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0.1.9 (Public)
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Version: 0.1.9 (Public)

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Version: 0.1.7 (Public)

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Version: 0.1.5 (Public)

Cracking: The Second Strain
by Cr4ck

TL;DR: This game is about a virus that turns people into voluptuous sex zombies against their will.

You're in control of a highly sophisticated virus capable of turning any man into a sex starved beast and any woman into a cock hungry slut within a matter of seconds. You will start of small, corrupting anything you can get your hands on but as your horde of oversexed servants grow you will move onto taking over small towns, cities, countries, continents and eventually the entire world and repopulate it with nothing but mindless slaves who can think of nothing but sex. The game mostly focuses on transforming other people around you against their will but does have some self transformation as well.

This game is a spinoff of the story "Cracking" over on CHYOA. If you would like to read it then head over here for more mass corruption goodness.



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Art by Kruth666 - His Tumblr

Currently working on:

Adding more locations to chapter 2

Can include spoilers! Only here for people who don't want to figure the game out by themselves

Chapter 1

Go through the intro

Go through gas station to regain your strength

Go to the hotel via the park

Enter the hotel room and find the viagra to learn aphrodisiac

Go to the kitchen and infect the food

Go to the park and infect the woman using the spores and the aphrodisiac (NOT the normal "infect" ability)

Go back to the hotel and go to the dining room to infect everyone in there

Proceed to fully conquer the hotel and claim it as HQ

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2




Rewrote chapter 1

Updated intro

Updated virus information

Added overhead map for chapter 1

Added location images for chapter 1



Removed all "WIP" passages

Added sex scene when succesfully attacking the Apartment

Added sex scene when succesfully attacking the Fire Station

Added sex scene when succesfully attacking the Gym

Added sex scene when succesfully attacking the School

Added sex scene when succesfully attacking the Police Station



Added Town Hall and Police Station functionality

Multiple new sex scenes



Added Hospital

Added Communications Tower

Added new unit: Broodmother

Added breeding system

Added a few new sex scenes



Added horde mechanic of attacking certain buildings depending on the strength of the horde

Added several buildings to attack, they are functionaly complete but still needs more expanded writing

Added new infiltration mechanic

Added police interactivity and damage mechanic

Added timelapse/heal mechanic



More story added and several passages have been expanded

Added Horde overview

Added objectives

Added police strength



Changed the name of the game

The first chapter is now completely done (rewrites for some chapters will most likely happen in the future for further improvement though)

A lot of grammar and spelling error fixes

Added "The Cracked" encyclopedia



Added the park

Added the hotel

Added optional route for gas station

Added uses for the "spore" and "agility" power up

Added defeat branches 
Added threat level 
General spell checking 



Added a bit of gameplay with its first sex scenes

Cleaned up some spelling errors, might still be grammatical ones as English isn't my first language

Added tracking for how many you have infected


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by uytrewq

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 (Public) on 08/21/2018

The harder you work, Harder we can fap

Review by derpicus

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 (Early Access) / 0.1.3 (Public) on 08/12/2018

Interesting game, shows promise.  Here's hoping for quite a bit more pregnancy content ;-).

Review by TeamKnockers

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 (Early Access) / 0.1.3 (Public) on 08/09/2018

All the new sex scenes make the game very good. I really like it cant wait to see more! <3

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 07/17/2018

Really fun start to a game!  A bit linear to start but not entirely, and can easily see the potential of where the game will grow.  Props :D

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 07/12/2018

Still very much a work in progress but shows some potential. Right now the first part is a kind of CYOA where there appears to be only one safe path through, then it expands into a kind of management layer that doesn't yet have much life behind it, just make the obvious moves to grow your numbers.

If this kind of control-takeover game is to your taste I recommend Hive by Blue Winds (not linked to TFGS but easily searched for) which is functionally complete and has images.

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