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Version: .1.3


Hi, this is another game I have been working on. I took Woods and made this out of it.  


The game is playable but at this point in development, you can\'t complete any quests you find and many areas are unfinished. 

But you can manage to get yourself transformed into a few different things. 


I\'m kinda stuck with the game at this point and I need some fresh ideas. Also, I would like if someone volunteered to do some writing for the game.


Like writing scenes and the transformation descriptions.


I\'m making a discussion thread link will be here soon.


You need to have the RTP to run the game.

You are stuck in a city with people turned animals that carry a virus that can change you to be like them.

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Review by Derilk

Version reviewed: .1.3 on 07/02/2017

really bad, the idea has potential and the game can be pointed ina good direction but as it is now, you may or maynot even get an actual bad end(tf)

Review by scaily

Version reviewed: .1.3 on 07/01/2017

in the game at full content to date it says there a lion man i searched for him for 2 hours and found nothing is he buged at this time?

Review by Jondei

Version reviewed: .1.3 on 06/30/2017

There isn't a lot of content, but the things that are there are just the kind of stuff that I've wanted from a RPG Maker game for a long time. I hope this'll be one of the few that goes somewhere as it seems to have potential even if it is held back a bit by the spelling errors and map 'glitches'. I wish good luck on the creator of this game and will definately be looking forward to more.

Review by Jackthelycan

Version reviewed: .1.3 on 06/29/2017

What little is here isn't too bad, while its clear your new at making RPG-games you very much are better than most other people who upload stuff to the website, i'd offer the advice to check spelling by running it through a spellchecker and beyond that just keep building upon what you have here, this is a good start.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: .1.3 on 06/29/2017


The game idea is good

The game itself shows that you are newby to the rpg maker.

We want more! (only this way yer get better)

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