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Concubine: A Gamebook For Adults, by Logan Scodini


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The Adventure Continues in Concubine: The Dryad!




You have been captured by Dominions’ forces during a reconnaissance mission, and find yourself a prisoner in a Castillian jail. However, your captor intends to forcefully train you into an obedient servant, in order to present you as a gift to the Court.

Will you end up as a Concubine in the Royal Harem, or will you manage to avoid your fate?



  • A Gamebook RPG filled with erotic content, set in a Fantasy World inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The story is tailored by your choices: face a variety of events as your captor attempts to coerce you into willing submission.
  • A thrilling tale featuring sexuality, danger, and plot twists.
  • Play as a Man or a Woman.

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Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 03/09/2018

The story was well written, but not my cup of tea and for a game that bills itself as an "RPG Gamebook", it's really close to a kinetic novel, in a sense that every choice seems to lead through the same scenarios. That being said, the presentation is good even if light on artwork and you can tell the author spent a lot of time working on the story, it's quite complex and has a lot of world building. 

My main critique is just that there isn't much of a game here asides from the combat mini-game and there's no real sense of exploring the world or taking control of the situation, much like you'd expect in an RPG style game, so if you're looking for those things here you won't really find them. What it is however, is a fairly decent piece of adult fiction that would be perfectly fine if all of the "interactive" elements were removed from it and just read straight.


Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final on 03/07/2018

An excellent story but not a game. No matter what you choose you're always railroaded in the same direction.

Review by Yuemeria

Version reviewed: 17.07.15 Public on 12/17/2017

Well this is definitely an interesting change of pace,  if you were going for the RPG route that is, with its combat, however the combat itself is horribly unbalanced and boss "enrage" is just a cheap method to increase difficulty, referring to the nercomancer, if you are going to place these kinds of mechanics into the game then you should allow the player to have some kind of leveling system instead of just choosing book 1 or book 2 type loadouts, storywise the game is great however its the combat mechanics that seem to bring it down, even with lowering the difficulty they are still frustrating dragged out fights.

Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: 17.07.15 Public on 10/20/2017

There's not really any multimedia outside of the intro screen and the paper doll of the player character. This is a text adventure and that's all. The writing is pretty good but very verbose.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 17.07.08 Public on 09/10/2017

I have played several games made by logan scoldini, I think 3.

I must say quality is good and the games are well made, story ok, maybe a little light on erotic graphics.

what I dislike is the lack of depth. he puts out a new game every now and then, but the existing games are stalled and don't progress, and the author deletes them! Several games listed on this site either have no download links or point to dead websites.

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