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by hw2121

This is my first game, XXXivilization. It is an attempt of having some kind of 4X strategy game a la Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic in a NSFW setting.

You play the ruler of a tribe and try to establish your kingdom and conquer the world.

The game is not yet where I want it to be but I really would love to have some early feedback as balancing everything is rather tough and I want to make sure the direction in which the game is heading is right.

Update, Version 2:
Tried to incorporate as much feedback as possible in the short time. Main new features are some prisoner/Arena system and units now cost weekly maintenance (which from my point of view changse the dynamic of the game a lot). But of course also a lot of other things, the full changelog can be seen here.

You are the newly promoted leader of a small tribe somewhere in a distant land. You have been given the task to lead your people to new prosperity. To achieve this you will have to conquer new lands, build up your capitol, promote both religion and science and last but not least become a greater person than you are today. 

Whenever fight is inevitable you and your army will have to fight in the traditional way of your tribe: By seducing your opponent and fucking them until they pass out. It has always been this way.

Are you ready for this challenging duty?

New features

  • An arena is now available where you can fight against your own units or against prisoners (needs Arena building to unlock)
  • If you win a fight you can now take certain enemies as prisoners. (Currently only used for arena, more to come in the future)
  • If you lose a fight the Gods will not be pleased and you will be punished by a body part-reducing transformation
  • It is now possible to grow genitals that have not been selected at character creation (needs Temple building to unlock)
  • You can now train to improve your Charisma, Intelligence and Strength
  • It is now possible to skip fights
  • It is now possible to disband units
  • Units now cost a weekly maintenance, if the unit can not be afforded any longer it is disbanded automatically
  • The changes from last week are now displayed in the sidebar instead of the top of the overview menu and more details are shown
  • Added Map button to toolbar
  • Added system menu entry with link to changelog


  • Added three new general events (two large ones, one small)
  • Added new event for conquering Water territory

Bug fixes

  • Research should now show correctly what it is needed for
  • Description of player ass was missing in the player character view
  • Players reputation in the player character view was sometimes cut off
  • Fixed a bug where each time you won the fight against the centaur it showed that you can now recruit centaur units even if it was already possible
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes no event was triggered when it should be


  • Adapted generation of map to always include plains, forest and mountain in the player starting area
  • Slightly adapted the steps with which certain body parts grow: testicles now grow by 0.2cm, height grows by 2cm each step
  • Made the costs of growing body parts scale with their current size
  • Made the dwarven fortress fight a bit harder
  • Removed Diplomacy stat, it is now merged with Charisma

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: Version 2 on 11/12/2017

Very interesting and looking forward for save function.

Thank you.

Review by DelaBoucle

Version reviewed: Version 2 on 11/11/2017

I've been a fan of the civilization franchise ever since I first discovered Civilization I, over two decades ago. I like the way you are adepting the game mechanisms Sid Meier introduced me to and giving them a new, more adult dimension. I agree with the comment(s) that this is a nice change from the countless visual novels claiming to be open world games, as well as not trying to be some reinterpretation of simbrothel either.

Really looking foward to seeing how this game will continue to develop, keep up the good work!

Review by kain123

Version reviewed: Version 1 on 10/23/2017

It is always nice to see an actual game here instead of another interactive story. This is a good alpha, there is a lot of room for improvements and I'm sure you have a to-do list. Pointing out the missing bits would be redundant, so just take my thumbs up and I'll stay tuned for updates.

Review by Phenoca

Version reviewed: Version 1 on 10/23/2017

It was good. Maybe add food consumption, increase difficulty scaling, and place the 'fight' button above the units list. I found it exploring the same tile gives a different result each time. Praying for a gender change would be cool too. And have your stats swapped when you lose or genitals incrementally transformed would be interesting. I get the 'centaurs now available' message each time I beat centaurs. Barracks don't unlock any troops. The final boss is way too easy and it would be cool if the AI conquered land. More frequent random events like ghosts would be interesting. It felt too easy because there was no unit maintenance. By the time I reach the dwarven stronghold on week 70 I already have 18k food, 11k wood, and 3k of everything else. There is no danger of losing units or starving. Perhaps once training is implementing, make the player build homes and feed troops every week to increase their unit cap? Increased difficulty scaling and the risk of losing units would be good.

Review by DrChaoz

Version reviewed: Version 1 on 10/21/2017

Interesting idea for the game, but more content could be added. Ability to train stats, more random events, competing civilizations, ability to mate with your units or have units mate with one another, having other races join you and mate to create new species.


All in all, good game for something of this stage. Looking forward to more development, like the idea of no time limit. Hopefully it remains moving on

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