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Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0


You're new in town and about to start your first year at college. You don't know anyone but you're soon welcomed into a circle of friends...conditionally.

NB. Not all themes are in yet.


Latest update:

This is more for peeps who've not yet played the game as I've not added anything to the story.

What I have done is fixed a few bugs, altered a bit of text and most importantly, reduced the font size! :)


Update 03/07/17

Finally! :O

So first I ought to point out that this version has not been thoroughly tested and some areas that have been tested still have issues. The woods area for one. In fact I'd strongly suggest you don't bother too much with that bit until next release (oh yeah and I forgot to add a little promt to use the right UI for navigation at that point but whatevs).

Secondly, I shifted the game to Sugarcube2.

Thirdly, fourthly and filthily I added a whole load of other stuff including a fair bit more narrative and finally a few actual options! :O

Anyway, I'll get around to elaborating on this on the game discussion at some point.


PS. Some of you seem to be having difficulty. If you have the latest version of Winrar, I don't know why that would be but Akkarin1 wrote:

'Winrar also gave me an error but 7zip (freeware) works without a problem.'

...and gd4523 wrote:

Using 7zip didn't work but got there with latest winrar.

...also... 'The archive extracted fine with Peazip.' apparently.

So any of the above might work fine for you! :)

PLEASE NOTE - if you're having technical issues as some have, update your software and if it still doesn't work, please let me know in the discussion thread rather than as a review.



The panty problem should be sorted now. Soz for the wait!

The plot is pretty much entirely linear atm with a but of free roaming and the odd choice here and there. I hope to build on this further down the line.

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Review by mladko

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/06/2017

animemeisje: yes its work now, thanks,

anyway good game, just continue

ps some pictures dont work, mostly clothing

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/06/2017

Really like the game.  The writing could use a bit more description, but it flows well and seems well timed.


There are a few places where you hard coded a name instead of the name you choose. 

Review by The_emperor_protects

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/06/2017

I was really amazed about the length and content so far in this game.

I really hope that the creator keeps it alive and progressing and it has the potential to become one of the

big ones on this site.

The game ends right before it seems to become possible to really physical alter the protagonist.

That's where I hope some choices at least should really be added.


Review by caramoore

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/05/2017

Not so much a review as a puzzled onlooker. 


I've unzipped it successfully and when I click play I get the picture with the moody teenager in hoody - all well and good. Then nothing. The 4 buttons on the left take me to well, pretty much nothing. A picture of a girl, an empty list of possessions a screen with 'Mum' and nothing else on it. 

Aside from that there is nothing that I can click on other than a stack of 4 x 'RETURN' buttons on the screens. As Penelope Pitstop would say...... 'help'



And as if by magic Eidolon has pointed out that I was being stupid...(my words, not theirs I'll add)   :D 


Turns out that the huge word SLEEPOVERS at the top center of the screen wasn't enough of a clue for me as to where to click.. 

Review by animemeisje

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 07/04/2017

For those who can't open the .rar, try installing the latest version.

I had the same problem until reinstalled with the latest installer.

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