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Version: 0.25e

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Version: 0.17a

Version: 0.16c

Version: 0.15e

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The Things We Do for Love

Hey, guys! I have always wanted to create games but was unsure where to get started. This is my first game that I have created with Twine. I am not an expert at it by any means but decided that the only way to learn would be by putting a game out there and ask for feedback.

This game is based on the lives of Tyler and Nicole, a married couple, trying to reignite the spark in their sex lives. You control Tyler's actions. Nicole is a freak of nature and loves sex. From time to time, she will ask the MC to cater to a certain kind of fetish. If the fetish is not really your thing, the MC has the option to refuse with only a small penalty to the love stat.

I am open to suggestions at all points during the development of the game and will be grateful to give you, the audience, a measure of control in the story and its contents. If you feel you would enjoy Nicole and Tyler performing certain sex acts do not hesitate to PM me and suggest it. However, I find that rape fantasies, urination on partner and incest roleplay to be major turnoffs. So, please excuse me if I do not include these. 
It contains a little more content than most authors present as proof of concept. Do tell me if I should pursue this or ditch this project. Post any positive or negative feedback here: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9106

Hey, everybody! It has been a terrific month since I last updated the game and I have found little time for the game. Yet, this is an important update. There is a significant leap in version number. There has been very little movement on the creative writing front but I have improved certain aspects of the game that I have been moaning about since I began. I have tested the game as much as I can but I am sure that it is still extremely buggy. I had to make an entirely new file in Twine and some of the work that involved copying from the previous one and altering it so that it fit in with this version was a pain in the ass. I hope it will be worth it. Since, this is a completely new file I am pretty sure that none of your previous saves will work. I apologize sincerely for it. However, I had no recourse. Editing the existing file would have been extremely difficult and would have caused unnecessary complications.


So, here is the changelog:

-A daily system that allows you to decide your actions. This is seriously limited right now in terms of variety but laying the basic groundwork was important. I would love to hear whatever feedback you have. Suggestions for content would not be amiss either. Of course, if I use them they will be duly acknowledged.

-A player recruitment system at Tyler’s office. Depending on the how popular a player Tyler signs his reputation will also increase. I want to make this very complex but for now the basic structure will have to suffice.

-A system that will allow me to write disjointed events i.e. events that do not have to happen the same day  or such events for which I will not have to write something along the lines of “Tyler was busy at work.”

-Corrected a few grammatical errors and typos while probably making ten times as many.


My horrible work schedule has reaffirmed my belief that it was a smart decision for me not to start a Patreon.  The game in its present form is not worth any money and I would feel horrible charging money for something that I cannot give attention to regularly.


I, however, have a request. Over the last two updates I have noticed that player feedback has nearly dried up. Without concrete feedback as to what the audience want there is only so much I can do. I have ideas and they will be implemented but nothing compares to audience feedback and suggestions



This is a story of Tyler, an ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency and his relationship with his wife. The spark has extinguished in their marriage due to a succession of events. You play as Tyler trying to salvage your marriage while exploring your wife Nicole's fantasies and fetishes.

Tyler: The player. An ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency.

Nicoe: Your attractive wife. She works as a a lingerie model. Right now she is filling in for your secretary who is away on maternity leave.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Markdmane

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 01/04/2018

I liked this game a lot. I played through for a while but closed before saving; I'm curious if different choices would have resulted in different sexual scenarios - as it was, there was actually very little M2F content by the time I stopped (after ~45 min of gameplay), but I just dont have the patience to grind through that terriblibly repetitive daily routine to find out. I know additional features will eventually be added, but I think the creator should have held off on adding that until it was more fleshed out.


That said, it was one of the hottest games I've ever played from this site. The writing was A++, sexual dynamic between the spouses hot and BELIEVABLE, and honestly inspired me to try some new things in the "irl" bedroom with my partner. 

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 12/21/2017

After 8 "days" of the wake up, go to work, get home...do it again and again...I saw no point in playing this.

Review by Sunshine

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 09/04/2017

Your game is very good written and i think your topic is very well chosen and interesting - i like it.

I can't say anything bad or what you have to improve - i think you know already what to do.


I wish that you leep up the game - i play it since the early versions and i think it has a lot of potential.



Review by luchoxzx

Version reviewed: 0.25e on 09/03/2017

constructive critisism:

      i liked that you added a wakeup/gotowork/back home structure, but its really repetitive i think diferent variations to what happens would be better, or maybe add diferent scenarios for example at the gym etc. also some pages are just a word that you click such as go to work, i would remove those, putting them on the previous page.

the story is lineal with some variations, but you end up having the same order of events/choices, i would make diferent paths so that if you choose A over B then the next choice would be between A1 and A2, not having the oportunity of choosing path B, if you choose B then you cant choose A and path A is not available(i dont know if i explained well jeje).

i dont know if the job has a purpose and there is a bug there, if you choose option2(improve your actual clients or something like that) you get the list and if you click on the names the page turns black.



i like the story and think you are doing a great job,keep it up :)



ps:i would add pictures

Review by v1d30g4m3r

Version reviewed: 0.18b on 07/21/2017

one of my favs because got the perfec relacion of Sex, TF and Love

keep working

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