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Tentacle Slave

This is a game based on an old role-play between myself and Kaizer Ryu (more on him below) which in turn was based on an extension to a hentai, free game (with a ton of third-party content written for it) called Slave Maker 3.  In SM3, you are a slave trainer training various slaves to increase their skills at various sex acts, and in the "Tentacle Raid" extension, you begin experiencing unwanted (possibly wanted?) attention from tentacle creatures.  The original extension was never finished, but did feature some rather complicated plotting and a bunch of original characters.

I've attempted to preserve the core concept of the "Tentacle Raid" -- that under somewhat mysterious circumstances, the main PC becomes the target of unwanted/possibly wanted affection from unusually intelligent tentacle creatures, who are in turn being guided by a "mysterious woman" whom you'll discover more about later.

There's not a lot of content present yet, but the intro is fully written, where you're able to select your main character's background, their chosen profession (Hunter, Alchemist, or Sorceress), the new house they'll be living in, and one or more servants/slaves they will hire/buy at the beginning of the game to help staff the house.  This is NOT going to be a slave-training game, although getting your slave more comfortable with certain sex acts will still be important.

Fair warning.  The original "Tentacle Raid" extension and the RP based on it featured a servant called "Chaya" who was a panther-taur.  She's a selectable servant in this release, but I've also included a human servant named Brin that you can choose instead if you don't like furries or taurs.

Currently there are only female choices for the main PC.  I do intend to make a male choice as well, plus a set of traits available later, including herm if that's your thing.  (The original main character in the "Tentacle Raid" was a herm vixen-furry.)

Now, a bit more about Kaizer Ryu and the original SM3 extension and RP.  Kaizer Ryu has his own patreon here.  He also maintains a presence on furaffinity here.  His publishing schedule is a bit erratic, but his writing is fantastic.

Slave Maker 3 is a slave-training game -- more about that here.  You can download it here but beware -- it's over 5 GB in size because of all of the third-party content!

The author, who goes by the nickname of cmacleod, frequents a forum called Futanari Palace.  The original "Tentacle Raid" RP was also posted there.  Up until JUST recently, Futanari Palace was throwing up a security warning, but that warning went away for good just a few days ago, so...here is a link to cmacleod's development on Futanari Palace, and here is a link to the original "Tentacle Raid" RP.  (And here's a link to the "OOC" thread, with a list of characters and various plot ideas.)

 UPDATE:  Oops.  Fixed download link.


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Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 11/20/2017

cmacleod42 frequents hypnopicscollective and has taken the reins on a game called Spell4All, which you can find here, though it's a crossover from those forums.

Review by ArmyofRobots

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 11/20/2017

While there is not much there yet, it shows promise of a good groundwork.  We were fans of game which inspired this; it would be great to see a fun game in that world.  Please continue your work.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 11/19/2017

"Not much here" is an understatement.  As far as I can tell, the only thing you can do is apply to be a model and apply for your slave to be a model.  Then...nothing.


Everything else is pretty much - click to go into a place, click to go back outside. 

Review by Jindary

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 11/19/2017

Not much here yet but I likew the writing and it seems somew thought was put into the background and servents/hired help.  Off to a great start and hopefully it continues to grow.

Review by bisubsissyslut

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 11/19/2017

download link does not work without Key. 

Need to be fixed before anyone can play.

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