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Version: 0.0.2

Mess with the Blood

First things first: For a german guy, I guess my english isn\'t that bad speaking, but expect a lot of mistakes in my writing. I hope everything is understandable.




This is just to show the way I plan to go with the game. It\'s supposed have different ways to play through. So far, there are only two, but I plan to have some more. Additionally there will be some immediate endings when choices come up. I love vampires, so it\'s going to be about them. Because I\'m doing this in my free time, so updates will be slow.




This was made in Rags 2.5.2

You play Danielle, a young student of biology. Working with her professor has some interesting side effects...

Danielle - main character


Valeska - Danielle\'s girlfriend


Kathy, Ami & Lotta -  Friends of the two


Kayla - fellow stundent


Prof. Dallberg - Professor at the university


Nurse Lisa - Nurse in the hospital

Not much to do at the moment, so I don\'t see a necessity to tell you how to get through.

-The TV now will be available, when it's meant to be

-I hope that somehow fixes the bathroom not being available, because I don't know, why it isn't. It's not meant to disappear...yet :P

-As some kind of loophole, it will now be enterable through the kitchen, too.

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Review by LiaoHua

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/01/2017

I love what is here in the concept, it has a lot of potential to really become something special. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/30/2017

1. This RAG is an above average CYOA AIF in a modern setting.

2. I like everything from the start to the party, in less than 5 RL minutes, which I guess is the End of Current Development, without watching TV.

3. Watching TV sent me straight to endgames until I answered the questions in a certain pattern. Then I got some more random stuff.

It is definitely a game with good potential, although sadly vampire is not my thing. If you want to see how a vampire roam the city, please take a look at this RAG.

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