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Version: 0.6.3

Version: 0.6.2

Version: 0.6.1

New U Salon

This is New U Salon, a TG/TF game where you control a salon and the fates of your clients. Inspired by excellent games such as Inner Bimbo and stories such as \"New U Salon\" by Zon 18. Check the discussion thread for more details.

You gain control of your mother\'s salon and are informed of a special product...what will you do with it?

You, your clients, and occassional walk-ins

Check discussion thread

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Review by ajarlube

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 08/10/2018

Only one sex scene (that I found in my playthrough), and game appears to be abandoned.

Review by Raabbii

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 01/05/2018

My first review on the site. I really just wanted to say I really like this game.
Of course not a lot of content yet but I really liked what was there. 
I thank the author and hope he will keep developing.

I wish there was a blog or a way to know if the dev was still working. Because As a person who isn't really too much into M2F this game is incredible.

Review by Dragonsan

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 01/05/2018

This is very simple and although their is not that much replayability you can change a few things to make the game different. I would personally like to see a few different routes and maybe the expansion of the salon to do more ata latter update.

Review by Germantown_311

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 10/10/2017

Neat Concept. I think this game has a lot of potential. Looking forward to see where it goes

Good inventory system too, easy to manage.


No complaints. Keep up the good work.

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 09/21/2017

Nice new content in latest update, keep this direction please.

I like that the focus is on transforming people in a scenario which is somewhat more connected to real life and the changes are quite subtle and rather slow. Also quite innovative background idea.

Only complaint: Would suggest to find photos of same people with different hair dye colors for showing after the dye jobs in the saloon, the different persons representing the same in game character are somewhat irritating. But maybe that´s just old nitpicking me...

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