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Version: 0.2.4.

Version: 0.2.3. - pre alpha

Version: 0.2.2.

Version: 0.2.1.



Version: 0.2.




Version: 0.1.3.





Version: 0.1.2.

Version: 0.1.1.


Magical Camp

In this game the main character is a young loser that though a twist of fate finds himself in a boot camp for magical girls, now he as to hide is true identity and somehow find a way to escape before the psychotic director of the camp find him. Too make things worse circumstances seem to be slowly changing him...

I want this game to be a sort of hybrid between Runes of Chaos and Prisoners of the Elder One essentially in this game you will have a certain number of days to escape the camp, each day is divided in three part:

Morning where you have some interactions with the inhabitants of the camp.

The afternoon where you leave the camp to train.

And the evening where you socialize a bit more until you finish the day by having dinner with one of your friends

The training section consistent of going into a dungeon a trying to beat the boss while during the morning and evening you have to use the items you find during your training to try to find a your way out like in Prisoners of the Elder One.


Note in recent version:

I haven't had time to work much on the game, since it seems I will be busy in the next days I decided to release a pre-alpha version so that something new would come out before the end of 2016, please note that this version might be buggier and more full of typos than usual.

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Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.2.4. on 02/18/2017

Two things i would like to see, a loose skill, and a simple diologe box saying that all content exousted.


reason for the loose skill, is i just did genaric physical attacks and won a fight, that i wanted to loose, even if it an option under escape to just take the damage.

Review by Forge

Version reviewed: 0.2.4. on 02/18/2017

I was honestly a bit sceptical as to how much I could enjoy and old school feel RPG, when I have become so used to cutting edge graphics. WOW was I WRONG! 10 out of 10!

Your stry was engaging, funny, emotional and left me loking forward to each new chapter. The animation is cute and involved enough to keep me looking forward t the next cut sceene (LOVE the Slime Magico one!) 

I can not wait until the next update!

Review by Ambi

Version reviewed: 0.2.3. - pre alpha on 01/10/2017

Okay - First of all - This is a great game!  It is my favorite RPG Maker Game and I haven't even finished playing it to the end of the current content.  This is a game that has a long, slow, (mostly) involuntary feminization of the protagonist AND a detailed, involving story.  This is a game with characters that are well developed, with their own personalities, motives and plotlines that you interact with.  This is a game I played carelessly, enjoyed thoroughly and then started playing again, enjoying it even more the second time.  There is a huge amount of content here!  This is one of those rare games that has so much to do in it that you can actually miss semi-large events in the game and still keep playing for a good long time. 

Now down to some details - Without any spoilers.  I liked SirQuacks 1-10 rating system on his Dec 6th Review, so I'll use one of my own... The numbers are quite high because -remember- putting a good story inside a video game is hard! 

Game Execution - 10/10 Hasn't crashed, everything works the way it should.  The only bug I've noticed so far in this non-"pre-alpha" is a few missing names in a cafeteria conversation.

Story: 9.5/10 - Involving, well paced and extensive!  Motivations are realistic.  So far, I haven't stopped and said, "Why in the World did they do THAT?" Missing a few of my fav. fetishes so far, but I'll be patient!  It DOES have a long, slow, involuntary feminization that is 'accidental/intentional' by circumstance.  You know some people want the MC to transform even more, but I'm not telling! 

Characters 9.9/10 - I know the main 6 characters, even remember their names.  I know how they behave, I like some more than others!    

Leveling - There is none!  New abilities, magical gifts and occasional equipment upgrades make you more formidable.  Monsters in this world don't get ridiculously more powerful just because they live in a different building.  You can also buy some equipment, but it isn't a game changer.

Skills - 7/10 - What few there are fit in the theme, have purpose, and even help both the motif of the transformation along.  I just wish there were a few more.  Maybe giggles, winks, wiggles, dances & hair-flips could be the basis of a few adorable spells & abilities? 

Items - 6.9/10 - Just like skills, the equipmemt is appropriate & just fine, I really just wish there was more!  Make-up, brushes, lingerie and all manner of feminine accoutrement could incentivize the MC to use them.  Again, I'm not done with the game, so I'm only commenting on what I've seen so far.

Maps: 7.5/10 OK, the overworld map is TEENY-WEENIE - but the dungeon maps are very nice and quite creative!  Like a few others, I think making the Magical Camp map a little larger would be a big plus to the game.  A library, nurse station, classroom, faerie circle, locker room, gym etc... could add even more depth to the cozy-homeyness of the camp. 

Transformation System - 10/10 - There are SO many ways the MC gets innocently and deliberately feminized.  This game is in a class by itself!  I would also appreciate a little more attention on 'boobs' but I know the game isn't finished.  More on this in "Enemies & Bosses"

Enemies and bosses: 9.5/10  -  I haven't met all the enemies & bosses yet - but so far they are well balanced and its fun to use simple strategies to maintain your MP and HP during battles.  Now that alone wouldn't earn them a 9.5/10, after all, they don't have much personality or dialogue... but they Bosses in this game DO have an amazing and unique feature.  The game doesn't end if they beat you!  The camp management teleports you back to camp if you're beaten by a boss.  Why is that a big deal?  Why does THAT boost the "Enemies and Bosses" score up to a 9.5?  Save the game (as you normally should!) before you fight the first boss and find out!  I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that there is a game-penalty for losing a boss battle, suffering the consequences, and then returning to the same dungeon the next day to defeat the boss.  I believe that the game progresses forward when you defeat a Magico Boss, so taking an extra day might not effect the story progression.

This review was a little wordy - Apologies!  

If you are a fan of well made RPG Maker games, slow semi-involuntary feminization, magical girls or transformations in general - You REALLY should give this game at least a few hours!  : )    



... and since Circle’s wonderful, huge walkthrough has helped me twice - here is the link to it. 


Of course it contains EVERY spoiler!  I'm trying to use the walkthrough after I 'accidentally' lose the first battle with each boss-magico. 

Review by qtanglegril

Version reviewed: 0.2.3. - pre alpha on 01/09/2017

as of 0.2.3,

this game is great and everyone should play it. it's worth several hours on a first playthrough as is and I can't wait to see a finished product (please don't abandon this I'll be really sad)


combat is pretty enjoyable for how simple it is to break (stack matk on MC, use heart blast). you actually did a good job of keeping it balanced and reasonably engaging outside of that one skill. the party members are all unique and have their own playstyle and it's just a nice example of a turn based RPG I don't hate. and those are few and far between. based on some of the PATK equipment available for a certain evil overlord in the mountain, though, I could see others catching up to MC which would even it out, but as it is MC just shines miles above the rest of the party and chews through bosses like a hot knife through butter. but, honestly, it's still fun, and that's what matters.

it is real easy to just get stuck into a million repetitive encounters though, and in those situations it's just kind of unrewarding to fight all the trash. which I understand is a product of not having levels to grind and instead just having customization/specialization through equipment, but after playing through a couple times there were definitely occasions where I couldn't help but think "damn I should have just turned encounters off." but that's probably just because I kept replaying it. RPGmaker movement makes avoiding diagonally moving encounters a bit fishy, otherwise barring some of the randomized movement enemies it was definitely possible to just avoid every encounter. which is fun and engaging in its own right. honestly I think you actually nailed it here really well. I felt encouraged to avoid shit, and when I screwed up and hit something it was frustrating for a flash and then there was the pretty-okay combat. I didn't really hate it until the mountain. but basically I just didn't feel like I got anything tangible from completing encounters. cash is easy to accrue and consumables aren't especially useful past the bee forest besides the occasional MP restore. but experience/levels would take a huge balance rework. the enemies that you have to kill for subquests were a good way to encourage fighting trash but they only last so long.

I like the level/map design here a lot too. I'm hoping they keep getting bigger and bigger while still maintaining the mazelike qualities that make them party endurance tests. as long as you manage resources intelligently there's never a point where you have to escape and reset. don't add a viewable map to dungeons no matter what people might say though that'll ruin it. each dungeon was more promising than the last.

it is still a pretty easy game but it doesn't seem like you're going for challenge here anyway, so that's kind of moot. again it's fun and that's what matters.

the dialogue writing is tenouttaten. Veronica and Marianne have some hilarious lines that I'll remember for some time. seriously this is great. all the characters are interesting in some way and aren't cardboard cutouts, even if a couple aren't really to my tastes. I still enjoyed reading all the dialogue.


camp feels a little empty small compared to the impression you'd get from dialogue and number of NPCs but this is pre-alpha at the time of this post so whatever. maybe it'll get expanded, but frankly this complaint is really negligible.

I was actually expecting some hair options after a certain event, but I understand there might be limitations here based on the existence of a CG that features blonde haired MC.

and the game needs a bit of proofreading for fluidity, but 95% of the time it's just fine.


finally all I really have to say is Tilia better be a party member or at least a romantic interest with a full-fem route and ending. she's the best girl. unlocking the mysteries of getting huge tits for her was an enjoyable experience.


tl;dr best game on the site 11/10 put tilia in smash 4 keep on rockin sorry about the wall of text

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.2.3. - pre alpha on 12/19/2016

Nice game love it . The transformation in body and mnd is nice an slow.


With ever update the story line seems to get more complex with more possible paths to the future story. One thing I really like is that the MC can get slowly TFed with or without losing a fight. Also lose of a fight doesn't spell an automatic bad end. HLF keeps the players interested by providing new details about the characters' interest, backgrouond and motivation. The main characters are not one dimensional but has several possible reasons for interacting with the MC.


I would like a few of the main characters acknowledge the visible transformations going on. This version leaves one tangential storyline open, crates a possible new line with one of the group members, a possible future conflict with another magic girl. The main storyline hasn't ended but waiting for continuation in the next update.



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