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Version: 0.7.6 (bugfix)

Version: 0.7.4

Version: 0.6.3 Public

A new dawn

This is my second try on making a game from the rpg maker editors. All feedback is welcome!  

The game follows a young virgin, a daughter of a powerfull duke. The land gets invaded and the family gets split. Your task is to find a way to reunite with your family.

I'm now hosting the game online!

play it at https://patreonwhiteraven.com/public

What I want to focus on:
Slowly transforming the protagonists mind from example a prude royal lady to a common whore, or you could try to stay prude and have your mind affected in another way.
More ways to complete missions, if you get a mission you don't have to complete it the way it should. You could find another way to do it. Like throw away or sell the item, but then you'll mind gets affected in the process.
A smart way to express all the relevant aspects of the characters mind in conversations and scenes.
Many alternate routes.
No fights ever! Too annoying!
More bad endings, I want to give you freedom but at a cost. Some actions might lead to bad ends.

The game will focus on mind transformation, pure/whore. I've think it would be cool that Victoria(protagonist) dreams of a situation she've been in and then is affected by the dream. For example she showes her breast to have a place to stay and then she dreams of having her boobs molested and every night will push the dream further and further untill she'll starting to day dream or let people have their way with her easier.

I also thinks that she can dream of different things. That there's some treshold that can be passed for example: Victoria shows her boobs three times or more and then she starts dreaming of that or she seen some street whore perform a blowjob 3 times and then starts dreaming of that. Then the mind transformation process starts and if more than one treshold is passed she'll dream of a random topic that's triggered. 

The game will also have mind transformation of evil and good and have already some evil/good events built in. But is not gathering points for them yet. For example if you're going to feed the hen their forage, instead of feading them you can go to the shop and sell the forage there giving you more silver for one work. In future updates this will give you evil points. And good points will be like, thell nice things to people who's sad, or help them doing things for free.


Version 0.7 (patreon only)
+ New scene with black patron (Includes 8 different Animations)
+ Added a variation of scene with black patron (variation of the scene above)
+ Added a variation of scene with black patron (repeatable)
+ Added a variation dialogs on previus black patron scene
+ Added a variation dialogs on the goblin scenes at the shore
+ A new dream(dance)
+ A new dream(dance)
+ A new dream(Glory hole)
+ A new dream(Glory hole)
+ A new costume(You can get it from see enough dance dreams)
+ A new costume(You can get it from the cleaning lady)
+ Added a new dance job with the new costume
+ Added a new dialogs and work for the new wench outfit
+ Added a new mission with two different outcomes
+ Added some conversation with the purpose to explain the situation in the world
+ After you've seen all scenes with the black patron you can chose which scene you'd like to play
+ 308 images from Martiandawn that creates 16 different animations (8 with BE and 8 without BE)
+ Additional 60 new CG's in the game (Around 790 CG's in the game).
+ Additional 8 new face CG's
+ Added mirrors, they show your current state such as virginity, corruption and current level of cum addiction
+ Added dialogs in the brothel
+ Added cheat skull for patreons
+ Added a algorithm for not seing dreams who's done, ex: if you've seen all dance dreams there's only 10% chance
to see it until you've seen every dream then it's 33% again
+ Fixed a bunch of grammar typos and spellings reported by OhioOkie
+ Fixed a bunch of grammar typos and spellings reported by ADIDAS from TFGamesite.com
+ Added names to people in the town
+ Added a variation on the dance event (BE dancing)
+ Changed the dialog at the pub dancer and tavern wench suggested by OhioOkie
+ Added a new dialog after working longer in the tavern (nickname and other stuff)
+ Changed dialog with cleaning lady and added some that goes with the progression in the tavern work
+ Changed dialog with black patron suggested by OhioOkie
+ Changed the flour quest start, after the old man have told you once you don't need to hear it once again...
+ Created a system for cum addiction with two variables cum cravings and cum drinked.
The level of cum craving depends on how far your cum addiction variable have gone.
Cum drinked does also depends on which kind of cum you drink, goblin cum have very high points!
+ Removed the bunny dance event when the bunny where not dancing
+ Fixed a bug, drinking one jar with goblin cum removed two

+ Fixed dance variable not reseting properly
+ Fixed Blake scene going off even though it was not supposed to
+ Fixed ask for sarah even when she's back
+ Fixed stop dancing giving you twice your sallary
+ Fixed endless loop with the black man scene
+ Fixed couldn't talk to bar maid after nickname was chosen
+ Fixed Sarah moving after mission 2 done
+ Grammars and typos reported by Kelia
+ Fixed image not going away after the new black scene
+ Fixed the animations didn't show up
+ Fixed Sarah image not going away

Bugfix 0.7.6

+ Fixed a bug if you've only activated dance dream and jerk dream you could only dream of dancing.
+ Changed the jerk cum addiction event to only occur if you're actually craving cum.
+ Changed the cum addiction level system so it work as it should.
+ Changed if you're craving cum you wont dream of anything right after the blowjob scene.
+ Changed energy cost removes as you accept to comb the horses
+ Fixed patrons asking for three beers not two at the pub
+ Fixed could only warn the girls from the innkeeper if you stay at the old mans house
+ Added the last BE images for the dance event
+ Fixed the GH dream
+ Fixed could work washing lady even after you've declared earnings
+ Fixed a typo reported by OhioOkie

Version 0.6 (PUBLIC)
+ New scene at jerk house (requires cum addiction)
+ New scene with the black man at the pub (Continues from letting him grope you when he buy you a drink)
+ New scene with the black man at the pub (Continues from the previus scene)
+ Shorter scene, old CG's (town talk to the men in town after showing boobs at the tavern with some variation)
+ Shorter scene, old CG's, ask for beers in the pub (Three variations depending on how many times you've done it).
+ A new dream (Slave route)
+ A new dream (Jerk house)
+ A new dream (Jerk house)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ A new dream (Inn keeper)
+ New mission and story progress.
+ New maps: 3
+ A total of 86 new CG's in the game (Around 430 CG's in the game).
+ Additional 22 new face CG's
+ Fixed a bunch of grammar typos and spellings reported by NP
+ Fixed a bunch of grammar typos and spellings reported by OhioOkie
+ Fixed food deliver, goblin did not leave food to eat.
+ Fixed endless showing boobs for drinks bug
+ Changed dream variables, will be noteable faster changing dreams in the slave route
+ Added new item, beer gives as much health as a carrot

Bugfixes 0.6.3

+ Fixed the old man ask you to get the bread before you've left the house now
+ Fixed the bug where double dreams could occur
+ Fixed the black screen on the inn dream
+ Fixed corruption points
+ Changed the space button leave to player touch at the old mans house
+ Fixed BE content in jerk house after the girl moves in
+ Lowered the intro music
+ Removed the text "end of current content" is not the end of the current content
+ Fixed screen not fade in after inn keeper dreams
+ Fixed can't enter the house after mission is finished
+ Fixed dreams occured twice at the old mans house
+ Fixed flour quest, you can now visit the orc girl and still continue with the quest the next day
+ Fixed old man dreams, after you've danced you could only dream about dancing
+ Fixed mission didn't start when expected
+ Fixed curtain bug in jerks house
+ Fixed some minor change map interactions
+ Fixed can't drink beer
+ Fixed endless loop with cum addiction scene
+ Fixed black pub patron (too many interactions)
+ Fixed mission didn't start when expected
+ Fixed curtain bug in jerks house
+ Fixed some minor change map interactions
+ Fixed can't drink beer
+ Fixed endless loop with cum addiction scene
+ Fixed black pub patron (too many interactions)

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Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 09/18/2017

Great great great game,lovely story,great characters.A must play


My only complaint is that some scenes are tied to what staying house you choose,IF this is corrected we ll be talking about a perfect game



PS that ork ointment needs to produce bigger tits!!

Review by Umaro

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 09/07/2017

One of the best RPG Maker games on this site. The situations and visuals are very nice and plentiful, and the author also consistently adds a significant amount of content every month. 

Right now the actual story line is still not very deep, but this project shows a lot of promise. 

Review by whiteraven

Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 08/20/2017


It's fixed now, I'm glad you like it :)




Ok I'll do it now, the bug you encountered is a known bug. I figured that the job at the tavern was broken no one wants to do it therefor I never fix it untill a new job was made. I also did a hotfix where the conversation towards the dancer job which was supposed to enter in version 0.3 entered the game. 

I've fixed this in version 0.3 with a new tavern wench job and dancer job :)

Chicken quest:
You can complete the chicken quest if you sell all the forage at the shop, this will in the future updates affect your mind. If you do this you can allways start the quest the next day in version 0.1 and 0.2. 
The chicken bug is fixed now, I don't remember if I uploaded it in one of my hotfixes for version 0.2 though...
I'm not a fan of rpg makers with fighting too, even though my first game had that... Might be one of the reasons I had a rough time develop it.
The dog have a purpose but not right now though and it seems like it annoyed many people.
The dream sequence is where I want to focus on the transformation aspects in the game. I feel that by letting the player know what kind of dreams that are dreamt he/she will also knows what kind
of affections that's currently affecting you right now. Furthermore I think this will effect the transformation in her mind such that it feels slower than if she knows what she's doing.
Thanks for the feedback!
 The dancer thing is supposed to be in version 0.3, you have found a unfinished event I had do to some hotfixes the reason it's in version 0.2.
Do you mean that she transforms into a bunny girl or just have a bunny costume?
There'll be BE (breast enlargement) in the game if you like physicall transformations.
I do know that there's some bad renders in the game, it's because I bought new components you can tell the difference between the renders before and after.
I'll re render the bad renders in when I've got time. 
Thanks for the feedback!
Interesting, it wasn't what I had in mind but that can be cool too we'll see what I decide to do.
I'm only going to add one more town, I've only planned for a town where you meet up with your parents and here depending on your state you can either help them escape or stay captured with them.
Pregnancy means game over, it's in one of the bad ends right now and will also be that in future updates.
I've currently not decided how much you can be affected or how many scenes I'll do in the town before I move on. But the player will spend most of his time there though, so most of the scenes will also appear there.
Effects will carry on to the next town.
I also focus alot on finishing this game, it might sound strange or stupid but that's one of my goals and also the reason I've decided to only have one town to work with and a final state/town to wrap the game up.
Thanks for your feedback!
Yes it sounds like you've made it to the end of the current public version. I'll dive right into these bugs you've reported! 
The bar job is very bugged right now and is only a test it's not at the ready state just yet.
I'm going to give the dog a purpose aswell but in later updates.
You wont change you attitude towards the dancer in this update.
There's only two prostitution scenes and they only occur one time.
George house is not in the game yet, will come in future updates.
Thanks for your review, it was very good for the game!
I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the game, but hey it can't fit everyones desires.
Thanks for a great review!
Yes I've noticed this aswell and I'm doing my best to keep the paths/workload small, because I'm doing all this alone.
Don't worry about the slave ship, you're going to end up in the same place that you would when you went with the caravan but with a different path and mind state. 
Modern life deserves to be finished! I'm going to pick up the thread when this game is done but only focusing on the modern element and making it more like a life simulator platform I think.
Next version is out for my patreon though, will be out for public in a month or so. I'm glad you liked the concept so far!

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 08/19/2017

I like your game, but I have I have one complaint about the online version.
There's a "Register / Login" banner blocking a tiny part of the screen on the top right.
It covered some dialogue boxes so I finally registered,
but now it just says "TotallySane Public" instead and is still blocking the screen.

Review by Kromar

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 04/25/2017

First of all, you should create a discussion page for your game.


I encountered a bug in the new version. As soon as you accept the dancer's job, the tavern owner diseappear, which makes it impossible to work in the tavern anymore.

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