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Version: 0.1


Egerashna is a game that emulates the slave trade of a fantasy world. The player gets to play as a brothel owner (only one available at the moment), slave breeder or a slave trainer. Slaves all have their own personalities and characteristic so the player must keep that in mind while they're interacting with slaves.


Development blog here.


If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs please use the discussion thread to notify me about them!



There currently is no story, only the basics mechanics of breaking in a slave. A story will be soon added that has the player starting off as a lowly business (or woman) who works their way up and becomes well respected within the city. Major and minor characters you meet on your way to fame and power will all be enslavable and will have their own special scenes. Major characters will have a lot more than minor ones. If a minor character becomes reasonably popular I'll add more scenes for said character.



At the end of every week the player will experiences events. These events might range from something that is story related to a slave being disobedient. The events will be largely dynamic, changing a lot depending on the player or the slave's characteristics. The only coded in event is for eating/diet. You can check it out to see how future events will work.


Next Update

The next update will allow the character to choose a female MC. Currently its only male by default. Also more training options will be added for slaves will be added. These include; lactation play, fisting, fingering and anal. I'll also try to add two more dynamic events, and if people are really intrested in having a story I'll try to make a start.


Future Updates

I've got a lot of stuff to work on and I don't really mind what order I have to work on it. I'll put up a strawpoll so people can vote on what the next update I should work on is.


Strawpoll for updates is here.



I can work on the first arc for the story. It'll encompass the player starting in the slums and making their way out of it into the lower middle-class. People in the slums live in the outercity and aren't allowed into the innercity without the proper reputation and documentation. Even those with money are denied, as slum money is considered dirty (see: obtained in illegitimate ways). The first arc will cover getting the documentation which can be done either by proper means (applying, interviews, etc) or illegal means (bribery, enslaving corrupt politician, joining crime syndicate). All options will have different affects on your future.



This will be a subset of training. A number of scenes and ways to train slaves will be added for these two new training subsets.


MC Characteristics

At the moment the Main Character you play as has no characteristics. I can add a bunch of traits for the MC as well as a bunch of ways for the player to change them. Those methods will work on slaves as well.



Developing slaves further will mean adding things like traits and tendancies as well as a way to remove/add them (likely through training). Rules and permissions will be added for slaves as well.



Slaves will be able to transform their physical form. This will include things such as growing/regressing penis, clit and breast sizes. There will be temporary (cheap) methods and permanent (expensive) methods. You'll be able to do things like giving a female a dick and a male a vagina but those will always be temporary. True futas will be rare and expensive, and will have both working parts (can get pregnant, can impregnate others). I may add a way to turn a slave into a futa but it'll probably be so expensive it won't be worth it for most slaves.



You will be able to start as a slave breeder. A slave breeder owns a farm instead of a brothel, and instead of training slaves for sex you use slaves to breed higher quality slaves to sell or you use sell the products from them. Slave products will include cum, nectar (female ejaculate) and breast milk. Each product will have their own quality (taste, thickness, nutrients, etc) and traits (addictive, hypnotic, etc). These things will all be inheritable so you'll have to breed slaves to get the exact stats that you want. Some traits will be race related and will require smart breeding to get to the race you want (as not all races will breed with one another). A child's race will always be its mother's, except for special instances (certain beastmen races such as cows can breed cows/bulls, if the father is a goblin/hobgoblin/orc the child will be of the same race, monsters have their own rules).


Strawpoll for updates is here.



 All updates will be free but patreon users will be able to get them earlier than others. You can check out my patreon account here.


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Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/13/2017

The interface is illogical unconfortable.

The slave management is soo broken that its unplayeable with 2slave.

Nothing new in this 'game'

As it stands now this game is disapointing.

A lot of work is in need before its Patreon ready.

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