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1.09.54 (HTML only)
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Version: 1.09.54 (HTML only)

Version: 1.09.53 (HTML only)

Version: 1.09.51 (HTML + imagepack)

Student X-Change Program
by JonesI

This is a game that I have coded based on the story being created by xChangeFan on Reddit. (https://www.reddit.com/user/xChangeFan)
If you like the story, please make sure to offer praises to xChangeFan.
I have made no changes to the story, only worked on the backend code.
Currently I have added everything upto Part 7 of the story. (except the male version of part 4, as that is not my thing)
I might have missed tracking some changes or setting some options, so for now the game still shows the current/previous pages names to make bug reporting and fixing easier.
Game currently has two finished (Game Over) paths.
Some versions contain only the HTML so you will still need to download the image pack, usually from the 1.xx.01 version. Check the link description to be sure.
This is an X-Change Pill CYOA. If you have no idea what that means, I expect you to be disappointed by the format of the game.
Many seem to be missing the point that I'm not trying to make a game. It's just a way to more easily follow this CYOA.

You - a student who takes an X-Change Pill and starts his adventures on an university campus.

1.09.54 (HTML only) - Minor bugfix.

1.09.53 (HTML only) - Bug fixes. A few extra passages.

1.09.52 (HTML only) - A few extra passages. Bug fixes. Improved logic.

1.09.51 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 9.5. Pregnancy visit.

1.09.05 (HTML + imagepack) - Bugfixes. Replaced more gifs.

1.09.04 (HTML only) - Bugfixes.

1.09.03 (HTML only) - Bugfixes. You can now change naughty jobs on daddy path.

1.09.02 (HTML only) - Bugfixes.

1.09.01 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 9. Sororities.

1.08.53 (HTML only) - Added kidnapping alternative path.

1.08.52 (HTML + ImagePack) - Fixed imagepack. A few extra passages.

1.08.51 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added part 8.5. Contains content if you are in a relation with either Andrew, Josh, Peter, Veronica, Kate, Professor.

1.08.15 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.14 (HTML + ImagePack) - A few extra passages. Bug fixes.

1.08.13 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.12 (HTML + ImagePack) - Bug fixes. Updated imagepack.

1.08.11 (HTML + ImagePack) - Multiple levels in side effects will now affect you. Some events will now have female alternatives for those who have not had male vaginal sex.

1.08.03 (HTML only) - Manual selection of side effects. More items and money tracking. Names for neighbours.

1.08.02 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.01 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added all of part 8. Happy New Year!

1.07.82 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.07.81 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added ~70% of part 8.

1.07.72 (HTML only) - Bug fixes. A few new passages.

1.07.71 (HTML + ImagePack) - Split part 6 and 7 into images and text. Added some branches for Josh.

1.07.52 (HTML + ImagePack) - Split part 3 and 5 into images and text. Started splitting part 6.

1.07.31 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split most of part 3 into images and text.

1.07.21 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split part 2 into images and text.

1.07.11 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split part 1 into images and text. Improved body features selection.

1.07.02 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.01.01 - 1.07.01 Added Part 1-7. (Part 4 is alternative story with minimum integration. I will add it if more integration for it is added to the other parts.)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by wtf_asshole

Version reviewed: 1.09.05 (HTML + imagepack) on 02/01/2018

I liked some of the small additions that you added to the game.


*Note* I think it is kind of weird that working part-time as a Call Girl with another job gives you more spending money than solo; especially considering working as a web model.


Review by RainbowSpirit79

Version reviewed: 1.09.05 (HTML + imagepack) on 01/31/2018

This game is wonderful. OMG i look forward to seeing how far it goes because so far it is great.

Review by d-n-u

Version reviewed: 1.09.02 (HTML only) on 01/27/2018

There are 2 improperly closed "if" statements in the "Part9DTFSex2" passage causing errors.

Review by Doombug

Version reviewed: 1.09.02 (HTML only) on 01/27/2018

A pretty good adaptation of someone elses work, Well Done!!

Everything works including the picutres at least if you are smart enough to download them that is.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 1.08.53 (HTML only) on 01/22/2018

It is very good, customization is a little tricky and the pictures do not work but other than that its great.

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