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Book of Lust

A NSFW time-management/rpg/visual novel in which you play as a guy that opens a spell book and releases a succubus.  The succubus then possesses his mother and he gets access to both her and her spellbook.

Fetishes so far:

-Mind Control
-Body swap
-Hentai Dialogue

This isn't by any means near complete.  A lot the writing, visuals, and pretty much everything is still in the rough phases.  There's also some softlocking here and there that I'm trying to snuff out as I go.



Read Me


TFGames thread here


Most of what's available and isn't available to do is in the Read Me.

Use the Save Salvage Button incase I break the saves again.  Load up a broken save file, go to options and click the button.  It'll reset the game but you'll keep all your exp.

Assume the role of a wolf named Jake Hart.  A spell book falls into your possession and when you decide to open, you unleash a succubus into the world.  You deal with the consequences.  It seems as though not all consequences are bad.

Jake Hart - The protagonist and the current owner of the Book of Lust.

Cassandra Hart -  Your older sister.  Attends the university that Jake applied to.

Olivia Hart - Jake and Cassandra's mother.  Is possessed by the succubus when Jake opens her book.

Mel Price - Cassandra's boyfriend.  Wears a school hoodie a lot.

Mia Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Donovan Woods.

Donovan Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Mia Woods.

Julia Woods - The neighbor girl.  Daughter of Mia and Donovan.

Succubus - Was released from the Book of Lust by Jake.  Both her true name and extent of her power are unknown.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by darkoraclegirl

Version reviewed: on 02/08/2018

I keep waiting for the point of being able to seduce the boyfriend of the sister. Like what's the point of it if nothing happens. I also keep hoping for more characters to start appearing in the game. Right now there's just the mother/Succubus, the sister, the sister's boyfriend, and finally a neighbor. Four characters and only three, will four if you count mom and succubus as two seprated ones, can have anything really don with them. Here's hoping future updates will give more characters and things to do.

Review by Crissa

Version reviewed: on 01/25/2018

If there's transformation or furry in it, I didn't find it.

There is, however, a massive web of scenes and characters and fetishes.

I didn't like the first pictures I got.  It pretty much started with non-con abuse without much context, so I didn't like it.  But someone else might.

Review by SilverFangBlackWing

Version reviewed: on 01/24/2018

I really like the game and actually follow the tumblr, but you need to add tags like furry. I didn't even know it was on this site till I saw it in resent game updates. That said: good art, good animation, and good gameplay.

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: on 01/10/2018

Keep up the good work! I like where this is going, and it has a lot of potential! It looks like you've already crafted the framework for the adventure, so I now eagerly await to see what you fill it with. I've noticed a lot of great stuff never gets finished around here, so I'll leave you with some encouragement that I hope will help you in the tough times: Never feel rushed. Make your masterpiece the way YOU intended it, and never suffer from the fear that what you do might not be good enough or quite right. If you ever come across writer's block or a moment when you just feel like doing nothing even though you know you could easily be accomplishing your goals, just do a little piece for that moment. And then another small thing the next day. An additional drop in the bucket the day after, and just do that. You'll eventually come out of being stuck and feel better for it.

I'm saying this because I want to see this reach beta version, and then eventually even completion. I very much like the possibilities here!

Review by AntisocialSocialist

Version reviewed: on 01/08/2018

Unfortunately, Anaximander64 hasn't come by yet to tell me whether or not this is an actual game, so I don't feel qualified to review it on that level. When, oh when, will Anaximander64 render his judgment on every single game on this site?

I can say that this is a nice addition to the site adding content that might not be for everyone, and isn't really for me, but is certainly a niche that has a market worth pitching to. I do hope the developer continues their work on it.

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