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Flexible Survival
by Valente

Synopsis: An almost unstoppable wave of nanite infections has spread all over the city you are living in, with the infected shifting to new shapes and taking on characteristics of their changed forms. It is up to you to survive till the military finally moves in and rescues you. Or maybe you want to do more than just survive - you could revel in the new forms the nanites can shift you to, meet other survivors and help them, or enslave them, or do any number of things. Variety is the name of the game, and there is a whole lot to find, try out and enjoy in Flexible Survival...

Adult themes: Transformation, plus countless different interests and fetishes to find here or there - to name a few: submissive/dominant content, impregnation, mind control, bestiality, tentacles, prostitution, bondage (light and hard), vore, etc. (complete with the option to selectively disable what you don't want to see). There's something for everyone there.

NPC/Character Gender: Males, Females, Herms, Trans, Neuters - Any gender's welcome, you can become anything and have fun with everything.

Monsters/Infections: Currently 218 different shapes of creatures to meet/fight/fuck/transform into. Furries (anthro & feral), elves, demons, angels, robots, tentacle beasts, dragons, goo, centaurs, cavemen, ...

NPCs: 173 named characters you can meet in your travels, most of which can be fucked/saved/enslaved/... Many have their own quests and go through changes depending on player choices.

Development: Flexible Survival a cooperative group project, with many writers and coders who contribute, creating new content according to personal desires, or following patreon subscriber's or commissioner's wishes. One or more updates in a given month, with a post on the blog presenting everything that is new every month.

FS Blog:  http://blog.flexiblesurvival.com/

FS Discord Channel:  https://discord.gg/gZG2nw6

Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/FS?ty=h

Set in a city besieged with the flexible infection, you will play the part of a man, or woman, who escaped into a bunker before it all went to hell. You have 30 days to survive, find survivors, fight monsters, try to avoid becoming a monster (maybe? Up to you). Get a score at the end depending on how well you did.

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for December 2017.



For those who want to support further development of Flexible Survival, we do have a Patreon set up. Reward options include voting on polls for choosing content additions every week, as well as character artwork or even a private project each month.

In regards to the FS Patreon, I do want to thank everyone who contributes. Provided that the current contributions are kept up, we will now have fivepatreon polls for new content each month, with a sixth poll being a definite possiblity if a few more people join up.  




Brennan: The human survivor now wants to investigate Camp Bravo, which leads to a trip to the hospital in the aftermath.
Candy: Candy the candy striper raccoon has gotten a well-deserved expansion, improving his sex scenes and opening up a storyline about his past.
Content Flags: Ban and Ward Flags have been updated to run in a new menu, with additional flags being added. (It'll take a while till all our content makes use of these, so be patient about those)
Danny: The foto safari of the naughty mall rat now has another chapter, leading you and him to the zoo, to encounter the zebra stallion.
Editing and Improvements: The Naga, Alpha Husky, Arctic Fox, Greek Nymph, parts of the Shag Shack, and the Shrinking Shrooms scenes have been thoroughly edited, improving their quality for your enjoyment.
Family Fun: You can now pick up the trace of a young man called Wayne, his best friend Luther as well as Wayne's father and their relationships with one another in a new outside event. This includes to naughty videotapes, so be sure to grab the camera to watch them.
Feral Mutt: A new feral dog enemy has been added to the game. Fight, dominate or submit to these wild beasts inhabiting the junkyard.
Hanu: The zoo of the monkey has his content expanded, and tied in with Wukong of the Museum. If the two simians clash, a new creature will start to stroll the alleys of the zoo
Hospital Quest: Fixed a bug preventing progress in this quest line. It was caused by some background changes on how combat was handled.
Hunting: Some underlying errors in the code for hunting have been resolved, hopefully fixing any trouble people may have had with it.
Katya: A small but critical error in Katya's has been resolved, restoring her "domination" path to its intended length.
Krampus: The goat-demon Krampus has moved into a cave adjoining the Christmas Village. Those who deserve some punishment by the dominant anthro can go seek him out.
Malakhi: A young male zookeeper intern turned human-panther hybrid is now roaming the zoo, playing pranks, feeding the animals and hanging out with his anthro panther trainer. Happy hunting for the 5 events in series for him.
Nermine: The sexy times that you can have with Nermine as a jackalman have been polished up and put into an all new sex menu, to be expanded with more scenes in the coming weeks.
New Artwork: Brennan now has full body art, and Malakhi comes with two pictures right from the get-go. The Ebonflame Draken also got some new artwork.
New Artwork: The Tiger Shark Warrior and the Pirate Shark also have gotten full body art, drawn by Zealot.
Ogres: Three ogres now roam the junkyard, to be encountered by the player.
Player Name: You can now give your character a name. Either do this in the game start menu or use the command "rename " to change it from the default unnamed player to whatever you may desire. Bit by bit, we will update existing npcs in the coming weeks and months to make use of this for introductions and so on.
Pregnancy Blessing: Miyuki the ice fox (found in the forest) will now offer a quest to help her prepare blessings for expectant parents. These will greatly decrease the strain of birth, and give a little stamina boost on top of that.
Roman, Twin Rats: Typos fix. Bad ending for Roman's quest fixed
Shadow Beast: Player victory scenes have been added to the tentacled cats in the underground of the Trevor Labs. 
Video Camera & Tapes: There is now a functional video camera to be found in the city, and also a number of video tapes. These will allow the interesting scenes recorded on them to be re-played whenever you want.
Zebra: The Zebra now has an interest in submissive male players. He is now able to be dominated by players of any persuasion who best him in battle. New endings have been added for Zebra form players, also tied to the dominant/submissive traits.

Recruitment Drive

First of all - we do have a whole bunch of new writers, coders and editors - eager to craft new content for FS. My thanks to all of them and the awesome new content they have created.

Of course, this does not mean that the recruitment drive is over. 

If you do want to join up and contribute writing, editing, programming or artwork, please do visit the FS Discord here and contact me.

Themed Months


Besides various ongoing projects, small and large expansions of FS are being directed to one 'focus area' each month. This was the Smith Haven Mall for SeptemberCollege Campus in OctoberBeach in November, Zoo in December and January will be the Dry Plains Month. Expect more updates for that area as the month progresses.

Writer for Hire / Commissions


Thanks to our new and greatly increased number of writers, we are even more ready than before to fulfill any wishes for new content specific to your desires. If you are interested in commissioning us, please do contact me on the FS Discord - then we can find the right writer for your project. The going rate for hired writing is 15$/hour.


Here an example of some new FS game art, a picture of Brennan, drawn by the talented Sinealas. The new graphics windows allows us to show images like this with far more resolution in the game.



Furthermore, Watsup and Valsalia have graciously allowed us access to numerous pictures of their work, which we will integrate into FS bit by bit.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by EvanEH28

Version reviewed: 01022018 on 08/15/2018

I'm a former fan of Flexible Survival, and I was a fan for well over two years. I even wrote a multi-chapter fan fiction about it that became quite popular on adult-friendly writing sites; accumulating thousands of views and its fair share of comments, both good and bad...

I say that I am a "former" fan because of the unfortunate and sudden influx of bigoted language that I encountered roughly a month after I was invited onto the FS Discord server to serve as a potential writer for the game itself. At first I felt immeasurably honored that my work had been recognized by the game developers, and I honestly wanted nothing more than to contribute to something I was somehow duped into believing was truly meant for all fans transformation fiction.

As my world-weary intellect should have deduced, the joy I felt was short lived... The ridiculous amount of hostility that erupted on my SoFurry and Fur Affinity pages shortly after my invite I feel safe in assuming was not a coincidence, and I'm still putting up with the nonsense to this day. My once popular Fan-Fic has since been scrapped on all sites, and as recommended by site admins, I've been forced to disable comments on it (UPDATE: It's now permanantly deleted due to an exessive mount of anti-military and anti-cop comments/shouts/notes)... In retrospect, I should have disabled them after the "...no one joins the military unless their too retarded to do a real job..." comment, but I am humble enough to admit that I'm not brightest bulb...

As much as I hate to arrive at such a negative conclusion, I will say that this game has devolved into nothing more than a cesspool of politically charged, cheesy, cringe worthy, anti-military garbage. I challenge anyone who is former or active military to join their Discord and introduce yourself as such. I have a strong suspicion that you will be met with nothing better than a wall of hate, far stronger than the hate I have been subject too. Trust me, if you're in the military, or were at some point, avoid FS, all related media, and those involved in its development at all costs!!! The writers and developers of this "game" hate you with a fiery passion, even though they'll deny it to no end. 

No, I am not calling for a total boycott... I'm simply stating why, as a self-respecting fan of TF media and as a long time furry, I cannot support something that shamelessly insults the uniform a good friend of mine bled to death in.

Have a nice day.

Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 01022018 on 04/26/2018

The thing to keep in mind is that this not "a" anthro TF game. It is "the" anthro TF game. Pretty much if you can imagine it, it is in the game in some form or another. the system is a little dated which makes accessing content a little difficult. But I cannot understate the feeling the first time you play the game, the feeling of wandering into something completely unexpected. The content is damn near to endless.


my only complaints are:

It's all anthros. If that's not your thing, look somewhere else.

The content is modular, I might do something really really cool in one place and it will never get mentioned anywhere else. (Except the ending.)

Eventually you are going to reach the end of your favorite character and then have to cast about looking for a new character to play with.


When you play just keep in mind that this is a game meant to be experienced in multiple playthroughs. It might be possible to do absolutely everything in a single playthrough, but you have to aggresssively min/max your character.


Otherwise it's pretty much flawless. it's a world to explore. a lot of stuff to do, and a huge number of TFs to experience.

Review by Lobo86

Version reviewed: 01022018 on 01/09/2018

I have personally been having fun with the game. I like that there is so much diversity in the characters and story depending on routes you choose, which adds to replayability. The newer content is also a blast to play through since they have begun to add a lot more variety with fetish/kinks, such as optional non-con, incest, enslavement and the like. Depending on how you play you could have a romantic/cutesy story or you could have a majorly sexulaized and devient story, its all up to the choice of the player. I love this playstyle as I tend to hate when certain content is forced down your throat, but this game makes sure there is something for everyone whether you like guys, girls, herms, or even more exotic forms like cuntbois and futas. I look forward to see what will be added next.

Review by jheroe

Version reviewed: 01022018 on 01/04/2018

Excellent Game, if you loved Corruption of Champions, Fall of Eden, Tainted in Space, Fallen etc. You will love this game as well

Review by xavia91

Version reviewed: 12052017 on 12/20/2017

This isn't fun at all, just day to day survival with nothing much to do... 

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