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Version: Movement Test 2

Version: Movement Test



Ok, this is an early concept build that includes the game's intro and nothing more that is currently accessible.  At this point in time, we're looking at about 1-2 months until I expect an actual playable version of this to surface.


Some items of note:  The protagonist will be male, and will remain male through the duration of the game.  However, he will come into possession of a pair of slave girls who he WILL be able to change in almost every way you can think of.  Change their apparent age, their height and build, their hair color, race or gender.  So long as you have the resources to do so, you will be able to change them in almost any way you desire.


This build should take only a few minutes to play through and is intended to give a taste of what is to come.  There is not currently any playable content beyond a few simple choices to be made as the intro plays out.  There is currently no transformation or adult content present in the game.


The reason for releasing this early like this is in the hope of generating some discussion and feedback for the project.  I'd love to hear people's thoughts and comments as well as any constructive criticism you might have.  Please take a moment to drop by the discussion thread and share your thoughts.


It should also be noted that this will be a Patron project.  The plan is to give early access to those who pledge, as well as give a cheat menu and other possible things to those who pledge at different levels.  This said, the previous build of the game will always be available to those who are not in a position to pledge.


If the project interests you, please click "Like This Game" as a way of showing your support and interest.  And should you feel so inclined, feel free to check out my Patron page as well.


Movement Test 2 (Patreon Version):

This build includes the completed Intro for the game, movement through dozens of locations within the mansion (Just a couple of locked locations) and several events for each location which can be affected by a host of factors including time of day. 


Movement Test (Public Version):

Intro now spans more than 20k words of content before allowing you to explore the mansion in its entirity.  Includes a branching intro with the option of some naughtyness towards the end (Some of my better work if I may say so.)



NOTE: It is important to note, Inheritance is in early production, there are several more major mechanical issues that need to be resolved before it enters the regular release schedule.  As an early access project, Patreons will receive new builds of this first, in addition to the Cheat Menu build of Wanton Cove. 



To whoever keeps reporting the Patreon link as a dead link.  Please stop.  The link is good, but you need to pledge to see the contents of the early access post.  The older link is to the public version of the game.  The note with each link clearly indicates if it is a Patreon or Public link.

Please be responsible and report dead links ONLY if they are dead links.  And please use the tag system appropriately, it is intended to help identify the kinds of content within a game, not a place to air your grievences.  There is no way to remove a tag once it is placed, so your momentary lapse of good sense is forever commemorated in my tag cloud for all to see.

After the passing of your estranged Great Uncle, you're surprised to find yourself listed as the sole heir to his estate.  With all the legal unpleasantness out of the way, you're now on your way to your new home.


Not sure what to expect when you arrive, you dont know if you're going to sell the mansion or live there, but once you step inside your entire world changes when you are suddenly faced with the fact that you now own two slave girls.


What do you do with them?  Do you follow in your Great Uncle's footsteps and use them for your own pleasure?  Do you treat them like servants?  Or do you nurture a relationship with them that just might blossom into something more, . . .

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Review by GateKeeper

Version reviewed: Movement Test on 05/17/2017

Movement Test Build:

@Mugen Kagemaru

I've chosen to interpret it as "Game has piqued my interest.  I feel inspired!" (Peeks at their profile a second time to see if there's any new release.)


Seriously though, I'm really excited about this project.  So far the public response has been better, and more enthusiastic than I've seen for Wanton Cove in the past.  I can hardly wait until the last few mechanical issues get sorted and it can enter active development!




Going to be honest here.  I find your post cryptic and am still trying to make sense of it.



Concept 2 Build:



Any chance you can point out some specifics where you think the protagonist isn't consistant?  I'd like to take a look at anything that seems out of place in an effort to improve the work.

I'm all for a bit of criticism, but without some context and feedback associated with it, its really difficult to make use of it.

Review by Mugen Kagemaru

Version reviewed: Movement Test on 05/17/2017


It seems he can't praise or criticize it, but he was amazed and in his amazement he was motivated to release his own.

I think that's a win, bruh.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: Movement Test on 05/17/2017

Im not gona say that this game is good or bad only that im amazed and found the motivation to release my own.

Review by asianpersuasion

Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 02/08/2017

I very much like this game and agree overall with Wolves' points. There are a few spelling errors, but the grammar is readable and good overall so as to not destroy my immersion into the game. (I think you forgot a ' for can't a couple times.) I would love to help for this game anyway I can. (programming is not my strength lol.)

Review by Erik1986

Version reviewed: Concept 2 on 02/08/2017

So, first impression is actualy nice. Writing is well done sofar, i take it you are either a native english speaker or have good knowledge of english grammar, because i coudnt find anny obvious error in spelling or grammar sofar. That puts it above many othr games of late that have non-native english creaters in terms of not needen spell checking as much. (No insult intended to those authors btw, i aint native nor flawless myself). Atmosphere is being nicely set.

Story wise i must say it does follow a rather simmilar plot to the KISS game Custom Maid 3D (and in extend CM3D 2). Same story wise build up about an uncle who lets the protag inherit his mansion and assets. Now that said i guess the whole story was not the most original, but where you take the gameplay next will determine its merits opposed to similar games, so i will reserve judgement on that till the game has a more firm footing in content.

Overall it does intrigue me to keep and eye on it, so good luck with it, hope to see more from it in the future.

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