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Version: 0.6

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TF runner
by sicco


Type: RPG, Action
Graphic avatar: yes
Need system: Windows, Direct X 9


1. Lesbian vampire lover (female to vampire) - The transformation of a young chaste girl into an obscene lesbian vampire. This episode is complete, but I will improve it. Possibility of transformation in Succubus. So far, it can be done in three ways:
- Exorcism and become a human again. 
- Become obedient to the lesbian vampire of the Queen Vampire. 
- The state is vampire with a lesbian dominion and hunt for other girls.
2. Amazon touches (male to female) - The transformation of the knight who was tasked to conquer the forest amazons, into a woman. You, a proud knight, have fallen into a trap. Amazon Druid Kassandra will become your lady. If you serve it well, clean, wash, cook, you will survive. Kassandra slowly turns you into a woman. Maybe you're angry, maybe you're scared, maybe you like it. For your obedience, under her guidance you can learn potions (potion of breast growth, shorting / enlarge penis potion or, in spite of her lady, potions other). Caring for your body pubic hair shaving. You can buy and dress clothes. There is a selection of corsets, stockings, dress of immoral or combat armor. Shemale sex, Squirit sex and more. Do you want to be an amazon? The episode is not complete but can be transformed 100%
3. Revenge Circe (male to pig) - The transformation of the ship's captain and his crew in the pigs. The episode is not yet complete.

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Thank you for playing the game.

Update 0.6

  • More story, a special dungeon, after which the amazons will no longer despise the player.
  • More optional XXX story, Xenie is shemale.
  • Amazons Mea and Vea - lesbian sisters. New optional XXX story (wet orgasm - squirting).
  • Amazon Mea is a hairdresser - change you avatar hair - style, color, length
  • More translations Hungarian, Danish, Korean, Finnish, Swedish (translated by google translator)
  • For fans: In [Main menu] - [Settings] export any language text into *.csv (unicode text file), edit in Excel or order utilites, import file *.csv into game.

I thank all the players, especially the Patrons.








1) Lesbian vampire lover 

Carmilla - Queen of lesbian vampires. He bites you and your turn begins. Sometimes they try to seduce you. At the end, you can decide to volunteer her. Or you will kill her and you will become a human again. Or you will kill her and become the queen vampire.


Medea - Succubus. She likes sex and dancing. If you dangle it will help you (more lives, will increase seductiveness). If you kiss her or have sex with her, you will transformation yourself in succubus and grow your tail, horns, wings.


Buffy - Vampire Hunter. If you have the seduction of 10, you can have sex with her. And if you become a queen vampire, you can turn it into a vampire.


2) Amazon desire

Kassandra - Your mistress, the druid you serve. He gives you assignments, he pays you, gives you food and bedtime. If you're doing poor homework, you'll get a crash from Kassandra. If you behave well, you do not talk, you get sex with the Amazon. Amazons hate a man, but some amazons want to get pregnant, and you're the only man. Later, you will learn to mix potions. After a while, if you behave well, she suggests you to declare yourself a woman and change your name if you refuse, and later she will repeat her proposal. If you are at least 60% changed, it will allow you to assist her during a bath.


Dandelion - If you are converted to at least 20%, you will save it in front of the copper in the dungeon where the blueberries are collected. Then you gain access to the village of Amazonas, but not all Amazons in the village respect you. Dandelion becomes your girlfriend. They will teach you how to do homework easier. She likes to talk to you about girl things. Sells women's clothing (panties, corsets, stockings, skirts, armor). Later, you will learn to shave pubic hair.


Xenie - (Optional shemale Story) An Amazon that likes women but also excites cock. She likes anal sex and later finds she wants to have her own penis. If you bring her the right potion, her penis will grow and she will be shemale. She hates a man, but she will talk to you if you have at least breast size "A" and have a penis. He lives in the village of Amazon.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by whosaysgtfohonestly

Version reviewed: on 01/21/2018

I think this game is quite well done.  There were seemingly a decent number of bugs, but most have  been fixed.  The English has been updated and looks pretty good, definitely not immersion breaking, if even a problem at all.  The nature of this game is fairly slow, but I and many others appreciate that.  I think it also serves well the whole Amazon narrative, which has always seemed underrepresented here.


Two thumbs up, keep up the good work sicco!

Review by Ms.Maidenform

Version reviewed: on 12/29/2017

I like the idea of the game but the English is bad and you can't always tell if you can walk around some areas even with the map. I found few bugs in the game. 

1.I made 3 dildoes that stack but when I try to sell them they won't restock

2. I found a way to cheat and make made gold by letting one of the Amazons kill me after I complete my task and eat my food. I can redo my task again and get more gold 

3. I also notice that when chemise the old one that I did not give to her when I found the dildo bug that also glitched on me. I had 1 then I had 2 then a third  when I tried closing the game it froze and crashed


I think maybe an improvement on the game look would help also

thank you.I hope you get these bugs fix 

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: on 12/28/2017

Sounds like a good game, so i'll give it a try.  Though i was reading the synopsis about the Lesbian Vamipre Lover (how chaste girls get turned into lesbain vampires) and wondered if ye got the inspiration for that from this movie (the story is the same concerning the turning into lesbian vampires)-  Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)  (www.imdb.com/title/tt1020885/)

Review by theotherside

Version reviewed: on 12/01/2017

I'm sorry if this seems rude, but this game is... kind of garbage.

First off, the English is obviously machine translated and has never gone past a native speaker. For a game posted on a primarily English speaking website, this is a major sin.

Second, the engine used to generate the player art is REALLY ugly.

Third the gameplay is extremely frustrating. In areas like the forest, it's difficult to tell whether an area can be walked on. The combat is completely unintuitive, not only combining directional attacks with omnidirectional movement, but giving the enemies hitboxes that conform to the center of their bodies. The wolves are nigh impossible to hit when facing head on, and the spiders don't get hurt if hit in the legs. The bees do have hitboxes much bigger than they are, but they can also snipe players from offscreen.

Finally, having to be a donator to raise breasts past A cup? In a transformation game? Seriously?

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 11/30/2017

1. It required you to download DirectX 9 Runtime. Well, he did send you to the download link of Microsoft so it is not too bad.

2. Story 2 asked me to remove my armor. I removed the armor, try to take it back and it hanged. Way to go on debugging.

3. Story 2 is sort of an action arrow shooting game, with inventory management system and a status bar that says "transformation". The rest of it are fetching tasks. You do two tasks each day. Each night you sleep your transformation point increases. Then do two more tasks, sleep and increase transformation point. Raise and repeat. I assume that with enough transformation something is going to show on your paperdoll, but I did not last long enough to see it happened.

4. My patience last me until Day 5.

Overall, the tutorial is not bad, helping you to go through basic control you need to know in the game. The story itself, however, is a little bit on the average side. May be I should try out Story 1 when I have more time.

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