr. Nice Guy (from the tutorial).  You are captured along with your friends.

If you have the Sexy trait, you can seduce the guard in order to escape.  You can also have sex with him and may require a lower mental resistance.  Once you're out head west into Cell 1.  Search the room to find a small note.  the code is "the falcon is on verania search the turtle".  This opens up the mission, "Celeste and the Tortoise... I Mean, the Turtle".  Head east into the Guard Post.  Confront the cyborg head on and wait for it to charge first.  Head north and search the Security Room for your stuff.  Head south and search the Armory for a Electro-Baton.  Head north and unlock the steel door in the corridor.  Climb the Stairs.  Now you have the option of controlling Darenzia or Jane for the escape.

Darenzia Path:

Darenzia has a lockpick mechanic.  Attempt to open the wooden door and then use the lockpick on it.  The correct options are down > right.  Head east and use the drugged needles on the guard.  Search the room and take the fire extinguisher.  Head all the way east and search the empty office.  Use the lockpick on the metal box.  The correct options are up > right.  Take the keycard.  Head back to the room with the guard and them south > west.  Take the toolbox.  Head north > west from the guard room to reach the elevator.  Attempt to call the elevator and then head back to the guard.  Drag him to the elevator.

Now you're in the living quarters.  Use the lockpick on the door to apartment 02.  The correct options are up > up > up.  You will see a henchman upon entering the room.  You will get a sex scene if you try to seduce him but will end up caught.  Hide in the closet to pass this check.  Head back out and east, do not enter room 03 as you will automatically be caught.  Head east again.  Drinking three times with the man in Apartment 05 will result in a game of strip poker and you getting caught.  Instead, drink twice and then stop.  He will pass out.  Search the room and take the small security key. Exit and head south.  Unlock the security door with the keycard and enter.  Use the key to open one of the lockboxes for 500 credits.  You can then attempt to pick some locks which results in triggering the security system.  Head back out and west.  Search the room for the elevator key.  head out, north, and east for the elevator.  it is probably best to get caught as you get a large relationship boost with everyone at the end.

Now we transition back to Celeste.  Run away from the drone and then head west.  Examine the bathroom.  Stopping the elevator causes you to get caught so continue to the 20th floor.  Head east until you run into the turrets.  Having ALICE help you will cause your mental resistance to go down.  Prepare for a fight and head east again.  If you've upgraded your weapons, most of these fights are a joke.  Throw an ECM grenade at Boris to strip his shields, and then just go to town with your weapon attacks.  Head south to confront Mr. Nice Guy.  Beating the crap out of him will cause a -2 to the relationship of the captured crew members but will put Mr. Nice Guy away (the escaped crew member must not be caught, otherwise you'll miss a way to reduce ALICE influence over you. To activate it you need to speak with Darenzia after you escape).  Playing it safe causes a +2 to the relationships but Mr. Nice Guy will send assassins after you.

Talk to Darenzia about repairing the Electro-Baton and head to the electronic store to buy some batteries.

Jane Path:

B.4 Europa 4 (again)


Safara - Who Am I, Rocky Balboa?
Patrick will give you another mission when you talk to him.  Your job is to go to the Residential District and collect money from deadbeat tenents.  The Athletic trait helps with the first tenent, Lucky helps with the second tenent, and Sexy with the third (prostitution). 

Residential District:

Alexis Smith
Our old friend Alexis, though "he" is somewhat different.  Accept the mission from him and grill the Geneco Manager.  Once you have control head west and search the storage room.  Examine Alexis' body.  Head out and east and examine the nurse.  Head out and northwest and tell the doctor about the smoking nurse.  Take the nanites pill.  Head out and northeast and search lab 2.  Head out and north to the archives.  Head back out and west and search the body for clues.  Head back to the archives and search for the file.  Head back to lab 2 and use the console.  Exit to meet the manager again.  I believe if you have the lucky trait, the mission just ends.  In my sexy, smart, and perceptive playthrough, there was the option of seducing the manager in order to get back into the archives.

B.5 Kantor (again)

The bracelet Steve gave you as a quest reward early on was a trap!  Celeste is now missing on some unknown planet.  The adventures of Darenzia Jane, and Piper starts now.

Head north and you will meet one of the natives.  If Piper is in your party, she will attack the man, otherwise, you have to kick him in the balls.  Head inside the cave until you find the metroi-I mean weird animal.  Ask jane what to do and she'll mind probe the guard.  Ask Piper what to do and she'll seduce the guard, then take the flute.  Head back outside the grab the herbs.  Use the herbs on the weird animal.  Keep heading north and you find out what happened to Celeste.  Once inside the city, head west.  Examine the workbench and try to take the golden plate.  Put it back and search the area with the Remora.  Use the arc welder on the android and take the golden plate.  Head back out and continue north.  Call the elevator and a mini-game begins.  The correct path is north > north > down > down > west > west > down > south > south.  Try to open the temple door and then ask Jane what to do.  Continue on until you find Celeste.  Piper caves to the mind control but throw the drugged needle with Darenzia and you make it out of there.

B.6 Florence

Florence is a space station.  Head into the waiting room and wait.  Enter the office and you're greeted with a tentacle robot.  If you are Lucky, you guess the right security password, otherwise you have to fight.  Head back south and the security alarm is triggered.  Head east and examine the door.  Examine the cargo loader and get inside.  The correct combination to start the machine is 1 > 3 > 2 > 5.  Head northwest until you meet Ashlynn.  Help her and enter the lab.  Search the lab and then the datapad.  Talk to Ashlynn to leave.  Search Dr. Kiefer's ship and head north.  Now head NE > N > N > N > W > N.  Get rid of one of the mercenaries and prepare to fight the other.  Enter the ship the complete the mission.

Once you've returned to Florence, head south and talk to K-9 for your reward.  The first option gives a +5 boost to health while the second one gives a 10% chance to dodge attacks (20% with the Athletic trait).

B.7 Random Stuff

If you get high enough relationship points with Jane, you can eventually go out with her and take her on dates.  But if you sleep with Malena, she'll end your relationship even if you choose to break up with her and stay with Jane.

This appears to be it for now.  Let me know if I missed anything.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 08/28/2016

The old TotDC famous for her well paced story in a relatively free medium size world and numerious interesting mini-games.

You are a famous bounty hunter that is tricked with an affected virus in your inplant core what is trying to corrupt your mind any time and you are on your way to rid of it. There is a careful balance on erotic material and focused game play. There are hot pictures from time to time. The open world is also carefully shaped so that you are not facing the big bad boss when you are still green.

If you are having trouble with the game, there is a walkthrough covering most of the game.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: 1.0c on 08/27/2016

as much as I love this game, it has one of the most fucked up dead end I have seen!!....at one of the main mission brach, with Demon kidnapping and the building under construction, I just hit hard that fucking dead end!!...took hours and all possible ways of hiding( stalls, crate, cabinet, shadows, inside or behind) and still same shit dead end!!...at least update the Wiki page and delete that cheat from version 0.7( Damon inside crate, Celeste inside cabinet): it's worthless and works no more, just a useless hint to add up to the misery of hopeless trying!!!

Review by JohnnyOla

Version reviewed: 0.94 web version bugfix on 05/03/2016

This is absolutely one of the best erotic games i have played, and that, in an unfinished state. The story is very creative and believable which is sort of rare in this genre, the characters are fun and well crafted and make you want to spend time with them and explore their scenes no matter if erotic or otherwise, the world is cohesive and intriguing, but sadly most planets are not as fun to explore as the starting planet, but the starting planet alone already offers enough in itself to make this game worth your time. The best part about this game is the creative idea of alice, having the "villain" within you makes for a great dynamik, and in my first playthrough i spend a lot of time talking with her, in each new area i just spam the "talk with alice option" anxious to find out what she has to say. It is a great way to keep "tensions" high during exploration. 

As of this version, the game has no major weaknesses which is why me and a lot of people are so eager to find out more. Luckily mdqp gives weekly updates on his blog, which at least gives hope that this game will get finished or at least an update, even if he avoids giving any time frame, but it feels like we are close to the conclusion of this game and i'm dying to play it. 

Review by Chimera50

Version reviewed: 0.94 on 10/05/2015

Easily one of the top 5 games in this entire database; extremely well done and worth multiple playthroughs to see how things go. 10/10

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: 0.94 on 10/03/2015

Tales of the Drunken Cowboy is a futuristic space odyssey about a woman trying to stop a rogue/virus AI from turning her into a bimbo cockslave. Every erotic scene featuring a character is accompanied by pictures of the real life nude models they're named after--yes, including the game's alien races. In addition to an actual, cohesive plot line there are upgrades to find/purchase, side quests to succeed and to fail at, characters to pursue serious relationships with, and challenging fight sequences. A lot of work must've gone into this game as I've already spent probably 40 hours exploring the various paths. It's easily the finest eroge made on RAGS and I would defend Tales of the Drunken Cowboy to the death for its right to be ranked among Corruption of Champions, Masculine Mystique, and other masterpieces of erotic gaming.


I've been a huge fan of this game for a while and I'm glad it's finally on tfgames so I can tell everyone here: PLAY THIS GAME!!

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