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Version: 1.1.1

The Corrupted Village

You sleep. You wake. You are you. But who are you?


Update 1.1: Lot's of new content, about double before? Branching paths? New and interesting characters? Choices that matter? Let's see!


Explore a world in the aftermath of a demonic incursion by the Lewd Lord and see what scars he left on the world, and you with it.


Inspired by the work of u/quantencomputer on r/nsfwcyoa. But note that this game is only based on the setting and characters of that cyoa, it does not share mechanics and this game is not a twine implementation of it. This game is more mechanically and stylistically inspired by projects such as The Weekend, The Masculine Mystique, Darkness and Lust, or The Succubus Next Door. 


Currently a work in progress, though it is already relatively complex behind the scenes in some places. 


This is my first game, so please leave a review if you're interested in the game! I realy, truly want to hear your feedback and suggestions! 

You: you?

Kyren: not you

Leia: not you

Jenna: not you

Felrya: not you

Lilith: not you

Orok: not you

Umi: not you

Do stuff. Try embracing and rejecting your change. Telling different people different things. There isn\'t really a wrong way to play, and in fact playing honestly will probably give the best experience.

(Though perhaps one especially important choice is what you tell Leia you are. Hint hint...)

1.0.0: Initial release

1.0.1: Very minor edits and bug fixes

1.0.2: Fixed a missing option and a misleading typo

1.1.0: Lot's of new content, about double before? Branching paths? New and interesting characters? Choices that matter? Let's see!

1.1.1: Bug and typo fixes

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on 12/15/2017

Oh my!  Ok.. its short, the prologue mainly.. but it is also wonderful!  I already care to some degree for just about every character, it already has wonderful hints of potential depravity (and a little bit mixed in to start), the writing is wonderful... Oh please let this project be carried forward!  *excited*

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 11/26/2017

"You sleep. You wake. You are you. But who are you?"

I skipped the rest of the intro and moved to another game as soon as I read this. I never liked puzzle game nor mysterious intros. Not to mention one with an RPG type of game title.

And I nearly missed a good read.

The Corrupted Village turned out to be a quite linear story with mini-CYOA branch off at this point of development. The writting was definitely above average and with depth. If you like an erotic base good read, I think you should give this one a go.

The current content last about 20 minutes. I have my fingers crossed.

Review by salat333

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 11/25/2017

Really liked it and want more :)


Review by shorewood

Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on 11/24/2017

A very promising start!

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/20/2017

This game reminds me in all the right ways about a sadly incomplete (to my knowledge) CYOA called The Succubus Next Door. It's very lengthy and while not complete (again as far as I can tell) still makes for a VERY enticing read. Similar start, though it's a warrior not some farmer, and it's from medievil times to more or less present day rather than real world to what I imagine is a fantasy world, but the overall tone is the same. I highly recommend this game, and TSND if you enjoy what's here for this one as well.

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