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Tabletop game so there isn't a demo

Version: 0.02.00

Bikini Armour RPG
by Tinn

This is a tabletop RPG about heroines who wear bikini armour. ("Tabletop" means you use pencils and paper and dice to play, not a computer.) It's part JRPG parody, part anime-ish fanservice, and part actual playable role-playing game. Oh, and the setting features generally-friendly monster girls as well as more traditional hostile monsters, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

It features a few different forms of TF, three of which (breast expansion, a mental transformation that makes it harder to think, and becoming so adept that it's hard to believe you're really human) are built right into the core game mechanics and come up frequently during play. Transformations can be both voluntary and involuntary, and most permanent transformations have both pros and cons to make them worthwhile.

For now, you can find the incomplete game here.

As a tabletop game, the details of the plot are left blank for the GM to sketch out. There's a Demon King who's using an army of demons to wage war against humanity, a party of player character heroines trying to defeat him, and a variety of dungeons and towns that they'll doubtlessly visit along the way; Beyond that, the story could go anywhere you can imagine.

More information about the setting can be found in the "Setting Assumptions" chapter, or scattered throughout the rules.

As in most tabletop role-playing games, players are free to design their own characters. That said, player characters in this game are universally attractive girls wearing bikini armour, so there's that.

Players can mix and match "Tricks" drawn from several different fields of character expertiese in order to create their own custom classes, and can play both as humans and as cute monster girls.

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Review by soulessbox

Version reviewed: 0.02.00 on 07/18/2017

Wow, this is an impressive piece of work. It seems like a lot of thought has gone into its production, personally I've never been one of tabletop gaming but I would be seriously interested in giving this a go once it's complete.


Review by guysmiley23

Version reviewed: 0.01.03 on 06/20/2017

I like it haven't read it or played it but just the fact that its pen and paper gets a like from me

Review by Aethar

Version reviewed: 0.01.01 on 06/18/2017

An entertaining read.  It reminds me a lot of, "Macho Women with Guns" as well.  The mechanics are pretty straight-foward too, so it wouldn't be too hard to put these rules into an actual Twine/RAGS/etc as well if somebody had the ambition to do so (and of course had permission from the author).

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