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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia

Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • Several explorable tile-based maps.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 212 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^
  • Weekly releases! (I update TFGS every fortnight, but my public github and Patreon builds are updated every week.)


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance and slavery mechanics.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



If you'd like to support the game's development, you can do so through here! ^^



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Being attacked











Important: This game requires the *latest* version of Java to be installed on your computer! (Due to the engine using the most recent release of JavaFX.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 7, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.


Finished work on sex action code to fully support NPC-on-NPC actions.
Added support for clit-fucking (when a clit is large enough to act as a pseudo-cock) and foot-related sex actions. (The actions will be added very soon!)
Added support for tentacles. (The actions will be added when tentacle TFs are added, which will be a little later on.)

Added modifiers and girth for clitoris, with associated TFs.
Added oral position for chair sex.
Changed Broodmother and Seeder fetishes to be perks instead.
Added 'Face Sitting' as a generic position in sex scenes.
Added hoofed legs as a TF option for demons, with a 25% chance for demon NPCs to spawn in with hoofs.
Added 'zebra' as an equine subspecies, with a 'zebra tail' type.
Converted Kate's and Lilaya's very old chair sex scene format. (I will add the old chair-specific descriptions to sex actions as I convert them to NPC-on-NPC format.)
Added milk and cum regeneration enchantments for clothing.
Added foot fetishes. (Only Amber's scenes have foot-related actions at the moment, but I will be adding foot actions very soon!)

Cleaned EnchantingUtils getCost method. (Pimgd)
Added penis-related fetishes. (Rfpnj)

Norin's Clothing Contribution:
Added: Anal beads (anus slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Clover clamps (nipple slot, BDSM set, sold by Finch).
Added: Realistic dildo (vagina slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Bat-wing barbells (nipple-piercing slot, sold by Kate).
Added: Heart barbells (nipple-piercing slot, sold by Kate).
Added: 'Caution-When-Wet' piercing (navel slot, sold by Kate).
Added: Tail ribbon (tail slot, sold by Nyan).

Added: Butt plug (anus slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Jewelled butt plug (anus slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Jewelled-heart butt plug (anus slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Tail butt plug (anal slot, sold by Finch).
Added: Insertable dildo (vagina slot, sold by Finch).

Sex AI:
Fixed issue where NPCs would sometimes perform actions that they didn't like.
Fixed NPCs never starting oral, even if they wanted to, if they still had their oral virginity.
NPCs will now prefer to penetrate using their penis rather than their tail.
NPCs should now be preferring to penetrate their partner before themselves.

Updated credits page.
Having a sheathed penis will now conceal your cock bulge from gender detection up to 16 inches. Non-sheathed penis bulge is visible at 8 inches.
Added freckles as a pattern for demon skin.
Added description of wing colour to selfie.
The chemise no longer blocks groin areas.
Companions and companions' elementals no longer have their level affected by difficulty settings. (Making the higher difficulty levels harder.)
You can now see what your partner in sex is wanting (under the 'Desires' status effect description).
Removed tooltips from enchanting 'Limit' and 'Potency' buttons. (They were just repeating the button text and getting in the way.)

Fixed issue with map rendering incorrectly when zoomed out.
Fixed game sometimes incorrectly scrolling back up to the top of dialogue.
Fixed 'Stroke cock' actions not showing up in sex scenes.
Fixed some incorrect sex action availability.
Typo and parsing fixes.
NPCs will no longer spawn wearing leg clothing with dresses.
AI in sex will now correctly use actions based on their preferences (this bug was affecting cultists not respecting your 'Offer pussy' or 'Offer ass' choice).
Fixed issue where slimes were always spawning in with human-shaped bodies. (They can now spawn as slimes of any morph type.)
Fixed clothing pattern colours not being saved/loaded.
Fixed Lilaya asking you to pull out so as to not get pregnant when she was already pregnant.
Fixed limb description in selfie not taking into account body shape.
Fixed issue with covering patterns not working (which was causing the only patterns for hair to be plain or ombre).
Cum expulsion enchantment is now correctly free when you have the Water school passive.
Fixed incorrect penile virginity loss text.
Fixed formatting bug where periods would sometimes incorrectly carry over to the next line.
Fixed some instances of 'Submit' not having a corruption bypass.
Fixed another issue with companions' elementals not being dismissed properly.
Fixed issue of starting a new game as an exported slave identifying you as owning yourself.
Fixed deny orgasm action not working correctly, and added the denial fetishes as associated fetishes.
Fixed Brax always resisting in submissive sex.
Fixed offspring referring to you as their mother when you first greet them, even if you were the father.
Fixed NPCs reacting as though they knew you had a penis even if you were showing no bulge.
Fixed special attack descriptions returning incorrect target text.
Improved modded clothing load fail error messages.
Fixed nipple and urethra penetration actions not working.



Finch now has a chance to stock (already-identified) enchanted items, and Roxy stocks 10 unidentified pieces of clothing. You will need to wait until they re-stock (at midnight) to see their new items for sale.
Added penis and foot fetishes to clothing and mystery kink enchantments.
Added 'appears as age' stat to characters, which is displayed in their description, along with age selection in character creation. (If you want to edit the age of your already-existing character, first save the game in this new version, then open the save file and search for/edit the 'yearOfBirth' field. The game converts any ages lower than 18 to 18.)
Added content option to disable ages being displayed.
Added tattoo selection to character creation.
Increased impregnation chance (formula's /4 modifier was reduced to /3).

Fixed typos in some sex positions. (Nnxx)

Moved some modded clothing/tattoo files over into new 'clothing' and 'tattoos' directories, to help distinguish between default LT files and mods that you've downloaded.
Slime subspecies (such as slime-cat-morphs, slime-horse-morphs, etc.) now respect your furry settings of the derived race. i.e. If you have horse-morphs disabled, no slime-horse-morphs will spawn.
Added description of foot structure to leg types.

Sex AI:
Fixed NPCs choosing 'Doggystyle (oral)' position when they wanted to have penetrative sex.
Fixed some sex actions not having correctly-associated fetishes, which was causing the AI to use actions they disliked/hated.
Fixed issue where NPCs would continuously start penetrating then stop over and over.

Fixed parsing error when viewing NPC with demon wings.
Fixed bug where ellipsis wouldn't display correctly.
Fixed NullPointerException issue which was sometimes occurring in sex scenes.
Fixed Lilaya and Kate constantly switching positions in sex.
Fixed no actions being available in the chair sex scenes.
Fixed panty masturbation scene not working.
Fixed incorrect arousal gains in masturbation. (They were far too small before.)
Fixed error in conditional parser that was causing some sections of text to sometimes not be rendered.
Fixed another error in conditional parsing that was causing some dialogue to return 'Error in conditional parsing!'.
Fixed pregnancy roulette being broken for 'On back' positions, and for playing as one of the breeders not working.
Fixed bug in sex where your partner would use the 'Stop position switch' action every turn.
Fixed characters without a penis spawning in with the cock stud fetish.
Added paizuri to sixty-nine position.
Fixed some sex actions being incorrectly blocked (such as masturbating while giving someone a blowjob).
Made 'groin + mouth' actions blocked while there is any ongoing groin + area action (to stop impossible actions like receiving cunnilingus while performing paizuri in non-69 positions).
Fixed foot and penis fetish teases working effectively against the wrong fetish type.
Slave-on-slave sex events should now fire if the slaves are idle (in the same room, or with 'house freedom' permission set). Slaves will not initiate penetrative sex if their vagina is virginal.
Fixed cum regeneration being labelled as 'milk regeneration'.
For cowgirl: Added anal actions, fixed paizuri being available for the wrong person, and removed performing thigh sex on the one lying down.
Removed giving blowjob from doggy-style oral position.
Fixed slaves being able to be sent to Kate even if you hadn't encountered her.
Fixed bug where most characters were spawning with their penile virginity. (It's now a 15% chance for them to spawn as penile virgins.)
Fixed clothing type encyclopedia unlock events using custom names.
Naming enchanted tattoos now works correctly.
Fixed chair sex scenes swapping subs and doms



Added: Fox-morphs (with Fennec, Youko, and Fennec-Youko subspecies), along with related essence, book, and TF food and drink. (Tukaima)
Added: Lynx, leopard, snow leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah, and caracal subspecies for cat-morphs. (Irbynx)

Eye transformations now affect iris and pupil shape.
The 'Deny' action in sex is now always available (so long as you're the dom or have equal control as the sub).
Event log is now sorted with the most recent events at the top of the list.
Converted kissing actions to NPC-on-NPC format.

Fixed Ralph not starting anal when you asked for big discount.
Fixed not being able to swap or change positions with Lilaya & Kate in their sex scenes.
Fixed slaves in the stocks and milking stalls using their hands, and added anal options for the 'standing behind' position.
Typo and parsing fixes.
Fixed 'Deny' sex action not working.
Fixed tattoos without any writing loading in as having blank 'normal grey text'.
Fixed the 'Age' content toggle not working.
Fixed blowjob not being available sometimes in sixty-nine position.
Fixed buttplugs not actually blocking anus.
Fixed NPCs choosing oral sex actions even if they hated or disliked it.
Fixed Lilaya and Kate sometimes continuously switching positions in their sex scenes.
Fixed tattoos sometimes being applied with the last letter in their writing being cut off.
You can now end sex when starting submissive sex with a companion.
Fixed case where dominant NPC would refuse to take any action in sex.



Added 'The Watering Hole' nightclub to Nightlife. The descriptions are all placeholders at the moment, but I will get them written in fully for a hotfix.

Sex action conversion:
All anal fingering actions.
All nipple and breast actions. Improved some nipple fingering action descriptions and added actions for reacting to being nipple fingered.
All vaginal fingering actions. Improved structure of clit-related action.
All cock/ball stroking actions. Added 'handjob' as an ongoing sex action, with all associated reactions.
All anilingus actions. Fixed some incorrect descriptions in anilingus actions.
All cunnilingus actions. Separated clit and 'genderless mound' actions from vaginal actions.
All breast kissing and breastfeeding actions.
All tail-anal actions. Fixed several (long-standing) errors in these actions, such as incorrect references to vaginas and some actions being incorrectly blocked for subs. Expanded tail-pegging reaction descriptions.
All tail-vaginal actions. Improved and expanded several old descriptions.
All vaginal sex actions.
All anal sex actions.
All blowjob sex actions. Fixed several old errors in descriptions, and changed the 'deep throat' actions to be independent of pace.

Fixed issues with stocks sex not working. (CognitiveMist)

Improved initial penetration descriptions.
Added 'rose gold' and 'steel' colours to fur and scale dye colours.
Added indication in skin/fur/hair dying menus for metallic colours.
Added metallic colours to feather dyes.
You can now resist after choosing to submit upon combat victories.
Changed big cat icons.
Changed Wolf Whiskey's description.
Added harpy subspecies 'bald-eagle'. (Dark brown feathers on body, with white head feathers.)

Fixed cause of bug where walking into a milking room shows the correct management UI, but the PC stays out of the room on the map.
Typo/parsing fixes.
Fixed dirty talk referring to tits when the character was flat-chested.
Fixed Amber having the wrong foot fetish.
Fixed bug in sex where some sex actions were not being added (mainly affected kissing actions).
Fixed being able to equip tail/horn/wing clothing if you didn't have a tail/horns/wings.
Fixed penetration description errors.
Fixed metal buttplugs to actually use metal colours.
Added checks for enchantment loading to handle cases of old saves having clothing enchanted with the old broodmother/seeder fetishes.
Strapless dildo now correctly requires the wearer to have a vagina.
Clothing that plugs vagina/anus/nipples now correctly blocks those orifices from being used.
Fixed sex stats being inverted (e.g. performing vaginal sex was counting as receiving vaginal sex in stats).
Fixed some fox-morph descriptions referencing wolf parts.
Fixed facesitting positioning action being available even while facesitting is ongoing.
Fixed cultists being able to spawn in disliking/hating using their cock.
Fixed position changing not working in stocks scene.
Fixed NPCs locked in stocks (and milking stalls) being able to perform actions with their hands.
Fixed stocks (and milking stalls) not having anilingus options.
Fixed being able to perform actions in the cultist's 'sealed' sex scene.
Fixed both cat-morph hair types having the same TF name.
Fixed kissing actions not being available if your partner was the one to initiate kissing.
Fixed breast groping action not applying milking effects to the correct character.
Characters no longer need breasts in order to be milked (they just need to be producing milk).



Finished all descriptions in the new club area, and improved several actions.
Added more options to the club, allowing you to save characters you meet in order to see them there again.

Increased maximum age of randomly spawned NPCs from 26 to 38.
NPCs will no longer insist on stopping kissing before penetrating in sex.
Improved elixir and potion descriptions, and increased base prices from 1000->1500 and 500->750, respectively.
Foxes now spawn in with red cocks.
Added all feather colours to angel wings. (You can still only get angel parts through the debug menu. Type 'buggy' during gameplay to bring it up.)
Added self-legs and self-groin as orgasm targets.
Added harpies, alligator-morphs, and rat-morphs to the subspecies found in the nightclub, and removed Youko. (Youko are special subspecies, and will be found only in special areas in the Fields.)
Removed 'freckled' pattern from tongue.
Fixed NPCs spawning in hating some fetishes which are related to fetishes they already have.
Slightly improved self-taking virginity text.
Demonic hoofs now prevent you from wearing footwear.
Biojuice canister's corruption increase is now permanent.

Fixed sexual area exposed descriptions not being shown at start of sex.
Fixed handjob orgasms causing sex scenes to break.
Fixed hooded cloak's 'Pull Up' displacement not revealing lower body clothing slots.
Fixed Kalahari generating a new outfit after sex.
Fixed closing time text not displaying correctly in the club.
Fixed incorrect descriptions for buying your partner a drink in the club.
Fixed several cases of 'command_unknown' being displayed in (and out of) sex.
Fixed tooltip descriptions being very broken in sex.
Fixed some incorrect labels on actions in sex (such as penis+vagina being labelled as 'Tail-fucked', and cunnilingus being labelled as 'anilingus').
Fixed clitoris girth and TF modifiers sometimes not working.
Fixed clitoris and vagina modifiers not being saved/loaded correctly.
Fixed issues with chair sex scene positioning.
Fixed broken formatting of ongoing and initial penetration descriptions.
Fixed broken descriptions of areas being exposed during sex.
Minor typo and parsing fixes.
Fixed 'no_clothing_covering_nipples' errors in breast groping action.
Fixed game referring to your breasts in orgasm scene, even if you didn't have breasts.
Fixed 'Beg to stop' action returning incorrect dialogue.
Converted positioning, orgasming, miscellaneous, and dirty talk actions to new format, so parsing bugs in those actions should have been fixed.
Fixed 'self' sex actions not having masturbation fetish associated with them.
Improved clothing concealment method to fix issues such as the one where pulling up someone's skirt wouldn't reveal their swimsuit (even though it should then be visible), if the swimsuit's main slot (chest) was concealed.
(Hopefully) fixed the issue where Nyan, Finch, and the Winter Reindeer wouldn't restock their clothing properly.
Prevented use of tails in breeding stalls to stop the target from blocking their vagina with their tail.
Slaves in the holding cells at slaver alley will no longer be able to attack you in Lilaya's house.
Fixed combat win/loss stats not saving & loading correctly.



Added ongoing descriptions for handjobs.

Fixed: A couple of causes of the game soft-locking upon orgasm.
Fixed 'Resist fingering' being available while fingering your partner's anus.
Fixed tooltips not working correctly in the final action of sex.
Fixed a cause of a lot of parsing errors in the nightclub.
Fixed incorrect ongoing kissing descriptions.
Fixed issue where you'd be unable to move after telling Kruger that you're leaving.
Typo fixes.
Fixed incorrect initial penis penetration parsing.
Fixed incorrect descriptions of having your parts revealed in sex. (Things like 'You lets out a moan as...', instead of 'Lilaya lets out a moan as...')
Fixed incorrect descriptions of targeted areas in orgasm tooltips.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: on 07/14/2018

*update July 13, 2018*

I edited some of the content below, but mainly I have a new complaint with this version:

NPCs having both cock fetishes, both pussy fetishes, an impregnation fetish, and a pregnancy fetish, as well as most other fetishes at neutral or negative... are prioritizing HAND actions when they're the dominant partner and refusing any position that would allow them to fulfill their fetishes.


This is a fairly awesome game so far.

Three major complaints as of right now (that I can think of).

1. Guide, dang it. I found that I could mitigate a lot of the complaints I had, but it took me a while to find it. (Examples: a. Enchanting consumables is how you craft potions. Different consumables give different options. This gives much more control over fetishes and transformations than clothing enchantments. b. Slaves can be sold once you complete quests.)

2. I can't disable anal. Anal is a major turn-off for me, and NPCs can spawn with anal fetishes. For what it's worth, I can manipulate fetishes.

3. Futanari external testicles - I do my best to pretend these don't exist. There are so many customization options, but for the most part I can't turn these off. If you absolutely insist on having testicles (for realism? in a high magic universe?), please make them internal. (Note, I can optionally transform NPCs to have internal testicles. I'd still like it to be a pre-set option.)

4. I'm not sure how you would implement it, but NPCs get kind of same-y personality-wise. Slowly corrupting an NPC with a unique personality would be way more enjoyable than just throwing numbers at bars until they fill up (so to speak). On that note, NPCs get accustomed to slavery rather quickly.

I've probably got a fair few minor complaints, but one off the top of my head is the inability to expand a single-slave room into a double-slave room. If you want to do it, you have to unassign slaves from it (particularly annoying if it's your first room), set it to empty and then assign it as a double. This wastes a lot of money.

Again, I do like the game, these are just some issues I have with it.

Review by DerpLordGod

Version reviewed: on 06/28/2018



Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: on 06/13/2018

Lilith's Throne has far more game to it than most TF games. There are a lot of custom built details into the game and you have to accept that it isn't always slick or simple. I like it but I'd like it far more if there was less sex. There are a lot of random fights where you defeat someone, loot them, get rewards for having sex with them, then move onto the next space where there's another random fight, more sex, and it just keeps going on. Less repetitive sex would make each character based sexual enounter more interesting.

Review by Anon121

Version reviewed: on 06/06/2018

This is a Great game, my favorite of all the ones on the site(followed by Trap quest and TiTS), I have a bug where descriptions won't appear, but otherwise I love this game

Review by Eliseleclaire

Version reviewed: on 05/23/2018

Proooobably in the top 5 best games on the website to be totally honest. The breath of content and customization is absolutely perfect and really really impressive, and the updates are regularly adding WAY more content. This gets 100 thumbs up, I played it and got totally hooked, ended up playing for like 8 hours straight, which is totally possible even in the current build.

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