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Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1

The Emasculation

And now for something else.

Story will be somewhat grittier than what I have done in the past, or at least will have parts that won't be as nice.
Also it's an Poof-Transformation (at least for now). Don't know how much "open" the game will be, or just railroad with a few key decisions.

Release 0.2:

Chapter 2
Some Fixing (thanks to TGingAround)

Release 0.1:

First Chapter

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Review by LentFiller

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 12/17/2016

Very nice start, but there is very little content. I hope you have time to pick it up again.

I am not sure that the choices actually change anything substantial. I realize that every meaningful change that you incorporate means multiplying your workload, but without that, it's not really a game, or even interactive fiction. It's just a smutty story that you read 2 lines at a time.

Graphics are excellent.

I agree with the other reviewer that fleshing out the characters a bit more would be sexier. I also agree that you could go much rougher without it being disturbing. Or maybe that's to come?

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 10/20/2016

Great game well written.  Would like to see the next chaper.

Who doesn't love a strong domme? Be interesting to see if the MC can do anything or become corrupted.


Review by MagicWaffle

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/28/2016

This game is amazing! Your renders are so well done and the concept is very intriguing. I love the humiliation and resistance part of it. I hope the protagonist doesn't give in too easily though.


It seems like this game is pretty much abandoned at this point which really is a shame. I've tried your other games too, but this is hands down the sexiest so you need to finish it!

Review by ro123

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 08/19/2016

Greatest game ever! keep up the good work! loved the submissive part, and how she humilliates the protagonist!!!

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 06/25/2016

Fun so far.  Hope you'll make the changes mean something.  Too many of the games here are simply web stories where no matter what choice is made, the outcome is essentially that same.  Would love it if one branch involved a racial change.  Maybe Kayla's way of getting the user out of the story by making the change radical enough that no would believe he was originally, Tommy, the boyfriend.

Kayla's motivation for doing this to Tommy needs to be fleshed out.  She obviously wants Tommy out of the picture, but he hasn't done anything obvious to warrant her actions.  Does she want to be with Cholie?

On a technical note, some of the links to move forward are hidden.  I had to click on one picture to advance the story. 

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