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Version: 0.92

Fanucci's Amazing Pizza!

Experience a lighthearted (and sexy!) romp in world where everyone has high ethics and empathy! You can sit back and enjoy the story (and smut) without being on your guard. You are Alex, a recent high school graduate delivering pizza for the summer – but of course, strange things happen! Just how will you deal with an automated delivery machine that transforms you into what the customer desires, including a complete hot young sexpot?

This is a pleasant, playful game-story with full consent for any and all activites.

This story includes: MF, MM, FF, MMF, MFF, MtF, and FtM. Contains non-explicit 3D-rendered images of you in various transformations and images of the entire cast as well!

Alex - You!
Mr. Fanucci - Your boss!
Mandy/Marty - Your coworker!
Trish - Your roommate's GF!
Brandon - Your roommate!
Paul - A big manly customer!
Jack - A handsome customer!
Rebecca - A pretty woman!
Roy - An attractive man!
Law - A skinny dude!
Zander - A hunky bro!
Sean - A squat scrapper!
Lina - A sexy businesswoman!
Ella - Your boss's niece!

Agree to split tip / Don't split tip
-$10 if you don't split, $5 if you do

Get changed into 'boi' version
Make the delivery or decline to Mandy
-If you decline, you get a 'scrub' point
-If you decline, you will never meet PAUL

Make the first delivery and meet PAUL
-If you decline coming inside, PAUL will not order again ("no more PAUL")

Go inside with PAUL
-Bend over for him gets you a 'saucy' point
-Just grab a beer progresses story without added 'saucy' point

PAUL asks if you have a boyfriend
-"No, I don't" & "No, I haven't considered it" both keep PAUL interested
-"No, I'm not gay" will make PAUL not order again ("no more PAUL" and also sets "not gay" preference!)

PAUL asks if you would come over again
-"Yes" & "Yes, for the money" both keep PAUL interested
-"Sorry, not interested" will make PAUL not order again ("no more PAUL")

Back at pizzeria, change back or stay as boi for a while
-Staying as boi will allow REBECCA to ask you to entertain her husband ROY
-Changing back will disallow REBECCA/ROY interaction
-"not gay" preference will disallow REBECCA/ROY interaction

Mister F asks if you will become a girl for a delivery
-"It'll be fun" & "I'll do it" both allow Alex 'girl' content
-Refusing sets "no girl" preference and adds 'scrub' point

Watch UFC with the guys?
-"Hell yes" & "Maybe a couple rounds" progress ZANDER story
-"Not interested" locks out ZANDER, Law, and Sean content

Drink cocktail, beer, or none
-No real impact

Watching UFC with ZANDER
-"Enjoy these feelings" & "It isn't so bad" progress ZANDER story
-"Getting too cozy" progresses ZANDER story as well but sets "take it slow" preference

Give phone number to ZANDER?
-"I do want him to call" & "Not going to hurt anything" both allow ZANDER content
-"No" will lock out ZANDER content

Did you like being a girl?
-"Wasn't all that bad" will set "girls rock" preference and progress story
-"Glad to be back to normal" will progress story

Back at home, say Yes or No to TRISH?
-"Yes" will allow you to hookup with TRISH, add a 'saucy' point, and all TRIPLE content
-"No" will progress story to next day and disallow any TRIPLE content (no TRISH or BRANDON hookups)

Back at pizzeria, will you make deliveries?
-"Yes" will progress story
-"No" will send you to "Neo-Luddite" ending [NO MORE CHOICES] (and add 'scrub' point)

Take deliveries
-If "no more PAUL" is not set, there will be another order from PAUL
    -Deliver to PAUL will progress story
    -Refuse delivery will set "no more PAUL" preference and add a 'scrub' point
-If "no more PAUL" is set, you will skip down to the choice of girl delivery driver to Zack's apartment

Delivering to PAUL
-"Take shirt off" will allow choice to hookup with PAUL
-"Take this slow" will skip hookup with PAUL
-"Get my tip and leave" will skip PAUL content (but not disallow future interactions with PAUL)

If "Take shirt off"
-"Change of direction" will hookup with PAUL (get licked or blow him and adds a 'saucy' point)
-"Not ready" will skip hookup with PAUL

If "Change of direction"
-Take $5 will set PAUL relationship to a romantic interest
-Take $50 will set PAUL relationship to a financial interest

Back at pizzeria for JACK delivery
-If "no girl" preference is set, you turn down the delivery since it requires you to be a girl
-"Don't want to be a girl" will set "no girl" preference and add a 'scrub' point
    -Both above send to NOGIRL content
-"I'll do the delivery" goes to JACK scene in GIRL CONTENT


-If you're a "boi" at this point you can hookup with Fanucci
    -"Follow" Fanucci will hookup with Fanucci (either blow him or get bummed)
    -"No way" will skip to KEEPADD? content
-If you're original Alex skip to KEEPADD? content

-If TRIPLE is allowed, TRISH and BRANDON are interested in hooking up
    -"No triple" will disallow TRIPLE content and progress to the next day
    -"Yes triple" will allow hookup with TRISH and/or BRANDON
        -"Just want some rest" will progress to the next day without hookup
        -"Go to Brandon's room" will set hookup (fuck TRISH, blow BRANDON, or get bummed by BRANDON)
-If no TRIPLE, story progresses to the next day

KEEPADD? (keep the body-changing machine or not)
-Choosing to return the ADD will send you to "Neo-Luddite" ending [NO MORE CHOICES]
-Choosing to keep the ADD will progress the story

Next day
-Taking the cosplay delivery will allow ELLA meeting (as 'boi' Alex)
-Refusing cosplay event will add 'scrub' point and disallow ELLA content

-"Take the delivery" will continue to ELLA content
-"Let Marty take it" will disallow ELLA content and skip to MARTY office scene

-"Hang out" will continue ELLA content
-"I hadn't planned on staying" will disallow ELLA content and skip to MARTY office scene

Cosplay Convention
-"She seems nice" will hookup with ELLA (fuck her)
-"She's not my type" will disallow ELLA content and skip to MARTY office scene

MARTY office scene
-Give MARTY a handjob or blowjob will add a 'saucy' point
-Decline to do anything with MARTY will progress the story

REBECCA/ROY delivery
-Not having met REBECCA as a 'boi' will end the game (no content, in queue to fix)
-Taking the delivery allows REBECCA/ROY content
-Refusing the delivery sends to ENDGAME

Take delivery?
-"Take the delivery" continues REBECCA/ROY content
-"Let Marty take it" disallows REBECCA/ROY content and adds a 'scrub' point

-Going inside results in giving ROY a blowjob with REBECCA cheerleading
-Refusing to go inside skips content


JACK scene
-Having tea with JACK progresses JACK content
    -Touching JACK's hand progresses JACK content
    -Leaving disallows any additional JACK content
-Not having tea disallows any additional JACK content

KEEPADD? (keep the body-changing machine or not)
-Choosing to return the ADD will send you to "Neo-Luddite" ending [NO MORE CHOICES]
-Choosing to keep the ADD will progress the story

-If TRIPLE, allows hookup with TRISH and/or BRANDON
    -If "Yes" to TRIPLE, continues TRIPLE content
    -If "No" then additional TRIPLE content is disallowed
-If no TRIPLE, progresses story to next day

TRIPLE content
-"Get naked" continues TRIPLE content
-"Get some rest" skips hookup with TRISH and/or BRANDON

Have sex with BRANDON?
-"Yes" goes on to hookup with BRANDON
-"No" allows choice to blow BRANDON
    -"Yes" to blowjob leads to blowing BRANDON
    -"No" progresses the story to the next day (after watching TRISH blow BRANDON)

Pizzeria, Maid delivery
-Declining to deliver in the maid outfit adds a 'scrub' point and skips LINA content
-Taking the delivery continues LINA content

Panties off?
-Taking your panties off continues LINA content
-Not taking them off nets you $8 and skips to Cosplay delivery

Accept tips in your stockings?
-Accepting tips from the businessmen continues LINA content and nets you $30 and a 'saucy' point
-Declining nets you $14 and skips to Cosplay delivery

Blowjobs for businessmen?
-Blowing the businessmen nets you $286 dollars and 3 'saucy' points (and 14 BJs) as well as allows LINA ending
-Not giving BJs skips to Cosplay delivery

Cosplay delivery
-Accepting continues ELLA content
    -"Take the delivery" continues ELLA content
    -"Let Marty take it" disallows ELLA content
-Declining skips to MARTY office scene

Cosplay event
-Hanging out continues ELLA content
-Leaving disallows ELLA content

Into ELLA?
-"I could be into her" leads to ELLA hookup
-"Not my type" skips to MARTY office scene

-Giving MARTY a handjob gives you 1 'saucy' point
-Blowing MARTY gives you 2 'saucy' points (started as HJ or not, either way)
-Declining MARTY skips HJ/BJ content


If no 'slutty' delivery to either ZANDER or REBECCA at the end:
-Less than 4 saucy points leads to 'modest' outfit
-More than 4 saucy points leads to 'moderate' outfit
-Less than 7 saucy points leads to 'modest' outfit
-More than 7 saucy points leads to 'moderate' outfit

If 'slutty' delivery made to ZANDER or REBECCA:
-You get final 'super-slut' outfit as boi or girl

Choices of EPILOGUE depend on content
-TRIPLE ending requires TRIPLE with any BODY TYPE
-PAUL ending requires that "no more paul" not be flagged and BOI BODY TYPE
-ZANDER ending requires that you gave ZANDER your phone number and GIRL BODY TYPE
-JACK ending requires that you stayed for tea and talked with JACK and GIRL BODY TYPE
-LINA ending requires that you blew the businessmen and GIRL BODY TYPE
-ELLA ending requires that you hooked up with ELLA and any BODY TYPE
-MARTY ending has no requirements
-FREEDOM ending has no requirements

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MandyZane

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 11/21/2017

Showing us consent is sexy, Daviezwei's Fannucci's Amazing Pizza! is everything it promises. 

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 10/21/2017

Fanucci's Amazing Pizza is a fun and funny, erotic and charming, light-hearted sex romp. The game is well written and better yet, as of this writing, it's practically complete and can be played from beginning to end.

Cue up the cheezy porn music, because you are a pizza delivery person who *eyebrow wiggle* cares a lot about customer satisfaction. I say person, because the game allows you in a very TFGames way to explore both gender and sexuality as you please. Are you gay, straight or bi? Are you a femine, masculine, androgynous, or genderfluid?

Better still, Fanucci's Amazing Pizza is a game that emphasizes consent: consent to be transformed and consent to have sex. The game asks you if you want to transform and the game asks you if you consent to have sex with a particular customer. And the characters in the game respect your choices.

This is a game where sex, sexuality, and gender are all fun and people are nice and good. Fanucci's Amazing Pizza is a great time and you should check it out.

Review by That Irish Lass

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 09/26/2017

I earnestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed a game on this site this much--I mean, I enjoyed it so thoroughly I felt compelled to write a short review.


The game is great for what it is--AIF with little-to-no really involuntary content, and nothing sticks unless you want it to. It's incredibly choice-driven, but what I find more enjoyable about it is that it doesn't see itself as simple...well, smut. It has some fun with it, and pokes fun at some of the usual AIF tropes with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. I laughed loudly and often and was never disconnected or uncommitted. One issue with a lot of games on this site, at least for me, is that there's no staying power. You really don't feel any overwhelming urge to come back and play again, but this one I think I'd enjoy even on its own merits, never mind as AIF.

I think the only other games I've really felt this sort of instant connection to on this site have been Cursed and Jailbait, and both of those were much more serious stories. I'm rambling, now, and I apologise. I just really enjoyed this and continue to enjoy it, I think because it doesn't take itself too seriously while also respecting its audience.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Review by trell

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 07/26/2017

love it. even with the lack of hardcore contend, its well written and the pictures are lovely.

and the big pro is that the game doesnt forcing you (unlike the most other games) to change your gender
you can still play as a feminine gay. unique. :)

Review by chrystaleaves

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 07/17/2017

I've played this before and enjoyed it, but I don't want to play again without knowing if the new update had an impact on the game in a matter that I should replay it. Please make a forum about this or post what happened in the update so we can tell.

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