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Version: 0.1

The Spread of Bimbo

This is a twine based game in early development that is inspired by Inner Bimbo.

Welcome to "The Spread of Bimbo." This is an adult game not intended for audiences under the age of 18. This game features heavy sexual content focused on male domination with heavy themes of female bimbo transformation, mind control, drug, hypnosis, breast expansion, etc..

After Completing the introduction you will have the ability to manage a lab as you produce and distribute corrupting chemicals to the female population around you.

The game currently only runs through the introduction and is fairly linear with a few branching choices and more to come. Once the introduction is complete I will begin working on a sort of management main game.


Discussion thread avialable HERE


ToDo In Progress

- Begin testing management systems

- Implement some sort of timeline or loop

- Implement any edits for V0.1 that are submtited by the community


ToDo Complete

- Fix all the damn spelling errors

- Add in the Kathy Transformation line for the introduction

- Replace google upload with mega.co.nz upload for distribution

- Complete Introduction


You are a promising young scientist working for Sunco Laboratories. Unfortunatly your coworkers don't seem to think very highly of you and have made your life a living hell. Despite being on the verge of a major break through with your comsmetic chem project you are very close to being fired. What will happen when you turn your project on your coworkers and those who have slighted you?

You - The protaganist. A scientist with a passion for chemistry and a tendency for perversion.

Kathy Grieves - Your boss.

Smantha Adams - Your coworker and lab technician

Mr. Smith - CEO of Sunco Laboratories

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Review by alexg

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/19/2017

Good start, it has a lot of potential. Small bit of advice, don't bother including unused images in your releases. And a few gifs would be good too!

Review by formicidae

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 07/14/2017

Please consider adding some gifs along with the photos, makes for a much better experience.

Review by werty54321

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 07/14/2017

Fine game. Can you hurry with it?

Review by pCaine

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 07/14/2017

It's a great intro. I'm glad Ineer Bimbo has inspired it. A definate must for fans of bimbofication.

If you're looking for any pointers drop me a PM.

Review by apalos

Version reviewed: 0.0.21 on 07/13/2017

A game in the style of Inner Bimbo? Yes please!

I will be watching this very closely.

Keep up the good work!

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