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The Proteus Effect
by Proxxie


The Proteus Effect is a game for adults that combines lighthearted comedy, engaging characters and story, lively dialogue, and gripping challenges with distinctive, vivid art and alluring erotic scenes to create a fun, sexy, and ultimately unique experience.

You take on the role of Alex, a lovable but dimwitted young man who barely graduated college and is now desperately searching for a job. Just in the nick of time, he stumbles into the job of his dreams as a video game tester for a virtual reality startup, but all isn’t as it seems. After being introduced to his eccentric coworkers, he soon finds himself not only trapped in the virtual world, but also stuck in the body of a nubile young woman.

All Alex wants is to return home to his own body, but he winds up reluctantly embarking on an adventure through a series of fantasy worlds, including the company’s game world, another world that’s suspiciously similar to a popular MMO, and an assortment of others. 

He isn’t alone, though - shortly into the journey he is joined by his co-worker Ana, a tough, slightly abrasive, yet kindhearted young woman. Alex isn’t the only one who’s changed in the virtual world; it looks like Ana ended up with a little something… extra?

 Eventually, Alex is joined by other quirky companions, and together they try to uncover what’s behind the system’s strange malfunctions. How does he keep getting sent to these bizarre places? What connects them all? Can he ever manage to find his way back home?

This is a game for adults, so there’s plenty of erotic content. This isn’t just mindless porn, however - the scenes are sometimes titillatingly erotic, sometimes hilarious, but always interesting and fun. The game currently has content for futanari fans, and there will be plenty of scenes for people who like ‘group activities’, monsters, tentacles, vanilla (gasp!), and many other fetishes. The erotic scenes are completely optional - you can avoid any scenes you don’t like, and if you just want to experience the game’s entertainment without any of the porn, you can do that too!

If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining, and sexy game with likable characters, laughs, and distinctive art, The Proteus Effect might just be your game. So go ahead, give the public version a try! It’s only one major release behind the patron version, and it’s free! And if you really enjoy the game - and I think you will - please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron. 


Note: The download links in the sidebar are for Windows. For public macOS and Linux releases, please see my Patreon page.


Current Patron version: 0.4

0.4 Changelog:

New city

3 new quests (But it's really like a single long one)

3 new H-scenes with 50+ renders

Lots of new dialogue


Version 0.3.1 is now available to the public!

0.3 Changelog:

New town

New quests

New dungeon

2 new H-scenes

New feature: Dungeon easy modes

Lots of skits, dialogues, and NPCs


Second dungeon should be less frustrating to players having problems with it.

HCG image quality slightly enhanced

Download size greatly reduced

Path to upper level in chincha area now more clearly marked

NUM 0 should now escape, for those playing with the number keys (hopefully, couldn’t test)

Various minor bugfixes


Added visual effects to healing minigame

Resolved issue that could trap players in the old adventurers' house

Resolved issue that could send players to level that shouldn't be in game

Saves are again located in save folder rather than local app data folder

Resolved issue that could cause healing minigame to restart after winning it

Resolved player character's strange fear of butterflies

Player can no longer move (and potentially softlock game) during dungeon cutscene

Resolved issue that could prevent some players from re-entering first dungeon

Resolved issue that could cause game to request nonexistent assets

Various minor bugfixes


Fixed crashes in the healing minigame and dungeon cutscene


Can no longer enter Celie & Elian's house before completing quest

Quest journal should show up as normal



New content:

New starter area

New dungeon

2 new H-scenes (one of which is 13 images)

Various quests

Various other areas

Lots of dialogue


Gameplay enhancements:

Added intro skip feature

Can now hide text boxes during H-scenes (press 'h' for hide)

Revised equipment and equipment screen

Player character sprite now changes according to outfit

Probably a bunch of other stuff I forgot



Resolved issue that could interfere with scripted scenes in dungeon

Resolved issue that could trap player in barn

Various minor fixes

Added Patreon link




Reduced some enemies' HP

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Proxxie

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/15/2018

Since there is no site mechanism to respond to reviews, I'll simply respond to some here.

To Zaknod:

Version 0.3.1 has 3-4 hours of playable content, and to compare its length to new games "a week after release" seems bizarre. 0.3.1 has 2 "real" dungeons, one much smaller one, 7 H-scenes with between 3 and 13 renders each, a sizable town, minigames, numerous skits, and 15 different quests. If you consider that a tiny amount of content - I'm really curious what your basis of comparison is.

To address another of your criticisms, this game has a conspicuously small amount of combat for an RPG Maker game. I do not use the leveling mechanic, so you don't have to grind through levels. None of the fights - except for the single boss battle - are particularly long. Of the little combat there is, most of it is avoidable. There are, in fact, only 4 creatures that you're required to fight in order to advance the plot, and you can complete every single quest while only fighting 12 of them. If you believe this is excessive, I have to question what you're comparing it to.  Lastly, some people did find some of the challenges too difficult, which is why the current public version includes easy modes.

Some people do not find this game funny. I get it. That's fine, humor is very subjective. I would simply note that many do find it funny, and one of the things you specifically complain about was the thing that garnered the most praise in my first release. 

Finally, I literally have no idea what you're talking about when you complain about dick jokes. I don't remember writing one, and if there are any in there, it certainly isn't a common motif. The humor in this game is not of an overly crude variety.


To sissyDe:

Thank you :D


To JustJustin:

Thank you for the thoughtful review.


To apewty:

I'm glad you like it!

Review by Zaknod

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/14/2018

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS read at your own discresion.

This game, while not having an original concept, does execute it in an interesting way. Although with the current content lacking in certain aspects such as transformations(other than playing a male in a virtual female body and having a female in a virtual futa body), it seems more likely that this game is going to be based more along the mental transformation theme rather than 'in game' transformations. 

Plus Sides:

  • Grammar is better than a LOT of the games on this site.
  • Allows optional scenes that MAY or MAY NOT change how the NPC interacts with the MC.
  • Nicely executed gameplay(for what there is)
  • Story is somewhat straightforward with optional quest to increase abilities*

Down Sides:

  • Intro is far too long with too much of a backstory(could reveal it during gameplay here and there when MC or NPC party asks questions)
  • Not a whole lot of content early on(hoping creater expands on that prior to first dungeon, before second dungeon and maybe in tower)
  • Battles are difficult in second dungeon, mebbe tone it a bit for players who just want to breeze through for scenes and story(I prefer story personally as scenes don't really give stimulation no matter how well written
  • INSANELY REPETITIVE although possibly avoidable battles.
  • Maybe instead of jumping into boss at D1 end, give option to run to town for a potion.
  • MC seems to take the "Ditzy Chick" even further than necessary(although MC is male.....mentally)
  • Humor needs work....period.

All in all, until more progress occurs on the game, I can't say I would recommend it to people. It may still be in alpha, but even for an alpha release, I've seen others with more content a week after release, so this is probably a leisure project for the creator.

Suggestions: Bull Milking scene for humor instead of being told it is male and having it follow you everywhere for....tests.....

Add a possible sceario for getting the futa/herm NPC to give affection points prior to starting in testing chamber to alter her perception of the MC.

Make the "Hero" sprite say something dumb rather than stand like a statue and have a vacant expression. Like have him say he is a pretty farm handler with a dead expression, might be humorous to some people.

No, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO DICK JOKES, they are tossed around in RL left and right, and it gets annoying when I play a game and have to read one after hearing all the ones under the sun during the day.

Review by sissyDe

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/14/2018

Funny and erotic!!!! 5/5

can't wait for more :) :) :)

Review by JustJustin

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/13/2018

The premise of this game is not the most innovative, and will likely have been seen before by many on this site, but it shines through in its execution of that concept and its quality.

All of the current content looks professional, well-made and scripted, and the dialogue and events are at times refreshingly humorous. The game has a certain charm, its creator cares for it and does not allow himself/herself to push out mediocre content for the sake of merely updating more frequently. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find this to be far more polished than other games on the site, and it will likely capture many hearts with its aforementioned charm.

My only possible complaint is that there is at times a lot to do before you can get to meaningful interactions or make progress; this is relative, but precious seconds can be wasted spamming/holding spacebar or enter, depending on which you prefer - in honesty this is in many ways not a problem, and shows time spent on making the game more of its own piece than something to be breezed through on your way to the next with as many or more likes.

Recommending this is very easy, it is in my opinion one of the best games on the site, and I look forward to further updates.

Review by apewty

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/12/2018

Red is obviously entitled to their opinion, but I disagree. I wasn't rolling on the floor, but the medium doesn't lend itself to maximum laughs. I felt the pacing was a little slow, but that's not unusual for the game platform. I felt that, overall, the writing was actually very good and so I have no problem with how the story is unfolding. To be clear, there are many succesful authors that I don't enjoy their style or the way they craft their prose. I know it's just my preferences, and I don't insist on criticizing their work as much as I admit my personal preference. Instead, I see how well the writer works the actual plot and details, the meat of the story and focus on that.

Proteus Effect is doing quite well when it comes to the meat of the story. And, it's a game so there's more than just story telling. There's graphics and design. Sure, I suppose design could be a little more polished. However, never expect any of these side project games to reach top quality level. I certainly couldn't do it in my spare time. As such, I consider the game's overall quality. Proteus Effect is doing quite well in that regard as well.

Definitely worth a look, provided the content tags match your preferences.

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