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Version: 0.1.85



Version: 0.1.82

Version: 0.1.81

Version: 0.1.79

Version: 0.1.78

Version: 0.1.75

Version: 0.1.7






Version: 0.1.68

Version: 0.1.67

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Version: 0.1.65

Version: 0.1.64 Hotfix

Version: 0.1.64

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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia

Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • An explorable, randomly-generated map.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 132 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^
  • Weekly releases!


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance and slavery mechanics.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



If you'd like to support the game's development, you can do so through here! ^^



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Being attacked












Added: First iteration of save compatibility (some minor things aren't working yet, but I'll finish it off over the weekend). This took a loooong time to implement... Sorry that there isn't much else here... ;_;
Changed: Importing your character no longer carries over your slaves (and doesn't carry over pregnancies either). This is due to inter-NPC relationships getting quite complicated, so, for example, there would be several serious issues with importing an enslaved Scarlett into a new game, and then meeting the new game's version of Scarlett.
Did a lot of general back-end fixes in numerous parts of the code.
Added support for multiple pages of responses (for use in the new Sex UI).

Further improved the Sex UI. Thank you for all of your feedback regarding this!
Added an 'Export/Import' tab in the main menu, through which you can use the new Game Export. ^^

Filled condoms should now correct import with all cum properties intact.
Penile virginity is now correctly lost upon performing a penetrative sex action.
Fixed broken lubrication messages during sex.



Added more detail to the game's 'CoverableArea' system, to allow for clothing to block ass/anus and breasts/nipples separately.
Added in a lot of the background framework for Zaranix into the engine. I'll get this finished asap. ;_;

Save game compatibility:
Fixed several major bugs associated with loading in a game where you had filled condoms in your inventory.
Fixed major bug related to loading an exported game with pregnant NPCs in it.
Fixed pregnancy 'potential partners as father' not being imported correctly.
Fixed incorrect cell inventory size.
Added support for generating missing maps.

Submitting to an NPC after defeating them no longer locks out penetrative sex actions.
You can now access the inventory of defeated alleyway attackers, succubi, offspring, and harpies after sex.
Split the 'Non-con' fetish up into giving & receiving variants. NPCs with the receiving variant will prefer to resist during sex (if non-con is enabled).
Reduced the default amount of children birthed by each race, so most now give birth to one or two offspring, with the current maximum litter size possible being 16 (for harpies).

Added a generic 'Stop penetrations' action to stop all ongoing penetrative actions at once.
Changed sex action's associated fetishes to make them more consistent.
NPCs will no longer try to get access to their penis/pussy if they don't have one.

Added hotkey support for response tab switching. By default, 'Previous tab' is 'ctrl+Q', while 'Next tab' is 'ctrl+E'. (Can be changed in the options menu.)
Added indication in enchanting menu of the exact value that an effect will apply. (e.g. Will now display cum increases in ml.)
Improved inventory UI to use tabs. (I still have some work left to do on this.)

Reverted: NPCs will now beg for you to take their virginity if they're in the 'eager' pace, will inform you that they're a virgin in the 'normal' pace, and will beg for you not to take it in the 'resisting' pace.
Slightly changed the secondary modifiers for enchanting body parts. Now, instead of leaving the secondary essence blank to transform your body part, you select a 'Transformative' essence.
Improved horn transformations, and added several more colours to horns (available colours are now white, red, black, and grey).
Changed horn types from 'demon' and 'bovine' into some more specific types: curled, spiral, curved, swept-back, and straight.
Added horn length.
Reduced offspring spawn chance from 25% to 20%.
Added penile virginity loss descriptions during sex, as well as experience gain for the other partner if they have the 'Deflowering' fetish.
Added submissive sex option in slaves' rooms.
NPCs with 'Transformation test subject' fetish now gain affection from being assigned as Lilaya's test subject.
Penises will only get lubricated by precum/cum if they're not covered with a condom. (Although the urethra will still get lubricated regardless of condom status.)
The 'Repeat action' in combat will now only show actions that aren't already in the main combat menu (i.e. spells and special attacks).
The 'Calm down' sex action has had its arousal reduction strength doubled from -5 to -10.
Added 'pixie cut', 'bob cut', and 'slicked back' hair styles.
Changed Rose's hair style.
Added pure damage/resistance to the stats screen.
You can now use fetish TF potions on the harpy matriarchs.
Alleyway Succubi will now use their special tease attacks.
Partners in consensual sex will no longer end sex once they've orgasmed. They will continue until you've orgasmed as well.

In the crafting screen, you can now change the potency of milk, cum, and girlcum enchantments.
Fixed bug where offspring would spawn twice in the same tile.
Fixed bug where swapping positions during sex would incorrectly display ongoing penetration text.
Fixed duplicate virginity loss descriptions in selfie/character view.
Fixed incorrect virginity loss place descriptors.
Ongoing penetration description fixes.
Fixed UI scaling bug in Fetish screen.
Fixed more strange floating point numbers in slavery management screens, as well as the main stats screen. (i.e. Things like 2.3999999 should now display as 2.40.)
Fade-in text is now correctly off by default.
'Lubricate fingers' self-action now returns the correct text.
Masculine transformations (when letting Lilaya use someone as a test subject) will no longer grow breasts, and will now correctly shrink them.
Fixed issue with Vicky sometimes not buying essences, and with Ralph sometimes not buying condoms.
Fixed UI issue with pregnancy stats screen and slave inspection screen.
The stats tooltip that shows up when you mouse over your name now shows the correct value of your global resistance.
Breast kissing can no longer be performed if breasts are not exposed.
Fixed levelling up method to enable gaining multiple levels at once.
Improved arousal increases from ongoing status effects, and fixed incorrect arousal tooltip values.
Lilaya will now always ask you to pull out.
Fixed incorrect NPC reactions just before you reach your orgasm.
You should now be able to use the 'Pull out' orgasm if your partner asked for you to pull out.
Fixed bug in sex where moving into a position would cause your partner to continuously do nothing.
Fixed potentially game-breaking bug related to Brax's clothing being unequipped after defeating him.
Fixed storm immunity and items disappearing inconsistencies.



Save compatibility & character import:
Fixed bug where duplicate NPCs were being loaded into the game.
Fixed bug with exporting game not working.
Fixed bug that would cause game freeze upon importing a character from an old version.
Improved handling of pregnant NPC removal. (This was the cause of some exports from not working. ;_;)

Fixed cause of game freeze during sex.
Fixed bug related to Alexa's renewal of slaves for sale (her old slaves weren't being cleaned up properly).
Improved NPC removal methods, so that removing NPCs should no longer cause sex & pregnancy stats to break.
Fixed all penetrative sex generating +0 base arousal for the person being penetrated.
Fixed UI display bug in pregnancy stats screen.
Fixed incorrect perk assignments when importing a character from an older version.
Orgasm-related actions in sex should no longer populate the 'repeat action' tab.



You can now open the characters present screen by clocking on the NPC's level bar during combat & sex.

Offspring will now only be able to be encountered after they've been been birthed.
Fixed bug where you could displace and unequip Rose's clothing during her 'sex' scene.
You can now only request paizuri/naizuri if you know that your partner has a penis.
Fixed wonky behaviour of NPCs being in the 'resisting' pace during sex when they shouldn't have been. (They will now always resist if they have the associated non-con fetish.)
NPCs should no longer take their own virginity (in any hole), unless they're in the 'Eager' pace.
Minor dialogue inconsistency fixes.
Fixed potential cause of game freeze when giving birth.
Added submissive fetish associations to submitting to Brax, taking Alexa's punishment, and submitting to slaves.
The 'resist' action in sex will now increase your arousal if you have the 'Unwilling fuck-toy' fetish.
Lilaya should now never ask for you to cum inside of her.
Increased effectiveness of the 'Calm down' action.
Slaves with the 'Transformation test subject' fetish will no longer lose affection towards you and Lilaya when transformed.
Selecting both 'Masculine Transformations' and 'Feminine Transformations' for the slave job 'Test subject' will now result in futanari transformations taking place.
Fixed issue with pregnancy stats page not removing pregnancy possibilities correctly.
Fixed offspring's stats page not working (for offspring that were mothered or fathered with an NPC encountered during a storm).
Fixed the 'Use all' action in inventory not working.
Imported elixirs and potions now work.
Condom belt will now render correctly if you have over 8 used condoms in your inventory.
Fixed another cause of the pregnancy screen not working, as well as a crash related to the same, now-fixed issue.
Fixed issue of selling your enslaved offspring to Alexa causing a major bug in several areas of the game.
Brax should now correctly relocate to Candi's desk if you finish completing his quest by having submissive sex.
Brax's black enforcer shirt and shorts no longer change to blue ones before he's beaten.



Important: Update is not compatible with previous saves. Sorry (but the character importer should be working now)!

Important: This game requires the *latest* version of Java to be installed on your computer! (Due to the engine using the most recent release of JavaFX.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 7, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by PurpleFish23

Version reviewed: on 11/21/2017

The load function for doesn't work for me. 

Review by bobbyjoe789

Version reviewed: on 11/20/2017

wonderful game, been playing for forever. Some ideas: make the map more random so it actually looks different instead of just having the buildings at different locations, add forced piercings when defeated by enemies, and keep up the awesome work!

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: on 10/31/2017

This game's world allows for a decent amount of character development and some interesting challenges.  However, the proposed expansion areas have yet to be released and this results in kind of a monotonous grind to work on your character.  Even the most exotic and erotic world gets tiresome through repetition!

Review by fyreman666

Version reviewed: on 10/25/2017

Okay, so, gonna say this right out: I don't review many things, I may leave a comment now and again, but still. Anyway, I love the direction of this game, I love the interface, I love all the images and options, I like how interactive the beginning story is as you're creating your character, and all the editable options beforehand are also a nice and useful touch. I love that this game's coming out bit by bit, steady update by steady update. I do hope this game continues to get worked on, I never want to see this abandoned, I want to see what this will be like as a completed project.

All of this is coming from someone who likes text adventures, but doesn't always want to read everything (I'm lazy and sometimes I get bored or distracted) but with this, I only got like that during my first fight, which was actually by accident, I was thinking more along the lines of "Okay, I probably shouldn't have done this, this person can clearly kick my ass".

The only complaint I have is, and I don't know if this is a bug or if I don't understand biology and/or this game's mechanics, but there was a pregnancy chance after a 'test' with Lilaya where I let her grow a cock, and I also go the chance to level up and choose my perks and such. I chose the barren perk in the hopes of preventing that pregnancy. The pregnancy still actually happened, though. Or, at least, according to the game it did.

Review by SVinter

Version reviewed: 0.1.85 on 09/27/2017

Great game with an amazing discord channel supporting it! I enjoy the plot but I kinda hoped for a bit more forced situations to come up. Like slavers tagging you or being engulffed in the mad world before you and etc. But the combat is amazing, the user interface is fucking brillant to the point where it gives TiTs (Trails in Tainted Space) a run for it's money. - Constantly playing through it over and over and excited when I see a new update out ^~^ 10/10 and keeping on my favorites list.

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