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Version: 0.2.4

Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1.4

Version: 0.1.0

Dungeon Depths

This game requires the Microsoft .NET framework to function (If you have Windows 8 or higher, you should be ok, otherwise there may be a problem with startup if the framework isn't on your computer.)

Dungeon Depths is a 2-D dungeon crawler with a player creation engine that allows your character to be changed visually as the game goes on. At the moment, the game primarily features Male to Female and Breast Enlargement transformations.  This is my first attempt at an erotic game.  It isn't my first game, although it is easily one of my most ambitious. 

Disscussion thread: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10076

Note - This is a demo.  The game is still in development, and may have some problems. 

Update Log 0.2.4:

Fixed a lot of bugs, made some general improvements.  Hopefully the next update will be some new content and not more bug fixes due to this one resolving them, thank you as always for your feedback, and thank you for playing.

Bug fixes:

  • Saves no longer corrupt the game
  • Fixed my use of states; this should elimnate most TF related bugs
  • Death no longer throws unhandled exeptions
  • Improved the reverts from TFs and restoration potions
  • Titles no longer stack for polymorphed enemies
  • New games shouldn't have issues anymore
  • Glowsticks no longer do their secondary effects on non-custom colored hair
  • The maid duster should work for the magical girl
  • Many general bugs no longer exist


  • The shop lists are now vertically alligned
  • Character creation now has a "randomize" option
  • The inventory filters now have a "check/uncheck all" option
  • Levels no longer exist; Stat buffs can be gained from "charms" found in chests and the shop
  • Polymorphs now last longer (between 1 and 15 turns)
  • Spells have been buffed to do more damage and be more accurate
  • Balance has been tweaked slightly


Update Log 0.2.3:

Sorry for the delay, this is primarily a patch to the many, many, many techical problems this game had.  Hopefully I got most of them

Bug Fixes:

  • States: The game has an updated state system.  This should fix a lot of the TF related problems
  • Stacking Titles:  Titles shouldn't stack.
  • Mana: Mana now saves and loads correctly.
  • Re-did some sprites
  • Floor bosses don't respawn anymore
  • Fixed other assorted bugs


  • The shop has been improved (slightly, I have more work to do)
  • The inventory can be filtered
  • Chests dropped in combat now auto open
  • Finished Targax, his sword is deliberately over-powered for a reason ;)
  • Other assorted imporvements

To Do list: 

  • Fix the inevitable bugs that spring up in this
  • Making the log more intuative
  • Assorted polishing; I have seen a lot of good sugestions that will be implemented
  • Adding more content


Update Log 0.2.1/0.2.2:

Thank you all for your patience, and for pointing out bugs.  Sorry for all the bugs in 0.2, I really should have tested it better.  This is a patch to make it playable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tons of bugs have been fixed.  Thank you all for the feedback
  • Speaking of feedback, as the chicken TF seems to cause a lot of problems and is genrally disliked, it has been removed.
  • Fixed the shop

Update Log 0.2:

The changes in this update are primarily to the base engine.  This is part 1/4 of version 1.0, which I will be updating up to in chunks so that I don't leave an old version up for a couple of months.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Restore potion doesn't restore hair color
  • Chicken/Gum Stuff
  • Red X appearing with no fronthair at start
  • Update Images to skin color choice
  • Tier 2 chest drops not appearing
  • Potion names not resetting before new game

New Features:

  • Bottom-to-top log scroll direction
  • 3 new foods
  • Skin color choice
  • Vial of slime causes light regen
  • Better Armor Routing
  • One handed controls
  • Male characters can have female traits, and vice versa
  • Shopkeeper added
  • Framework for lust added
  • Re-worked the way stats are kept track of - This might cause some problems
  • Adjusted game balance - Special thanks to Undercoversam for advice on this
  • Framework for specials - none added yet
  • A bunch of items added

Thank you for playing, thanks for the feedback, and a special thank you to everyone in the discussion thread who helped me in the debugging process.


Older Versions:





w, a, s, d/arrows = move

; = interact (w/ stairs/chests)

Click on stuff in the inventory to select it, and use the equip tab to equip weapons and armor.

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Review by Houdini111

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 12/06/2017

I've been really liking the work done on the game so far. Lots of quick updating, including numerous bug fixes ans suggestion implementations. It's still obviously early in development (pre-alpha stage), but the progress is still coming quickly. Certainly worth following.


New(ly Discovered) Bugs:

  • Mana and health doesn't replenish over their equipment altered default values until a save and load (neither by over-time regen or items), leaving charms 100% useless until a reload.
  • Mana charms inconsistently add the 5 more mana to your existing pool
  • Restoring to base form decreases your defense into the negatives. Having armor equiped pushes it into the negatives by more (At least, that's what the stat display says).
  • Selling the armor you have currently equiped doesn't remove it in your portrait (On that note, selling equipment currently being used shouldn't be possible).
  • It's possible to open chests while in combat
  • Using a restore potion or reloading double stacks the charms (i.e., If you had the effect of one before, you get the effect of two after using a restore potion). Saving and loading also allows you to stack on an additional charm for bonus stacking. You can go from 40 mana to 45 by using a charm, save/load, use a charm and go to 55, save/load, use a charm and go to 70, etc. This effect is nullified upon returning to base form after a Self Polymorph
  • Using any Polymorph spell (Self or Enemy) caused an "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow" error in Spells.spellroute(Player& c, Monster& t, String& s). Note that this occured while playing as a Soul-Lord. The issue didn't occurr upon reloading the save
  • Upon successful Polymorph Enemy cast, no change is enacted, and every cast will continue to be successful (but not actually cause a change). Note that this occured while playing as a Soul-Lord. This bug persisted through encounters and save/loads.
  • Saving during anytime when any menu is up is possible but results in a corrupted save.


Confirmed Returning Bugs:

  • Some descriptions overfill the text box (e.g., Sorcerer's Robes) without any wordwrap
  • Weapon attack isn't combined to the stat display while armor's defense is
  • An unreliable amount of your pre-Self Polymorph self is restored upon changing back. This is likely related to the issue where sometimes things like slime hair was retained upon chaning back to base form.
  • It is still possible to get negative stats, typically involving transformations.
  • It's possible to Self Polymorph into a nothing by pressing Ok immediately, before selecting a form.


Bugs Not Yet Verified To Be Fixed Or Returning:

  • When untransforming after using the magical girl staff, you revert to your base form as opposed to what you were before. It makes more sense to me to change back to what you were before.
  • When returning from the magical girl form, your mana, health, and hunger doesn't change back to normal properly. It goes to your starting amount (Likely related to the prior bug).
  • Turning back into a magical girl loads the values back to they were before, however. (Hunger went from 67 before using the wand to 67 with it on to 0 without it to 67 with it) If you eat while not a magical girl, the change does not carry over to your magical girl form. (The 0 increased to 1 -> magical girl change -> hunger still at 67 -> change back -> eat -> hunger at 0 -> change again -> hunger still at 67).
  • I'm pretty sure this is a bug. When as a magic girl, defense is showing up as -50 (although I'd guess that it's acutally just 0, as I'm not that fragile).
  • I believe this was caused by trying to equip armor before accepting the change of removing the magical girl wand, but the sprite became bugged to where it never changed out of the TF picture (the rainbow). This change persisted through changing armor, re-equiping the wand, and then unequiping it by itself. It was fixed by using a different TF (specifically maid). However, it breaks again upon transforming to and from again.
  • When playing as a Soul-Lord (the Targax TF), equiping the magical girl wand causes your name to change to "Targax the Magic Girl". Your name resets to default upon removing the wand but changes back to "YOUR_NAME the Magic Girl" during the transition and then to "Targax the Magic Girl" (even if you weren't a Soul-Lord before equiping the wand).
  • After having transformed an enemy into a frog, the name becomes "Frog (Frog (ENEMY_NAME))". It is probably meant to be "Frog (Zombie)".when Self Polymorphing to a warrior from a mage (and, likely, other forms).
  • Self Polymorph always lets you transform into mage and warrior, but you can't use the spell until you unlock something else.
  • When you first start character creation, your hair is shown to be a gray, but if you accept it, it's actually black in game.
  • Upon reaching the neko bra part of the Marissa TF sequence, it became impossible to hit anything. It wasn't until a save and load that it was fixed. It seems that any TF from Marissa lowers your chance of hitting anything until a reload. There is no message about this, and it doesn't stay after a load, so I think it's a bug.




  • A debug menu/option of some sort would really help me find, confirm, and check for the resolution of bugs in the future. (This would really help me clear the "Bugs Not Yet Verified To Be Fixed Or Returning" section)
  • Descriptions (and maybe even formulas) for what each stat does
  • Successful save confirmation
  • Is there a reason why you gave the warrior 102 base HP?
  • Is the Soul-Lord form supposed to be 100% permanent? Restore potions (with and without the Sword of the Brutal equiped) say that they change you back but don't.
  • Give a breakdown of where the player's stats come from (base + charm + equipment + form)
  • Bronze Xiphos is worth the same amount of gold as a steel sword, despite providing 2.5x the attack bonus
  • Vials of slime are worth too much for how consistently and commonly they drop (every slime battle is guaranteed to give 100g + the random gold because of it)
  • Progress for losing to Marissa should be reset on Restore Potion use.
  • Since we are only able to select how many items to buy/sell based on a predetermined dropdown, buying/selling shouldn't reset the selection (so that you can do a 5+2 buy/sell of the same item, for example)
  • There should be a "Wait" and/or "Defend" option in combat
  • Item usage in combat should take a turn
  • An indicator in the inventory for the fact that you have an item equiped
  • Trying to use the ladder at the end of the current content should provide the option to go to a new first floor (to allow for continuous testing)
  • The text for the Self Polymorph should be dynamic based on how your new stats compare to your old stats. Going from a mage with 40 Mana to a Goddess with 10000 should say "your magical aptitude becomes far more average".
  • Staves are an odd item, now that you can buy permanent mana upgrades (since they seem to be only temporary mana upgrades)

        --------Feedback from the previous versions that still apply---------------

  • I would like to be able to equip items by pressing "Use" on it in the inventory.
  • If you're going to make me use the mouse for combat, I'd like to be able to do more (instead of having to click in the corner). For example, I'd like to be able to close windows that require ; without a mouse left click.
  • It doesn't make sense to me to have Polymorph Enemy and spells like Turn to Frog separate. I'd like to see those spell made also be a part of Polymorph Enemy's submenu.
  • I'd like for there to be a way to save presets for the character creations.
  • I'd like for the inventory to not reset selection and scroll position every time you interact with it. (i.e., if you scroll down and then use an item, you should remain scrolled down with the item selected)
  • I'd like to be able to unselect items in the inventory by clicking them again. This is just a pet peeve.
  • Breast Enlarging Potion shouldn't immediately change your clothes. Your common clothes change their style, despite being unrelated. This is most notable on the second and fifth clothes options.
  • Magic oriented armor seems to be in order. It's odd for a magician to be using the same clothes as a warrior.
  • There should be some additional effect to non-armor clothes. There's no reason to use them (from a mechanic point of view).
  • There should be some way to go backwards in character creation (i.e., on the portrait screen you should be able to go back and change your name). I'd actually suggest combining the two screens.
  • I'd like if Vial of Slime didn't change your hair style, only the color.
  • There's not enough consequence for running from a battle.
  • Not enough feedback. Things just happen without really letting you know. The messages in the log tell you, but those aren't use-friendly at all. At the very least, color coding the log would help distinguish between different kinds of events.
  • The ability to see how many of an item you have in the shop screen
  • Align the shopkeepers menu please. None of the the things on each line is vertically aligned
  • A "All but one" and a "As many as I can afford" option in the shop
  • A turn indicator
  • You should be able to inspect items while they are in the shop. It makes it hard to make an educated decision otherwise


Review by rohgahh

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 12/03/2017

OP has done a great job updating regularly and fixing the problems the game had before. I would love to see more involuntary TF in future updates.

Review by llamaperson

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 12/02/2017

I very much enjoyed the game and look forward to updates here' something I noticed that doesn't seem to be in the bug reports in other comments.

Major bugs with self polymorph: Succubus: immediately removes itself from any and all actions.

Dragon: never goes away and no other transformations work cause you are immune to polymorphs

Goddess: will go away immidately first time, but if you use again, you can get fixed in this form and go kill the shopkeep.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 12/01/2017

first, can you change the action button fron ; to something more convenent to hit? 


next, when reverting or transforming, your stats go bac to lvl 1, when you are at a higher lvl.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 10/28/2017

Nice job so far! Can't wait for the next updates~ :)

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