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Version: 0.04.13

Nunc Monstrum

On the continent island of Etrus, a great guild of Heroes can be found, who slay monsters and fight evil wherever they find it (for a reasonable sum of money of course). Yes, there is no organization more famous than they are, made up of the many races of Etrus. In the guild, as long as you’re skilled and will fight evil, you are welcome.

But this game is not about them, no but they play an important part, as does the new evil Overlord who has just reappeared after the last one was defeated a hundred years ago, who has come to conquer all of Etrus and rule with an iron fist. Yes, this Overlord will play an important part as well.

But you play as Lily, a young slimegirl who has just been made, she’s the last of her kind and she hunts for answers of who she was in her previous life, a young female hero who fell victim to a powerful slime queen. Now cast out into the cruel world of Etrus, with no clue who she is or what her purpose is, her only guide is a strange spirit named Etrus who wants Lily to destroy all non monster races in lands. But even in this monster hating world, Lily can find some who’ll like her for who she is and not for what she is, and even help her on her journey, and maybe in turn, Lily can help them. Join Lily as she quests all over Etrus, helping those in need, romancing many people and building one of the greatest empires that will dominate the world of Ealia right up to the Uniting.

This is a story about doing the right thing, no matter what, never giving in to the path of hate and darkness and remaining in the light, because every single thing has a right to live in this world and nothing is truly evil to the core, something that heroes often forget...

This is a game about playing a absolutely good character, she’s not pragmatic or is she selfish, but as kind and pure as snow, she won't be corrupted or will she corrupt others, this is a game about love and true heroism. Also slime sex, loooots of slime sex!

Lily: Kind and empathetic by nature, Lily is not one for violence, but her innocent and naive mind often lands her in trouble, not to mention being a smilegirl often means that she's forced to fight others, but her unconditional kindness and want to do no harm draws others to her, making people forget and forgive that she is a monster.

V0.4.11 Public Release: Happy New Year

WARNING, NEW QUEST SYSTEM! Put the code "QuestFix" into the yellow smoke at the city gate to update it


-Added Firth Scribe's Date

-Added one sex scene for Scribe

-Added one sex scene for Grace

An early public release for new years!

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Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 0.04.9 on 12/30/2017


I wish i could say i enjoyed this,and the majority of the reason i didn't is because the dialog needs to be polished.

if that could be improved throughout the entire experience this might be a enjoyable game.

The story itself could be improved in a few areas as well. but the core for the most part was interesting. and i would be interested in seeing where this goes in the future.

so i do hope this does not end up abandoned.



If Unpolished dialog does not bother you. you may enjoy this. if it does it's good enough to understand but the mistakes are common.you may wish to wait for updates. (or you can be a hero and be a proofreader! :D)

Issues i had with this

The dialog needs a good amount of improvement.

Why does the narrator say the slime girl begins her journey in the town after the bandits? the journey began back in the cave.

When you look at the menu in the city. your avatar is not wearing the mask.

The slime girl feeling pleasure or pain completely kills the immersian. slime girls do not have nerves. they should not be able to sense much. even if i ignore that, they certaintly should not be able to cum

That sex scene with Ava lasted too long.

Slime Strangle does not seem to rely on your stats. so it eventually becomes a pointless skill.

Review by trell

Version reviewed: 0.04.9 on 11/30/2017

the game looks very promising at the first sight. this slimegirl -> lesbian -> breeding thing is one of my greatest fantasy.
but after trying the version 0.04.9 i have to confess: its not my game.
the content is about unbirthing, which is my anti-kink. and the writing have a slight snuff undertone.
the protagonist doesnt look like a slimegirl at all, more like a moon elf.
theres no graphical contend except the slimegirl at the mainscreen, its a textonly game.
i would like to give some constructive critic like sprite based scenes, but i doubt it will spice it up.

Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 0.04.6 on 11/02/2017

Good story, writing, and erotic scenes. I do admittedly have a bit of a soft spot for slime girls. I will, however, have to second the comment about the fights being a bit grindy. You end up fighting the same encounter over and over again about 10 times for many of the bounties, which is a bit tedious, and it's really only entertaining the first couple of times. I'd highly encourage you to mix that up a bit, even if it is just having some groups of 2 enemies and some groups of 4 enemies, instead of having entirely groups of 3 enemies for particular bounties. Overall, a good game which I look forward to seeing more updates of, but its fights could use some more variance.

Review by Zodiac

Version reviewed: 0.04.3 on 09/02/2017

Okay so I have not writen many reviews as of yet (this may be the second or third) but with how much this game blew me away I have too write one here in the hopes that it give some motivation too the author for continuing the game and not letting it die.

First off is points for originality and its done incredibly well for a very much untaped idea. I have high hopes for this game and really do want it too continue. My personal recomendation is if it gets difficult too come up with ideas or just ways too smooth gameplay dont be afraid too use the forum or bounce ideas off other Publishers.

Second is that the fights are rather slow and grindy at times so a party or a way too at least gain support characters and earn money in different ways than just kill this, kill that, would be nice.

Other than saying those two things im eager too watch the progression and will try too update my review as the game evolves.

Review by Kijuma

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 07/08/2017

I really like the concept so far....there is however one thing that keeps me a bit frustrated, that being "Finding a container for your pink baby slime" right after becoming a slimegirl.

I mean I have the damn backpack and I still can't pick my litter up and take it with me which means I can't get out of the cave!

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