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Version: Release 9 Version 4.1

Version: Release 9 Version 4.0

Version: Release 9 Version 3.3

Version: Release 9 Version 3.2

Version: Release 9 Version 3.1

Version: Release 9 Version 3.0

Version: Release 9 Version 2.4

Version: Release 9 Version 2.3

Version: Release 9 Version 2.2

Version: Release 9 Version 2.1

Version: Release 9 Version 2.0

Version: Release 9 Version 1.4

Version: Release 9 Version 1.3

Version: Release 9 Version 1.2

Version: Release 9 Version 1.1

Version: Release 9 Version 1.0

Version: Release 8 Version 3.1

Version: Release 8 Version 3.0

Version: Release 8 Version 2.0

Version: Release 8 Version 1.2

Version: Release 8 Version 1.1

Version: Release 8 Version 1.0

Version: Release 7 Version 5.2

Version: Release 7 Version 5.1

Version: Release 7 Version 5.0

Version: Release 7 Version 4.1

Version: Release 7 Version 4.0

Version: Release 7 Version 3.5

Version: Release 7 Version 3.4

Version: Release 7 Version 3.3

Version: Release 7 Version 3.2

Version: Release 7 Version 3.1

Version: Release 7 Version 3.0

Version: Release 7 Version 2.9

Version: Release 7 Version 2.8

Version: Release 7 Version 2.5

Version: Release 7 Version 2.4

Version: Release 7 Version 2.3

Version: Release 7 Version 2.2

Version: Release 7 Version 2.1

Version: Release 7 Version 2.0

Version: Release 7 Version 1.2

Version: Release 7 Version 1.1

Version: Release 7 Version 1.0

Version: Release 6 Version 5.3

Version: Release 6 Version 4.9

Version: Release 6 Version 4.8

Version: Release 6 Version 4.7b

Version: Release 6 Version 4.7

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Version: Release 6 Version 4.3

Version: Release 6 Version 4.2

Version: Release 6 Version 4.1

Version: Release 6 Version 4.0b

Version: Release 6 Version 4.0

Version: Release 6 Version 3.5

Version: Release 6 Version 3.4

Version: Release 6 Version 3.3

Version: Release 6 Version 3.2

Version: Release 6 Version 3.1

Version: Release 6 Version 3.0

Version: Release 6 Version 2.8

Version: Release 6 Version 2.6b

Version: Release 6 Version 2.6

Version: Release 6 Version 2.5

Version: Release 6 Version 2.4

Version: Release 6 Version 2.3

Trap Quest
by aika

Trap Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawl virtual reality TF game.


In response to the reviews complaining "I can't do X even though I want to" or "The game is railroading me towards Y", this is not a sandbox game for you to become the dominant and take control of the miniverse, this is a roguelike where if you're very lucky you might survive with most of your mental faculties intact.  For more details, read the FAQ.  If you want a nice forgiving sandbox game where you can become the dominant, or where there's no meaningful downside to always choosing the slutty option, please feel free to play pretty much every other well fleshed out game in this genre of random encounters and transformation, including but not limited to Corruption of Champions and Bimbo Mall Battle.


For frequent updates on development and the latest download links, go to the (Warning: NSFW) blog.

Check out the wiki: http://trapquest.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



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Review by Maimai

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 4.1 on 08/10/2017

It has all the right things needed for an amazing game, but the game completely falls apart in large parts thanks to the game engine the developer selected. Within the first ten minutes you will either love the game or leave it out of pure frustration.

Unfortunately the game is now so far into its development that changing the engine is most likely not feasible, which is a real shame. 

Update to version 4.1: Several features has been added to the game that makes it even more sluggish with the current engine, to such an extent that even the developer acknowledges them and provides an option to opt-out of what I would consider features that are vital to the understanding of the gameplay. In addition, reading through the TQ subforum here on the site I see the developer blatantly shrugging off good feedback that would make the game feel a lot less like a chore.This has ultimately made me delete the game for now as I do not see the biggest hinderances of the game being addressed any time soon.

Review by mladko

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 3.3 on 07/04/2017

realy good game, just this inform platform...

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 3.1 on 05/26/2017

Hi its my farevel  from this game:

This game is too big for the inform platform

The porn elements has too mutch weight on gameplay to the point of black hole effect (it does not mater that is well writen or exelent) RIP

I have to aknowledge that i canot see this game as a game but a big chunk of porn anymore.

The problem is not new rather old one only im the stuborn one.

Happy fapping to all (it still has good wide varierty of porn)


Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 3.0 on 04/30/2017

A well done Beta. Still active! :)


This game is like those OLD school DND games, where they are trying to make you LOSE!

You will start off with a basic custom character generator. This tells the game what your "fine" with and gives you points for how HARDCORE you want the game to be. these points can then add stats of various porportions to make it a little bit easier. I have been playing this game a long time, and I have yet to beat it Once. I "WON" once do to a bug that was fixed the next day lol, by warping when i was trapped by the last boss(es) thus allowing me to win the game, which caused the game to crash LOL.


This game used to be straight text with some pictures (Roughly) to explain your current situation. It has expanded to include a Drawn version, more interactions, more areas.... it just gets bigger. Now they added Hyperlinks and small commands to help ease into a friendly UI.

The developer is very active. Theres a WIKI too. its not filled out 100% since not everyone else plays the same way, which triggers weird things LOL. It's also not filled out completly since some people dont even realize that they stumbled across something new and dont add to it.

This game Tries to go for the multiple different fetishes that everyone has. you into Water play. Got it. Diaper play. Got it. MTF Got it. Pregnancy got it. much more too LOL.

I recommend it for those who want a challenge. Be advised LOTS of text is involved. Lots of Frustration do to RNG. The game is trying to make you lose. Very few things in the game that will help you, the rest will cause a spiral of misfortune.

After numerous runs you will learn certain ways to circumvent certain traps/enemies/items ETC. Or even use the Transformations to "help" you. My fav is the Cow TF. Never die of thirst with that TF LOL Plus you get a STR buff LOL helps alot in fights.

I'm not sure if there is a Win Ending yet. Lots of lose endings LOL

all i can say is Good Luck!

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 3.0 on 04/30/2017

yep the engine looks bad.

the stat raising places are seriously unbalanced it pushes int to the max lightning fast but dext and strenght raising is significantly slower than in pervious versions. Its anoying+ int not works on containers(trap detection)

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