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Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale
by Zetsub


Max's Big Bust is a Life Sim/Visual Novel that follows the story of two cops, Max and Brad, as they investigate a shady new drug that's been circulating the mean streets of Axon City. So far their drug busts have turned up nothing, but after a run-in with a mysterious artefact, Max is transformed into a blonde bombshell, and he's not happy about it. How is this linked to the new synthetic drug, and where did this artefact even come from? Will Max find a way to change back, or will he be stuck as a chick for the rest of his life?


The game is available here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/416360


  • Fully Animated Anime Cutscenes
  • 30-40 Hours of Content
  • A cast of 30+ Unique Characters
  • 5 Love Interests
  • Nearly 50 Different Locations to Explore






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Review by jknox

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 10/05/2016

So... I actually paid for the game...  And I've played it... a lot.  I still haven't finished it, so either I read slowly (sorta) or there's a lot of content.

There is a LOT of content.

I'm not going to gush and say it's best game on the site.  It IS GOOD, though.  (8.0 / 10)

There is a LOT of dialog.  It's a real story.  It's not a fapfest!  

There's custom art, and for times when the art seems static, the story often gives reasons for it... usually in a humorous way.

It's cute and funny.

There are mini-games and logic puzzles... and ways to change the path-flow.  (Not a huge number of paths, but a fair number!)

It's well-rounded and worth buying to play through.

A couple of ciritcisms...  the writing could be a bit tighter.  Sometimes it wanders (like my trains of thought) but other times it seems padded for content.  Tighter writing would help, I think.

My biggest problem... the price-point.  If they knocked it down to just below $20 ("$19.95" or such) they'd sell a lot more copies and people would feel like it was worth the money.

TL;DR - It's good.  It's very close to being worth the money they're asking.  They are continuing to work on it and add to it.  There's plenty of content to absorb.  It's fun and light-hearted.  I do NOT REGRET paying for this game.

Review by mindarche

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 08/12/2016


This game is absolutely worth what they're asking for! The writing is amazing!


Honestly, this game makes the other two popular Ren'Py Games(Sudent Transfer/Press-Switch) look like total and absolute trash.

This is by far the best TF game on this site, HANDS DOWN. It's absolutely worth $30.

It has far more than 10-40 hours easily. It's amazing. Especially now. It has great characters, plot, setting, incredible writing, romance (with pathways! (including yuri))

The only caveat here is if you don't like the male being transformed and accepting it. If you don't, than this may not be for you. But the story/writing is amazing!

This has honestly the best characters, settting, and scenarios I've seen on here. It is by far worth $30.


It's honestly an incredibly game, and I don' regret buying it for a second


This game really makes every other game here look terrible. It's definitely worth it.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 08/08/2016

Quite a few such games often offer a 'Demo' option, for people to try the game a bit, in order to alleviate apprehensions related to high prices and worries about the content.

You can waste days 'looking' at an expensive thingamajig in a store, without ever being able to go beyond their reluctance, but present them a small free sample to 'try' and they might be tempted for more.


Right now, I'm amongst the many people who look at the price and... ''Just don't know''.

Review by Trebor3

Version reviewed: 0.70 on 05/13/2016

While the price is a lot, and the "reviews" here did make me uncertain. I am glad I got this game.

The story is well written and engaging, the art is well done and suits the game very well.

There is now a lot of content to the game and updates are regular and add a lot of story, so no worries there.


It is fairly linear, which is a shame. And personally I would like to have more uncertainty and difficulty in Max at the big changes... but that is a personal preference.

Review by fetishgirl

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 11/04/2015

While I have supported this game myself I will attempt to look at it objectively as a fan of TF games. Sorry to single out Hypnokitten but their comparison to games which have not just huge studios behind them but have years and years of profits to support them is ludicrous. Whilst I understand that things work differently in different countries in the west to be able to offer more generous prices you need to actually have some money to begin with. Max's big bust has a team of people who are being funded by the initial kickstarter and I can only speak for myself but $25,000 barely covers one person's annual income. Yet it is meant to support a team of people so yes they do need more money if they want to dedicate more time to it without having to take on another job to pay the bills.

I personally like the author's writing and have no issues with the art and I would like this to get more mainstream support. The game just released a massive update proving it has far more to offer if given the chance. Even if you don't like the art or the writing you may want to consider supporting it regardless as in the world of capitalism if you prove something can turn a profit with ease more people will start making TF games. There clearly is a demand but at the moment it doesn't generate enough money to attract more competition to the market. This is the case with every developing market that has ever existed and this is a niche market that will unlikely ever appeal to the masses. If you ever want to see TF games take off like gaming in general did it is going to need more money to support it whether or not you like this game personally.

While there are extremely minor errors with the text it is always fixed with every update and the writing is not for everybody especially if you are part of the crowd that gets easily offended. If you have spare cash $30.00 isn't really too much considering its hours of entertainment especially considering how much games rip you off now days with pathetic microtransactions and sub-standard DLC. Also like I said before you are helping to support an industry that really needs it to survive. As I am sure many of you are tired of playing extremely well made free games that just never finish due to the burden of it being for free takes up too much time on creators.


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