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Version: 0.1.78

Version: 0.1.75

Version: 0.1.7






Version: 0.1.68

Version: 0.1.67

Version: 0.1.66

Version: 0.1.65

Version: 0.1.64 Hotfix

Version: 0.1.64

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Version: 0.1.62

Version: 0.1.61

Version: 0.1.6

Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia

Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Basically, Lilith's Throne is about you being transported into an alternate dimension, and the main story is about trying to find a way to return home. Although there are humans and demons in the game, most of the content is pretty furry, so if that's not your thing, then let this be your warning! There isn't a huge amount of content to be discovered right now (and a lot of it still needs polishing), but there are a few sex scenes to see, and you can at least get a feel for what the game's about.

Some main features include:
- Turn-based combat.
- Turn-based sex scenes.
- RPG item management.
- Transformations (as is to be expected from a game on here!).
- Exploration on a randomly generated map.

Thanks for playing!

I have a blog here (which contains some more information about each release): https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.co.uk/


If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Version 0.1.78:

***Added in preview version:***

Applied correct location behaviour to all NPCs. (The game now properly tracks location for each NPC, instead of assuming where they are based on what dialogue is currently displayed.)
Applied some changes to the way the game detects 'storm immunity' and 'characters present'.
Did a huge refactor of how sex actions are handled in the engine, which should make it a lot easier for future contributors to add their own sex scenes. (This took me the entire of Thursday and Friday.)

Reworked: Shopping Promenade.
Renamed to Shopping Arcade.
Added an internal map.
Improved a lot of descriptions.
Reworked: Enforcer HQ.
Added an internal map.
Expanded receptionist dialogue a little (to include warning about Brax's TF potion).
Added: Storage. You can now store items in any tile in Lilaya's house without fear of them disappearing. (Rose getting annoyed at your littering to be added in a future version.)
Ralph now stocks Mother's Milk in his shop.
Potions that increase clit size or vagina capacity now grow a new vagina if the drinker doesn't have one already.
Potions that increase penis size now grow a new penis if the drinker doesn't have one already.

Lilaya's House:
Moved Rose's bedroom to the first floor.
Added kitchen where Rose's room used to be. (No actions in there yet though.)
Added Lilaya's Room. (No actions here either.)

Added: Assless chaps.
Slightly improved fishnet items to increase their icon's visibility.
Fishnet top no longer conceals nipples.

Added 'stop penetration' actions to doggy style position.

Added a 'wait' action to combat, which skips your turn.

Phone now highlights when you discover a new race.
Added unique icons for all fetishes.
Player's map marker colour is now based on femininity.

Added 'bleach-blonde' hair and fur dye options in Kate's shop.
Added 'brown' to a lot of clothing colours.
Rose now always has black fur on her cat-like body parts (it used to be random).
Added some fast-travel options to Lilaya's home.
Added a little description from Lilaya describing how pregnancy works (in the dialogue where you talk to her about your pregnancy).

Fixed broken icon rendering for the the shops in Slaver Alley.
Fixed some incorrect names in sex scenes.
Fixed bug in parsing engine where incorrect character descriptions would be displayed in the character viewer.
Fixed possible cause for 'pregnancy stats' screen not working for imported characters.
Fixed white corners showing on some UI panels.
Fixed incorrect nipple descriptions in some of Kate's and Lilaya's scenes.
Fixed bug where you could drop items in an already-full tile.
Fixed bug where horizontal scroll bar would appear when 'Game Saved!' text pops up.
Fixed 'appears as gender' method bugs.
Fixed bug where 'Penetrate her ass' would cause you to penetrate Kate's or Lilaya's vagina instead.
Virginity tracking should work properly now. (I still need to test it.)
Level up screen should now display the correct amount of perk points if you access it by clicking on the xp bar.

***Added in preview hotfix:***

Added wolf-morph penis transformation.

Added: Ribbed sweater. Unisex, torso slot.
Added: Crotchless chaps. Unisex, leg slot.
Very slightly improved 'yoga pants' and 'shorts' icons.

Added 'ginger' colouring to all fur and hair types.
You should now know what an NPC's breasts and groin are like (in their body descriptions) if the NPC is naked and in the same tile as you.

Fixed save/load game bug.
Some minor typo fixes.
Fixed the cause of a lot of bugs in sex scenes. (The one that was making Ralph's scenes completely unavailable.)
Fixed some odd descriptions of parts being lubricated during sex.
Wolf-morphs impregnations will now correctly cause human vaginas to give birth to wolf-morphs.

***Full release:***

Added support for NPC relationships. (Not used just yet though.)

Altered: Fetish mechanics. You now earn fetishes by spending arcane essences (your first fetish is free). Arcane essences are earned by being in the presence of an orgasm.
Added: Impregnation, switch, sadomasochist, and breeder fetishes.
Altered: Split 'fertility' attribute up into 'fertility' (chance of getting pregnant), and 'virility' (chance of getting someone else pregnant).
Added: Dark alleyways tile. I moved the chance of a succubus encounter out of normal alleyways, and put her into dark alleyways instead.
Added: Item use in combat.
Added: Nymphomaniac perk. (Has a pretty bad willpower resistance penalty, but doubles the amount of arcane essences gathered from sex.)
Ladykiller and Minx perks no longer affect the encounter rate of male/female NPCs. (Use the new gender preferences screen in the options menu to alter gender encounter rates.)
Slightly tweaked some fetish values.
Observant perk now reveals an NPC's gender in their character description.
Added a small (5%) chance for random attackers in Dominion (both in back alleys and during a storm) to be fully human.
Added a 'frustrated' status effect for if you finish sex without orgasming.

Added kitchen description.
Added Lilaya's room description.
Added introduction for Nyan in her shop.
Slightly improved the 'bimbo friends' option at the Enforcer HQ. (I'll expand this a little more when I make Brax a repeatable encounter.)

NPCs will now use fetish teases and special attacks in combat.
NPCs now gain experience from defeating you in combat.

Added a 'do nothing' action. (I'm aware that the actions are getting a bit cluttered in sex scenes, so I'm going to try and tidy them up for the next release.)

Added: Chemise. Feminine, chest slot.
Added: Open cup bra. Feminine, chest slot.
Added: Backless panties. Feminine, groin slot.
Added: Crotchless panties. Feminine, groin slot.

Added timestamps for save game files in the save/load screen.
Added confirmation for save file's load, overwrite, and delete options.

Added: Auto save. The game will now create/overwrite the save file 'AutoSave' whenever you transition between maps.
Added: Detailed gender preferences screen in the options menu.
Added: Detailed furry preferences screen in the options menu.
Removed the option to obtain human essences in your room. (You can now earn them by finding and defeating a human.)
Added 'orange' and 'ginger' feathers for harpies.
Added 'brown' and 'ivory' skin colourings for demons.
Ralph now stocks more dye-brushes.
Changed debug menu's 'reveal map' to a 'debug mode' toggle. (Reveals map and unlocks enchanting. More effects will be added in the future.)
Male NPCs will no longer spawn with the 'Bimbo' fetish.
Slightly changed the 'remove character' mechanics again. (Removing a character is now done through a direct button press. This option also appears after sex, so you can have sex and then remove the character if you want.)
Slightly increased the strength of potion and elixir effects (background values were altered from 2->3 and 3->6, respectively).
NPC names should now change based on their femininity (e.g. wolf-girl will rename to wolf-boy if you feed her masculinity potions).

Fixed bug where Pix wouldn't remember that you had a lifetime gym membership.
Fixed bug where Kate's introduction scene would repeat every time you entered her shop.
Fixed some minor typos, grammatical errors, buggy parsing methods, and inconsistent dialogue.
NPCs should no longer have a stretched status effect lasting one round the first time you meet them.
'Skip Prologue' will now correctly start the game in an arcane storm.
Fixed bug where character viewer wouldn't work in some sex scenes.
Fixed game freeze when 'Stop sex' was selected. (This was being caused by a bad method call for human pregnancies.)
Fixed bug where 'lubrication applied' text would sometimes display twice.
Fixed some bugs with the 'appears as gender' detection.
Re-added pink colours to several penetration-related actions in sex.
Fixed bug where the 'lost virginity to' description in your selfie wouldn't give the partner's name.
Fixed bug where unidentified clothing would display its true value, revealing if it was jinxed or not.
Fixed bug where your hip size wouldn't change after drinking a hip size potion.
Fixed bug where you could deny your partner in submissive sex.
Fixed bug where restoration potions would only ever restore health.
Attribute boosting potions now correctly affect NPCs.
Fixed bug where 'Deep throat' option wasn't working.
Fixed bug where getting having sex with an already-pregnant Lilaya would result in having her pregnant conversation when you entered her lab again.


Important: Update is not compatible with previous saves. Sorry (but the character importer should be working now)!

Important: This game requires the *latest* version of Java to be installed on your computer! (Due to the engine using the most recent release of JavaFX.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 7, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by LynxF

Version reviewed: 0.1.78 on 05/24/2017

To emphasize what others have said already: if you play this game, rememeber to save, save, save and save because it crashes a lot.

Apart from that, it's a really nice game and everybody here shuold give it a try.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.1.78 on 05/21/2017

ok game, but crashes, ALOT.  it seems to crash every 20 minutes or so, please fix in next vertion.

Review by Andromeda123

Version reviewed: 0.1.75 on 05/11/2017

I really love this game. Really.


The gameplay is smooth, the transformations are perfect and this essence-thing is really great. I only have one problem. It freezes all the time and the saving is not working. It's probably only because of the fact that I'm playing it on Windows 10. It still great.

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: 0.1.75 on 05/08/2017

This game is going to be something amazing. Already, it's got a clean, non-crowded, accessible UI, a good story , great lore, and good sex scenes. It might not have much right now, but it comparatively has a huge amount of stuff for the first alpha version of the game. There's already 4 different TFs and a bad end. I can't wait until this thing sees completion and I an play it all the way through.


Updated version 0.1.75


The game now has two more maps and an extra transformation. The rate at which this game is progressing, combined with the author's grreat writing and coding abilities, are putting it on the fast track to becoming a great standard in such games, among the ranks of CoC and TiTS.

Review by Lazarus

Version reviewed: on 04/12/2017

What to say about this game....


Considering how new this game is the level of detail and work that has gone into this is quite frankly amazing.


I assume that some of the layout aspects come from TiTs and CoC but honestly their is a high level of finish that makes it feel different.


Pros - Easy interface and somewhat interactive choice to what you during the "Win" or "Loose" circumstances that I like. Really enjoy the "Birth" mechanic (Maybe have one of the mischivious ones stay back to knock you up again? ;P)


Cons - The interactive choices that you can make make it feel "samey" with all the fights, I mean if you win or loose against a wolf-kin and they knott you I sorta expect them to be tied with me or me with them (Maybe another fetish to add to that list?)


Improvements? Well I think that its fairly good as it stand and if anything that wouldl like to see would be some art work but only for the "selfie" tab just to show the transformations as I think it would be a nice touch but not essential. So additional TF would be good as I honestly liked the Sucubus TF even though its only partial and maybe a heat mechanic from one of the TFs? Like 5% chance making you submit or dending on your fetishes dominate?


Hope you keep this up :)

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