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Version: 0.3.9

The Sissy Training School


Add your own Chapters, paths, and ideas in here (https://chyoa.com/story/The-Sissy-Training-School.13842) and I will add them to the Story in here and add Pictures and maybe we could create a great Story full of possibilities!

The main Story is about a regular boy getting kidnapped and forced to enter a special school.

Everything is in a very early stage.I'm not native english speaking so don't be too rude. 

I'm not native English speaking so don't be too rude. 


Thx to everyone for the positive feedback :) motivates me to do more of it and to improve the story!

I want to thank Kelianne for her Help!!

0.3.5 New timetable, Charakter overview and a littl bit of content.

0.3.6 New Content!

0.3.7 Small content update and a few grammar fixes from "Kelianne"

0.3.8 New images, new content and some grammar fixes

0.3.9 New content

New Content coming soon :)

The Sissy Training School

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tane

Version reviewed: 0.3.7 on 10/11/2017

Please put the version number in the file name or at least in the game somewhere or the top of the code.

Review by darknessunited

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 09/25/2017

im really enjoying what you have done so far. i also like how often you are updating it as well. looking forward to each touch you add to it.

Review by seljuk

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 09/24/2017

Is the english a little rough in this one?  Yes.  Everyone's statements about that have been accurate.  However, it was never so bad that it prevented me from understanding what was going on. In the final draft it might be worth going through and cleaning the grammar up, but for the moment this is a fun game and I recommend it to anyone interested in feminization.  It uses all the tropes very well and puts them into a new setting.  I'm hoping the author will continue to explore the NC/Reluctance side of things and not dive straight into mind control in the next few updates.  Good work, lucigirl.

Review by mlreta

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 09/24/2017

I'm a fan of feminization stories and games. If that's not your cup of tea, then avoid this game. But if you, like me, love that kind of stories, then this is a must. Of course, there is very little content so far, but enough to get you horny... hahahaha!.

To the author: I just love this game! Please, keep it coming! It's SO HOT! Thank you!

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 09/23/2017

It's an English based game so I can't just say "The author isn't a native English speaker.. its alright.."  Its not.  It's not just typos and some grammar issues.  It flips back and forth from 1st to 3rd person - sometimes mid-sentence.  The story layout is basic in conception and execution.  It's trope after trope.  Typos and even some structural issues I can gloss over, but when the entire premise is Deus Ex Trope filled rehashing of a dozen other games on this site - I cannot.

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