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Night Games

Night Games is designed as a hybrid between an RPG about a friendly arena style battlefucking competition and a dating sim where you build relationships with your opponents. Rather than random enemy encounters, all the opponents are distinct, persistent NPCs, with fleshed out personalities who use the same combat and experience systems as the player.

Combat skills are split between three basic attributes: Power, Cunning, and Seduction. You can build your character around your style of play. Do you want to incapacitate and pin your opponent before finishing her off? Maybe you prefer sneaky tricks and traps to outwit your opponent. Maybe you just want to be a pure sex machine. Later in the game, you have the opportunity to gain advanced attributes, opening up additional skill trees and unlocking new opponents.

The game loop is split into distinct day/night phases:

  • Each night the Player and NPCs roam the campus, engaging in sex fights when they meet. It is possible to set traps and lay ambushes for your opponents to give yourself the edge in combat. You and will gain money and experience for defeating your opponents and stealing their panties. However your opponents will be gaining money and experience for beating you and each other.
  • Each day, you will have some free time to prepare for your match. You can use the time to train or buy items and equipment for use in the match. Alternatively, you can spend some intimate time with your NPC opponents, which will grant access to unique gameplay perks if you build enough affection with them.

You don't really know why you're going to the Student Union in the middle of the night. You'd have to be insane to accept the invitation you received this afternoon. Seriously, someone is offering you money to sexfight a bunch girls? You're more likely to get mugged (though you're not carrying any money) or murdered if you show up. Best case scenerio, it's probably a prank for gullible freshmen. You have no good reason to believe the invitation is on the level, but here you are, walking into the empty Student Union.

Not quite empty, it turns out. The same woman who approached you this afternoon greets you and brings you to a room near the back of the building. Inside, you're surprised to find three quite attractive girls. After comparing notes, you confirm they're all freshmen like you and received the same invitation today. You're surprised, both that these girls would agree to such an invitation, and that you\'re the only guy here. For the first time, you start to believe that this might actually happen.

After a few minutes of awkward small talk (though none of these girls seem self-conscious about being here), the woman walks in again leading another girl. Embarrassingly you recognize the girl, named Cassie, who is a classmate of yours, and who you've become friends with over the past couple weeks. She blushes when she sees you and the two of you consciously avoid eye contact while the woman explains the rules of the competition.

There are a lot of specific points, but the rules basically boil down to this: competitors move around the empty areas of the campus and engage each other in sexfights. When one competitor orgasms, the other gets a point and can claim their clothes. Additional orgasms between those two players are not worth any points until the loser gets a replacement set of clothes at either the Student Union or the first floor of the dorm building. It seems to be customary, but not required, for the loser to get the winner off after a fight, when it doesn't count. After three hours, the match ends and each player is paid for each opponent they defeat, each set of clothes taken, and a bonus for whoever scores the most points.

After the explanation, she confirms with each participant whether they are still interested in participating. Everyone agrees. The first match starts at exactly 10:00.

Starting Participants:

The Player: A male college freshman who has just received an invite to a secret sex-fighting competition.

Cassie Brooke: A shy, somewhat geeky girl, who seems out of place in a sex-fight. However, what she lacks in sexual experience, she makes up for with enthusiasm. Her barely hidden crush on the player started before they joined the Games. She uses a balanced combat style.

Mara Cyr: A petite, brilliant troublemaker. Mara\'s genius gets her out of almost as much trouble as it gets her into. She spends most of her waking hours working on her engineering projects and uses sex-fighting to blow off steam. She uses a cunning focused combat style.

Angel Hart: A tall, busty blonde with a sexy body and a gorgeous face. She\'s a nymphomaniac with equal interest in men and women. She spends most of her free time with a group of her close friends who are almost as sexually open as she is. She uses a seduction focused combat style.

Jewel Silvers: A tomboy at heart with the looks of a supermodel. She has a passion for martial arts and doesn't hesitate to fight dirty. She tends to be sexually aggressive and dominant in bed, but she'll give herself to any guy who can best her in a fight. She uses a power focused combat style.

Unlockable Participants:

Reyka: A succubus summoned into the competition by a dark ritual. She hunts and fucks men for both sport and sustenance. Her combat style relies on her demonic power as a succubus.

Kat Hawk: A shy girl possessed by a horny cat spirit. Whenever she becomes aroused, she turns into a shameless and playful catgirl. Her combat style makes use of her animal instincts, making her stronger as she gets more horny.

Yui Ishida: The successor to an old ninja tradition. Despite being a virgin, she has extensive training in assassination and sexual arts. Her combat style is based on her ninjutsu skills.

Eve Ranger: A hermaphroditic nymphomaniac. She is way more interested in fucking her opponents than in actually winning. Her combat style uses her ability to share her fetishes with her opponent.

Samantha Daniels: A high class escort with a mastery of sexual techniques. She has a knockout body and knows how to show it off. Her combat style sticks to basic sexual techniques that become incredibly effective with repeat use.


Stamina: Represents your overall energy and tolerance for pain. Taking pain damage lowers your stamina and if it hits zero, you will be temporarily stunned. While recovering from being stunned, your stamina will refill rapidly. Stamina also slowly recovers over time.

Arousal: Represents your closeness to orgasm. Taking pleasure skills raises your arousal. If it hits maximum, you will climax and lose the fight. Arousal is decreased by pain and empties when orgasming.

Mojo: An abstract representation of your confidence and momentum. Many simple skills raise your mojo and it is used for powerful skills. Mojo decreases rapidly out of combat so you’ll start most fights with it empty.


Primary Attributes – Increasing these will unlock new skills

Power: Used for skills that cause pain and lower opponents’ stamina. Power also makes it easier to break out of holds. A character that focuses on Power will use direct attacks to weaken and immobilize their opponents, pleasuring them to orgasm when they’re helpless.

Seduction: Used for skills that pleasure your opponent and raise their arousal. Pleasure skills often hard to evade or counter. A character that focuses on Seduction will quickly tease and pleasure their opponent to orgasm, sometimes even before they’ve stripped them naked.

Cunning: Used for utility skills and creating traps and potions outside of combat. Cunning also provides bonuses to evading attacks and stripping opponents. A character that focuses on Cunning tries to always have the advantage on their opponent, often even before the fight begins.


Secondary Attributes

Speed: Speed provides bonuses to both accuracy and evasion as well as determining whose skill hits first.

Perception: Perception is both a strength and a weakness. High perception improves the odds of detecting nearby opponents and avoiding traps. It also provides information on your opponent’s current stamina and arousal. However, high Perception makes you more sensitive to many pleasure skills, so you will orgasm faster.

The Match Rules

  • Matches start at 10:00pm and end at 1:00am.
  • Participants start in locations scattered around the campus and hunt each other.
  • When two participants meet, a fight begins.
  • The first participant to bring the other to orgasm wins the fight, gets a point, and claims their opponent’s clothes.
  • If both participants orgasm simultaneously, they both get a point and claim each others’ clothes.
  • After a fight, the two participants may not fight each other again until the loser replaces their clothes in one of the resupply areas.
  • When the match ends, each participant is paid for each point they scored, for each pair of underwear they turn in, and a bonus for whoever got the most points.


  • Classes take up the morning and early afternoon, but you have seven hours each day to prepare for your next match.
  • Aesop, your information broker, will suggest ways to spend your free time. Most of these suggestions will not be free.
  • Dating:
    • Aesop will sell you information on how to meet your opponents during the day. They may not initially be interested in spending time with you, but they’ll become more attracted to you as you fight them each night.
    • Once the girl is interested in you, you’ll have a few options. Sparring gives you both the chance to increase Power. Playing games gives you both the chance to increase Cunning. Having sex gives you both the chance to increase Seduction. These options will also increase the girl’s affection toward you. When it gets high enough, you may learn some rare skills.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 10/26/2017

Interesting. The implementation is not bad either. It feels like another New Life.

That said there are a few CONs. 1. I do not see any TF elements so far and 2. the game lack of depth. The first girl you pinned down was interesting. The second girl you pinned down was fun. The third one was as expected. The fourth was routine. The fifth, the sixth, the seventh.... you probably get what I mean.

Review by Kevin Smarts

Version reviewed: on 10/21/2017

I can't believe this wasn't already here!


Great fun and very well maintained game, have been a fan for some time.


There needs to be a support thread, it is a requirement of entry on the IGDB (even if you don't use it)


I would have send you a PM but your user name doesn't exist !?!

Review by otmar

Version reviewed: on 10/20/2017

Anyone know how to unlock the demands?

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: on 10/20/2017

Personally, I find the idea of sex-fighting kind of rediculous.  It seems like competitive rape, too me.  However, I guess, as Abraham Lincoln once said about a TOTALLY UNRELATED thing: "For those that like that sort of thing, this is exactly the sort of thing that they will like."

Review by boxen

Version reviewed: on 10/19/2017

If this game seems familiar, this is the original on which nergantre's Nightgames Mod is based.

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