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Version: 1.50

The Gold Rush
by loraxd

Hey, first game attempt with RAGS, so please take it easy on me.

This is more of an linear interactive visual story than an actual game with almost no branching, but it should provide a few hours of fun. English is not my native tongue, so I hope it's not too poorly written. Anyway I have tried to compensate this with visual material.

One tip: If an event has started go with the flow - don't go out of the rooms. If you try to break the game you may possibly do it. Save often and have fun!


Created a patreon support page. Please donate.

UPDATE3 2018.01.18: Version 1.50 is available for download. Old savegames won't work!

Huge thanx to DavinaDoubleD, JenJen1989, WonnaBeYoung for helping me out

The storyline is still not finished, so one more update will follow!


You are teenage boy housekeeping a mansion during summer break, when you stumble upon an exciting adventure. A promise of a huge prize lays at the end of the quest, if you manage to go all the way through


- If you don't know something, try asking Google 

- When an event has started go with the flow, don't exit the room group unless the event requires you to. This is important, so that you don't break the game :)

- If you dash through the written part, you may get stuck not knowing what to do next. 

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Review by doomeduser

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 05/23/2018

Just a heads-up for people having trouble getting the game to run, RAGS has a couple of dependencies:

Make sure your Microsoft .net Framework is up to date and enabled

You also need to have the SQL Server Compact 3.5 (Service Pack 2) installed. If you are running an x64 machine you will have to install first the x86 version then the x64 version.

Review by SissyErin1052

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 05/19/2018

I downloaded rags, but can't open this game?   It says I get an exception error and then I can't do anything.   Don't understand rags very well, can you explain?

Review by DastardlyDoug

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 05/13/2018

From Loraxd's Patreon page:


Hello everybody

I'm currently not working on the game and you could discontinue your patreon support. When I do restart I will announce it on the TFgames website.

Thank you all for being so kind!




I guess there won't be any updates to 1.50 for some time. Maybe not at all. :(

Review by Ambi

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 03/05/2018

WOW!  Thats a pretty big update! Once again I am reviewing this game before I have even finished the current content.  The Goldrush has an involved, easy to progress through story and a great amount of content that I am hoping goes on and on!  The plot revolves around a contrived, but  plausible set of events and the character's motivations are clear.  Up to this point, there have been no impossible puzzles to figure out or dead ends.  Like an earlier reviewer said, even though this game hasn't focused on my favorite fetishes yet (I ♥ B.E. & other Curves) it has been a wonderful ride!   Physical transformations do occur later in the game, and at a very slow pace.  This means that the author either has a very long story arc planned (fingers crossed), or that that the physical changes might not be too extreme.  This game has a TON of scene appropriate photos that accurately represent what is happening in the story, yet the story does NOT seem like it was written specifically so that these particular images can be used.  Well written & nicely done.

As the game progresses there is a distinct shift in the kinkyness of the situations our protagonist finds himself in.  What starts as a few simple tasks, evolves into some very XXX material that is heavy into D/s, feminization, forced behaviour and a few other delicious kinks.

(Slight Spoiler) The only suggestions I could make to the author to improve the game would be...

           a) allow the MC to develop a deeper relationships with some of the NPC's.  This is starting to happen, and it gives the game more depth.

           b) it might be a lot of work, but, if possible, allow the MC to have a little more control of his outfits.  The clothing options provided are very nice, but each is one complete unit that can't be 'broken up' into shoes, lingerie, top, etc.   


Goldrush is easily one of my TOP 3 RAGS games on the site & one of my TOP 10 games overall, and I've still not finished it.  It is an excellent example of what can be done with a good story and game design.  9.3/10 so far!!!  



Review by Nekiy2

Version reviewed: 1.50 on 03/02/2018

One of the bast game. 

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