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Version: 0.1.13

Welcome to STRAPford

Welcome to Strapford aims to be a life simulator and resource management game, where your resources are time and money. You must balance those well while at the same time managing the various perversions included in the game. The game intends to have challenges whether you are actively trying to corrupt yourself or actively trying to avoid the corruption.

The setting is a remote self-governed city in a secluded hardly accessible valley, even internet and phone lines have a hard time reaching the outside world. There is no magic, but technology is slightly more advanced in certain fields such as biotechnology, but may be less advanced in certain other areas.

A list of possible sexual partners is also planned and is mostly geared towards female dominant partners but will also include some shemale and male options. Most characters in the story will have deep personalities and backgrounds. MC actions, and friendships with other characters will dictate how helpful or how mean other people met will be to the main character's plight.

The list of corruptions planned to be included in the game are:
- Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
- Nymphomania and Bisexualism
- Sissyness, Transgenderism and Bimbofication
- Transvesticism, Fetishism and Bondage
The development of the main character will follow the path you choose, but certain starting topics such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, nymphomania, sissyness and transvesticism are forced. The other half of the corruptions will be optional but aim to go from light to full extreme.

Most of the groundwork is currently added into the game, but many of the stats are not tweaked or impacting the game mechanics at this time.
Still in alpha stage of development seeing as the core is being built but almost none of the events have been added, but hoping to get more content out regularly.

Inspired by the following great games:
Perverted Education by bobbob9999 and AprilRyan (AMAZING game that has greatly inspired this one)
Cohabitation by sissykisses
A New Dawn by whiteraven
Accidental Woman by ThaumX

I regrettably didn't come up with the city name of Strapford, that goes to the great artist kaokatt



Virgin with few friends and fewer family members, and just out of school but with a large debt weighing heavily on your options, a chance inheritance drives you to head to an extremely secluded, secretive area where the population is predominantly female.
You've just fallen into the trap!
Can you manage to work and seduce your way into becoming a wealthy Master to a harem of women? Or will you lose the millions in inheritance while struggling to keep your manhood and avoid becoming the next bimbo slave girl?
You will need to figure out what's happening in Strapford. Some investigative work, some socializing and some sacrifices or tasks may need to be done. And do try to make friends and avoid making too many ennemies, the city isn't that big and you're bound to meet the same people a few times.

Main Cast
You, as the main character
Kayden Kross, as your Estate's Custodian
Jayden James, office co-worker
Lexi Belle, as your nurse
Love Larkin, as your therapist
Pia Miller, as the cop
Emily Addison, as your boss
And many more

Supporting Characters
Jessica Barth, as the Grocer
Sunny Leone, as the Sales Clerk
Aydin Montmaz, as the club owner
ButchGrand, as the BDSMGuy
Jay Hutton, as the artist
Lana Rhoades, as the Park Girl
Jordan Carver, as the Yoga Girl
And many more

Intends to be a semi-linear series of events along with some non-linear options and corruption choices. So play around and explore, plenty of things things to discover already, and WAY more to come.
- Try watching television from time to time, there should be some information about things to come watching the news.
- First mission is to get some money, and to do this, you'll likely ned to borrow some additional funds from the bank in order to get you going.
- Try to get the job, for that you'll need to get calls and you need to be dressed appropriately. Be sure to get a phone, some business clothes and to stay clean. So don't forget to take a shower and clean your clothes from time to time. You may need to do a few extra things along the way to keep your job too.
- Try to figure out why there are so many women in Strapford. You'll need to make friends in order to get people to talk. Try to get on a date with the Grocer.

- Added closing hours for almost every location
- More random images scattered in the game: Movies, Park, Gym (some of familiar faces)
- Fix of Chloe not appearing in social tab
- Some large amount of introduction re-wording
- Added criteria for body enhancements
- More events while travelling, with images
- Hormones and Experimental drugs implemented
- Change in the way the Breast Enhancement shots work
- Slight cleanup of the washroom actions, it was a bit messy
- Removal of social interactions with Chloe, really need to rework it as there wasn't much effect and was too cumbersome for futur use

- Added criteria and caps to existing perversion increases
- Additional images, mainly for estate rooms, park and therapist
- New actions available in park, but no additional storyline yet
- Text corrections, mainly movie section but a bit spread out
- First draft of long awaited social reactions with Chloe, currently almost no text just mechanics
- Random events on travel, currently only 1 negative event that makes you spend more time

- Additional fixes to clothing stack
- Fixed cafeteria food error
- Fixed issue with skin smoothing procedure
- Added an extra day to meet Custodian after fixing washroom door
- Now allow baking Baking Goods at home, turning them into Baked Goods

- Some images and descriptions incompatible with old saves
- Fixed height to go all the way down to 4'10 with surgery
- Fixed some transparent images for the smells
- Fixed night effect spams and impact (also prevents overuse of items)
- Added descriptions to procedures)
- Cleanup of the menu and more detailing of what is what
- Modified clothing stacks, fixed issues of unremovable gear and added layering for pantyhose and underwear

Changelog 0.1.9a
- Fixed the date timing, and ending so as not to go back on the same date.
- Tweaks of the bathroom time for combing hair, made longer the longer your hair is.

- OLD SAVES ARE INCOMPATIBLE with this new version
- Added a few extra headgear items, modified head coverage
- Fixed stats being badly calculated when changing starting values
- Slightly tweaked text coloring for added visibility
- Added in Grocer dating passages
- Added in Grocer post-dating passages
- Added in a few of the breast implant surgery mechanics
- A few more surgeries available
- Kitchen item cleanup
- Modified items and managed item usage, you can now buy additional quantities of usable items as they will eventually wear out
- Maximum breast size decrease, but overall more breast sizes available
- New, more flexible discussion engine in use on date scene which will make it easier to manage overall discussiosn later on

- Compatible save.
- Added a tiny bit of storyline progression at the office past day 12
- Added in speach color for the main character, based on voice timbre
- Started the social perception function, but was much more difficult than expected. Slowed down production of this part as multiple changes needed to be made as well as some re-design, so function is now I believe heading in the right path but taking much longer than planned. Will likely be completed only by the end of the month.

- Compatible save. No new game content this patch either, just some minor playing around with stylesheets, trying to figure out how to add color to MC text
- Added ~160 pictures for added character description
- Modified the view to character Physical Stats

- Fixed formula to properly calculate body coverage
- Allow preview of Clothing Ensembles
- Slightly nicer presentation of certain items
- Added in nails fading after a time
- Added in use of certain pharmacy items
- Fixed issue with Office Interview for male clothing not being picked up
- Fixed rounding issue of walking time
- Fixed Social Relation Level with Grocer such that she can actually accept date again
- Added an extra event at the office past day 12

- No new content this patch either, mostly just bug fixes, game functions and UI improvements
- Added in so that clothing not made for sleep will make your sleep less effective. Check out the Sleep Hindrance value and aim for as low as possible to sleep, also, some shoes and clothing may make your walks shorter or longer
- Minor changes to Laundry room
- Minor fix to dirtyness formula
- Added "Game Over" placeholder if your willpower drops below zero. Willpower is essentially your life meter. You will lose some if you go too hungry, too tired or you simply have to overpower excessively high humiliation
- Slightly modified Kitchen and Shopping Mall Foodstore to limit a bit of the scrolling
- Broke down clothing in Changing room by category, to improve slection when you have plenty of options to choose from
- Re-fixed bank loan issue, mostly when changing starting loan

- Added bathroom makeup
- Added Beauty Shop products
- Set in calculated stats (untweaked)
- Fixed bank loan issue
- Set the discussion engine to both Entered Text Or Links
- No additional story yet

- Added in Keys for all lockable items (so that you aren't stuck as soon as you put them on, it assumes you purchase the key with the item)
- Fixed link with lunchbox, so as not to send you to the kitchen
- Modified discussion engine so as to be more "open" questions. This will later allow managing "learning" new topics of discussions more easily, and allow secret questions to be asked to various actor characters met during the game.
- Some VERY minor additions to discussions at Office, Therapist, Grocer
- Can now go see movies
- Dropped starting money to "enforce" loaning additional money at the start
- First attempt at managing Energy, if you eat too much, you will get fat. If you do not eat enough, you will get thin. Annoying messages will indicate every action that you need to eat or lose weight.
- First attempt at managing hair length. Your hair will grow over time. Stylist haircut now also implemented.


Fix of Saves, saving should now function properly
Most of the bathroom actions have now been added,
Regrettably, this is only a quick fix mostly for the critical save issue, so no new content this version

- Fixed a bug where you would be refused entry to work even though you are following the new laws
- Made some minor changes to existing texts
- Added timed estate washroom event
- Added in saved ensembles to speed up changing clothes
- Added social stats menu
- Added dating sequence with grocer
- Uncluttered the menu
- Added in the first discussion event in the game, it can be found at the Grocery store

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RainbowSpirit79

Version reviewed: 0.1.13 on 02/07/2018

Love this game, Can't wait to see where it goes.

Review by futatiger

Version reviewed: 0.1.13 on 01/29/2018

my one problem with this game is the complete lack of direction you have in the beginning. you have no idea what to do beyond "pay off your debt"

Review by jamex590

Version reviewed: 0.1.13 on 01/27/2018

wtf strapford seroisly the town i live in is called stratford >.<

Review by Ms.Maidenform

Version reviewed: 0.1.11 on 01/23/2018

I love this game so far and how things are slowly progressing. Good Work and don't make me wait too long :)

Review by kronkkrop

Version reviewed: 0.1.8 on 11/17/2017

What we have here is an excellent skeleton of a game.   

The Bad:  The mechanics are little annoying currently because it's one of those games where your actions take a certain amount of time and you have appointments that need to be upheld.  This generally results in game where you find yourself doing some inane task to pass time.  The developer needs to address this with ways to automatically skip to the next appointment/day/whatever so the game doesn't become an immersion breaking click-fest.  Storywise, there are currently some glaring plot holes but I chalk this up to early development placeholder passages..  And...more of a personal thing that anything else but it seems the author really likes absurdly giant boobs, which normally causes me to laugh and stop playing.  Hopefully the dev has enough foresight to know that those that don't like that fetish are extremely put off by that kind of content and then makes this content purely optional. 

The Good: The developer seems to have a rather fleshed out story planned when digging through the game files, which in terms of a persons mental development during these kinds of events seem somewhat realistic.  The current plot seems good at this point.  The characters do seem to have a certain amount of depth to them, hinting at a certain twisted depth, but I do get the impression that the author took some time to think about who each character is.  The writing is decent, not fantastic but entertaining.  The images and actors chosen are great.


I would definitely recommend trying this game, perhaps not right away because there isn't much of a game as of yet.  If the dev manages to stay motivated for a long period of time, this could be one of the greatest games on the site.

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