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Version: 0.2.1

An Unexpected New Life

This game was originally just started as a story I was writing, but I liked it enough to try turning into a game. It is mostly just a linear story so far with a few bad ends if you want to call them that. Most of the options currently will revolve around which type of content you want available in the game and so some passages will read differently depending on your settings. I will try to offer more choices  later in the story after the initial setup is more complete.

The transformation in this game is taken from a reluctant approach. I wanted them to be done more along the lines of bad choices rather than the player either volunteering or having them forcibly applied. I know not everyone will have all of the same fetishes that I do, and so I have tried to write this game in such a way that various types of fetishes can be toggled in order to appeal to the largest possible player base.

Currently available fetishes:


Extreme Cum




I plan to add more later in the story.

Your mother has raised you since you were a child on her own, but now she is restless for companionship once more. You have a bad feeling about her new fiancé. After unfortunately after being caught by your mother, you take an unexpected turn down a new road in your life.

Your mother: A hard working woman who has done her best to raise you on her own.

Your mother's fiancé: Collected, refined, and a little mysterious. You have a bad feeling.

Your best friend: Your closest friend since you started school together.

Version 0.2.1

   -Fixed a bug with the friend's pronouns. They should be working properly now.

   -added a tiny bit of variation to the final scene for extreme cum fetish.

   -did a complete spelling/grammar overhaul. hopefully all the mistakes are cleaned up now

Version 0.2.0

   -Story has been massively expanded.

   -Went back and added some additional choices and paths in previous content.

Version 0.1.1

   -Pronouns should be fixed. Made a mistake when trying to set them.

   -Made several grammar corrections.

   -Changed the name from My Unexpected New Life to An Unexpected New Life.

Version 0.1.0:

   -Character setup and fetish toggling implemented.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/15/2018

While there isn't much content, it is fairly well written.

I hope that there will be images added in the near future.

Review by spaceranger123

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/14/2018

great text! neeeds photos!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/26/2018

I usually do not like linear story on this site. If I need to read a story, I would go an find one in some online story library. TF Game Site is for games, or cyoa as a minimum req.

That said, I was pretty amazed with this one. While I knew that the theme was pretty railed, it did offer some kind of variety to make it interesting. The characters were pretty real, making people easy to relate to them. There was no images. I think it is an upside because images limit your imagination. The character setup at the very beginning did build up a bit of an image of the characters in my head and it really helped.

As a conclusion, I think this one is a good read if you are into slow reluntant MtF. I would definitely come back to this one.

Review by Jindary

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 03/26/2018

Not a bad start.  A couple misspellings and the issue with your she-male friend being refered to as a him  and also the she-male friend had to look up on youtube about m2f transformation.  Small things but it's early in the story.


This is a really good start to a story I hope continues

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 02/26/2018

First idea comes to your head why play something like this: get general idea what people go for, but for me I find transformative games boring unless you had tentacle arms but since there are none those things...you don't earn or accidently step on something and wake up next morning your body is transformed, Your given them by your derranged demented mother which by way you make seem like only option is go with crazy plan staying in her house or leaving why not go in your best friends house that seems logical in my own defense here. Your mom is moving on I find no point staying with lunatic(who believes in perfection) who thinks its high time you move out. You know what all things you did for that cow its time to repay her in kind there something wrong with your story there is no:


Revenge: if you were guy you portray revenge the whole 9 miles of it...agenda the whole I hate you bitch and kill the lover. Drop them at bottom of lake.


Revenge option 2 is like where he could hack into fiance corporate and get his ass tranferred and demoted and disapeared...not that I saying to do it but, other idea is dominate the mom or bimboficate her


I am not sure if you have that in works you say you do but I starting feel skeptical about whole dominate part...if this game anything like x-change I going quit playing because I heard dirty rumor and then actually seen written review that the game sucked.


Yes there is this:

Plenty of transformation options

Rejection from mom dearest

Scenes from friend that needs to upgraded just tad, if you make friend "girl" or female she still considered a man or him.

I had idea why not give wizard or robot sort theme in this game you summon succubus to devour fiance there you go.

if it was robot theme world you could modify by electro shock therapy...and transform fiance into whatever you want. Only problem is if he guy he can be cow...supply you with nutrients every morning kind fits the freaking transformative theme. Woman I was thinking something little more of ant or make into robot you re-program to make you coffee every morning...

Need more characters I think seems too short to call it real game feels more like short.



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