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Version: 0.17

Academy Of Fetishes


Academy of Fetishes is a text-based game you can play in the browser.  You are the principal of Saint Mary's, a financially ruined all-female college.  Fortunately, an anonymous benefactor offers to keep the school afloat so long as the students and teachers perform lewd acts.

When you start, the students and teachers are reluctant.  But the longer you play, the more they break out of their shell and show you how twisted and perverted they really are. 

If a kink exists, I want a scene of it in the game.  But, I respect the fact that not everyone is into everything.  That's why the game will progress down the path you want to take.  Don't like Futanari?  That's fine!  There will be a tech tree of sorts and you can choose to avoid that path and still beat the game.

I'm just getting started so any and all feedback is appreciated.  Let me know of your favorite fetish/fantasy and I'll see if I can put it in the game for you!

My patreon has the most up to date list of fetishes in the game.


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Review by AcademyOfFetishes

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 02/12/2018

Academy of Fetishes v0.18.00 released!

This release adds two more scenes where Olivia is the star.  One scene focuses on her vagina, the other on her anus.  The rest of this change log will be spoilers for the new scenes, so if you know you're going to play it, you may not want to continue reading.

There was already a large scene where she was fisted in both holes.  I added a new path to that scene where you can use muscle relaxant lube on her vagina.  If you choose to do so, you also have the option to apply it on her cervix and/or her urethra.  If you apply some to her cervix, it loosens up a bit and you can slip a bit of your finger in there.  If you apply it to her urethra, she urinates in front of the class.  Later, the urethra choice will lead to a diaper scene (not yet implemented, it's planned for the next release).  For those who like diapers but dislike urethra play, I intentionally avoided any urethra play in this scene.  You simply drip some lube onto her pee hole, you don't stick anything in.

After the fisting scene, you can watch her in her room on camera.  She checks out the 'damage' done to her anus.  If Mia and her are on good terms, Mia will come to visit.  After some hesitation on both sides, Mia decides she likes Olivia's new 'look' and wants to play with it, but Olivia has more fun teasing and denying her.  The teasing gets pretty cruel (in a psychological way, not a physical way).  Tons of anus worship!

I have a new colorized banner for the game!  I should be adding one to my Patreon soon, but I want to censor it a bit, first.

I rewrote the scene where you grab the diaper from the "abandoned nurses office".  A previous update made it so the school does, in fact, have a nurse.  So now, this passage referred to the school nurse by name.

Someone informed me that if you play as male, characters still refer to you as "Ma'am".  I did my best to find all these situations and make them dynamic.  If you're male, you should be referred to as "Sir" now.

I wrapped all the radio buttons in HTML "label" elements.  That way, if you click on the text, it'll select the radio button for you.  Should be a nice UI change.

Added cheats that let you skip directly to the scenes you're interested in reading ($5 pledge reward).

If you got to the office then used the back button, you could get duplicate notifications and entries for yearbook entries.  This has been fixed, again :(

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some fetishes in this release, but here are the ones I can remember:

- Cervix
- Cervix fingering
- Forced urination
- Desperation
- Humiliation
- Asshole worship
- Asshole smelling
- Tease and denial
- Orgasm denial

This update adds 8k words to the game, bringing the total words to 209k.

You can play the game online here: https://academyoffetishes.com

You can also download the previous version for free on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AcademyOfFetishes

Review by bobbyjoe789

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 01/23/2018

Thank you so much for adding a male player to it!! I've been interested in the game for a long time but was dissuaded by the female-only player, so this is wonderful!

Review by Raabbii

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 01/02/2018

Love this game! Well written and contains tons of interesting fetishes. 
Images compliment the writing quite well. Very excited and happy that next release we will be allowed to play as Male.

If the Dev reads this review since he does post here. Can we please have both Trans students and the Moms. 
I am not sure why choosing Moms cuts out the trans students. Or maybe I played wrong? Thanks for your work either way.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 12/22/2017

the green bar  when someone is added to yearboo ,or updated is large and annoying.  maybe have it overlap just the yearbook button?

Review by jmts16

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 08/16/2017

Really like this game, though I find it weird that we can't download it.

As for fetishes I really like when games try to encompass a lot of different fetishes (so far it includes a miriad of them: humilliation, transgender, watersports) even if personally don't like some like watersports, as long as they are optional.

As for more fetishes, I'd like to see more ass play (anal penetration, toying, rimming, BUT NO SCAT PLEASE) in both the normal girl-girl action as well at the futanari/shemale portions, as well as the more "incorporation" of those major branching paths in the story, meaning seeing more mothers/transsexual action following that choice, but that's a personal opinion.

ALso, the pictures aren't bad but feel weird, with the blurry image, but doesn't detract from the experience.

Keep up the good work.

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