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Version: 08.11.17

Version: 30.10.17

Version: 21.10.17

What Friends Are For

Hey Everyone!

A little about my game: 

You play a young man as he helps a friend become more comfortable talking with, and eventually dating, women. How far are you willing to go to help him out?

When writing a voluntary story you come across this problem; Why would a protagonist, who has lived their entire life as a male choose to under go transformation? What situation could they possibly be in, that sets this choice in front of them, for them to choose? How could you end up there?

Maybe the choice was made long ago, by forces they don't readily understand, or maybe it's just a moment that takes them over in an instant, like the call of the void. Or perhaps it is the final decision in a series that they've calculated all along. 

WFAF is an odyssey that explores the interior feelings, relationships, and world of an MC as they transform from Male to Female. Increasingly through the development of the game (currently in Alpha; all features not implemented/in development) WFAF presents players with challenges like Time/Resource Management, "Escape Rooms", and Game-Affecting-Choices, in a growing non-linear story. For more information on the Live release of WFAF visit the discussion thread on our forums.

A little about me:

I'm new to this whole interactive fiction thing and a few months ago I played an erotic game and it blew my mind. I had never experienced anything like it. Since then I can say my kinky pursuits have exploded, including spending hours making a lewdie game. I am a completionist in that if you present me more quests I will complete them, before moving on in the game. Life-imitating-art I've found my self stuck on making WFAF until it's finished. Who knew that I would be doing this all year?

Schedule: (Feb 17) Coding | Writing | Testing | Publishing

C6 coding issues have been solved! (I think) Which means I can now focus on writing and editing scenes! C6's new format means there's a lot of changes, but I hope to maintain the integrity of the story we love, while incorporating this new non-linear format.

Story Progress:

Confidence 5! What kind of girl is your friend into? Time to play a game... (Pssttt... There's a dance sequence--You'll love it!)




Contains reworks of The Circle (Update + Additional scenes) and Survey 2 (Hot Guys) <3



You'll need to go to school on friday and either pass or fail the quiz in biology. Cheers

Your friend has never been good with people. In many ways, you're his only real friend, but it still surprised you when he approached you one night at his breaking point.

He can't live like this anymore. He needs your help.

The offer is something you shouldn't refuse - a future without debt - but what does the present entail? The player has to figure out how best to help their friend while staying a float in school.

Confidence 1--Speed Through

1) Get dressed then complete the Yard-work Chore. This gives you the right amount of money to buy the wig, while still leaving enough time to go to school.

2) Go to School and head to Biology. Talk to your friend by clicking the blue chat text, you'll know he's headed over after school when the chat text turns white. Don't worry if you go back into Biology and see it's blue again. He's invited over and will drop by later.

3) Don't hang around school or head home, go to the Mall. From there enter the store Banana Whama!--It's a novelty store that sells joke toys and costumes--and purchase the **Cheap Blonde Wig**. In 21.10.17 it's the only thing you can see or buy in the store.

4) Head home and Call Friend Over. It will be the top link under the picture of your bedroom. This is the area of the screen where quest links appear. You don't have to put the wig on, in fact, the game will path you away from it--you're only doing this for your friend and you haven't even discussed what he will want to do yet.

5) You can talk to your friend by clicking Ok... but there is also a "dark button" Skip... located just below it. It's a dark grey and your monitor might have trouble displaying it. This button will skip you to just choosing the options. If you read through the scenes with your friend, by pressing Ok... at the first screen, you'll path to s similar screen where you can choose what course of action to follow with your friend. In either path, select Role-play.

6) Make the choice to either Practice Talking or Practice Introductions with your friend. You'll be wearing wig either way, and your "costume" will help your friend feel like he's talking to a girl, though he may have mixed feelings about the effect it's causing on him...

7) You'll see a turquoise prompt informing you that you have increased the confidence level and he'll send you text on his way home, thank you.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by genues

Version reviewed: 08.11.17 on 02/21/2018


I really like the game but i have no clue how to get past confidence level 2. Am i missing something?

Review by Gabonder

Version reviewed: 08.11.17 on 02/11/2018

In my opinion, this is one of the best games on this server. I definitely like the idea and style of writing.
Look forward to further development and updates.
I understand that it takes time to create a good game, but still want to ask...
Will we be able to see the part on which we are working in this half of 2018?

Review by linxianer12

Version reviewed: 08.11.17 on 12/19/2017

Another Well-Written story with slow progress deep emotional and two personality spilt in one person. Overall if you ever read Japnanese Manga like Boku girl or some element that had protagonist as crodresser an crush in childhood friend then you like elements like that this diffinition right for you ! 

in future release hope for Cloth-Shop, more dating event :) 

Review by Daishi

Version reviewed: 08.11.17 on 11/14/2017

This game doesn't contain any actual TF content. Just a vague "mental transformation" that the author is extremely defensive over. The issue is that this is TFGamessite. If you're dealing in purely mental effects, we have a sister site that might be more apropritate.


Beyond that while reasonably well written, the premise comes off as a bit far fetched to me and the gameplay offers all the repeditiveness of a sandbox games minus the sandbox. The option is given to skip ahead to fridays in a half hearted attempt at fixing this, but by doing so you lose out on the option to generate income meaning you'll probably never take it.


In general, it's thin on gameplay, very repetitive, is not a transformation game, and most importantly I'd go as far as to say I actually found it to be boring as its an extremely liniar experience dressed in sandbox drag. (Much like the PC.)



Review by beccara

Version reviewed: 08.11.17 on 11/09/2017



This is the best HTML-Game i've played so far. It's interesting and well written.

I really like the slow build and the focus on actually growing as a character, diving deeper into the role.

I can't wait for more content and further ways to explore the persona being created through the built.


Usually i dislike HTML because many put such a focus on long dialogue on a single page.

And i really enjoy the MM in this game setup and i am a little sad their is just so few quality content for MM.


Multiple thumbs up and carry on with you interesting storytelling.


xo Becca

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