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Version: 28.08.17

Version: 21.08.17

Version: 29.07.17

What Friends Are For

Hey Everyone!

A little about my game: 

You play a young man as he helps a friend become more comfortable talking with, and eventually dating, women. How far are you willing to go to help him out?

A little about me:

I'm new to this whole interactive fiction thing and a few months ago I played a game and it blew my mind. I had never experienced anything like it. Since then I can say my kinky pursuits have exploded, including spending hours making a lewdie game. Check out the forum post for develpoment updates.


I have updated the game 1 time this week.


Same progression - way more content. Parties. Games Night. Can you solve all the puzzles?


This patches the small errors of 21.08.17 and adds the skipping feature + early game rewrites + little red thong fantasy


Almost a month later the new content is finally ready to share. I've never done anything like this update. You can now play a character in a DnD campaign, with a story so fun, you'll wanna play the next chapter! And while you might be connecting with friends from the past, another distraction from your main path comes in the form of Sam's House Party. Completely opaque, what's even the point of this night? Designed like an escape or mystery room, you'll have to crack the puzzle in order to get "out" or "in." I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Thank you for playing!



**Forti Thank you for leaving a review! I do have a discussion page where your questions can be answered but appreciate you trying to help future, and would be, players out with your review. I totally understand your thoughts on the Biology class. Initially the school portion of the game was going to be a larger presence but it's development was sidelined in favour of more story and thematic additions. The school system is a part of the "game" but not the "story." As for SHP I can say two things. One, from what you wrote, it looks like you've figured out 25% of SHP - there's so much more to crack at that house! Two, some players have discussed this on the boards. They might have some help for you. Link in the doubleedo.

**Mlreta Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback! My last few updates increased the confidence level by one each time - moving the story along. But I was writing myself into a corner, I didn't want there to just be one mechanic that increases confidence. I could write till the end of the story if all you needed to do was to "buy more wigs or clothes" in order to solve the issues with your friend, but I felt that was... cheap. lol. My experience into cross has lots of different inspirations and I wanted those to challenge our MC and his idea that he was doing it just for his friend, and tuition. Hopefully, in a couple more months, after the next few updates, you'll get a better picture of what I am going for, till then... And again, thank you for your feedback!

Your friend has never been good with people. In many ways, you're his only real friend, but it still surprised you when he approached you one night at his breaking point.

He can't live like this anymore. He needs your help.

The offer is something you shouldn't refuse - a future without debt - but what does the present entail? The player has to figure out how best to help their friend while staying a float in school.

Current character roles are

Your Good Friend: This is the character you're trying to help. Lousy with people, and even worse with girls, your job is to increase their confidence by whatever means available. You've known eachother practically all your lives but with the revelation of his massive insecurity your relationship has grown even closer. 

Confidence 1

Get dressed - Yardwork chore - Go to school - Biology - Invite friend over - Go to the mall - Banana Whama - Purchase Cheap Blonde Wig - Go home - Call friend over - Roleplay (pink link) - Choose either practice option

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Review by Forti

Version reviewed: 21.08.17 on 08/24/2017

Not sure why so many are complaining about the game being 'directionless' because I had no problems moving along. Hint text is sprinkled throughout and while some may be vague, it'd be no fun if the author just dropped everything into your lap.  I enjoy the unique (unique in my experience) take that Mandy is taking here and I really look forward to seeing more ( especially that gloryhole at the gas station :o ).  While the game is focused on a budding romance with the PC's friend, it looks like Mandy is setting the stage for other romances/funs as well!  

Current state of the game as of version 21.08.17:

Not alot of content, but enough to keep you going for a couple of hours.  There is a message that states when you've hit the current cap of content, but Mandy also allows you to continue playing.

Very few bugs, mostly "charname" stuffs, especially in the DnD RP section.

Only snags I've hit are:

1) Paying attention in Biology class doesn't help you on the Biology tests.  And google barely helps, especially since some of the question's have multiple applicable answers, but the author/teacher is looking for 1 specific answer.  Hint here: In order to advance the story, you HAVE to fail a test!

2) At Sam's party, I've managed to get Sasha to agree to come upstairs for sexy funs, but it seems there's no way to actually get her up those stairs.  Even when she is at the bottom of the stairs, looking up them and I say "hey, wanna bone upstairs?" and she's all like "yeah, let's bone".  Going upstairs just has you finding the girl that is passed out drunk and then taking her home via taxicab.  As for Sasha's earlier hint of "let me know when you're ready to leave", there's never an option.  Only way I've found to leave the party early was to get absolutely smashed.

Review by mlreta

Version reviewed: 21.08.17 on 08/22/2017

I love where this game is heading to. That said, I guess a little more development in the M2F area from release to release would be better, as we're stuck in almost the same level. I would like to be bold enough to wear girls clothes in some occasions (I've been able to dress almost completely as a girl -except for top- when I call my friend over).

It is remarkable the effort on the RPG section, but I think it doesn't add much to the story (or at least, it seems so now, maybe in the future it will have a bigger impact).

Anyway, it is worth a try if MM and M2F are your cup of tea.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 21.08.17 on 08/22/2017


i have to agree with some ppl before me. This game is prety mutch aimless. but the funy thing  it is still better than most patreon game by far.(the game world is alive)

Review by StarFire950

Version reviewed: 21.08.17 on 08/22/2017

Well that game was far too directless. It just left me bored to tears in less then five seconds. My god this game is just so boring. I can't even figure out how to unlock the wig option after reading the "helpful" walkthrough for this game.

Review by eriahnostra

Version reviewed: 29.07.17 on 08/10/2017

@roy12 just download the previous package. The latest update is just the HTML file.

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