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Version: 0.0.10

Version: 0.0.8

Version: 0.0.6

Trapped In Life

This story is set in the world Alderan, a land of fantasy and adventure. However, out story doesn\'t follow a knight, thief, adventure, or a chosen warrior. No, our story focuses on a small boy who\'s just trying to live his life in a small village.

Its mainly a sissy focused story, and right now it will have a lot of grammar issues and the cheat options are finicky. Also, expect a few dead ends.

 Also, a lot of scenes may seem to repeat but it\'s all random based, maybe try coming back to an area after eating some cupcakes or working some jobs. It tracks a few variables so this early content may need some grinding.


Fixed a few things, also changed the way the Talking to father works and added a complete sex scene with him...Maybe buy a good amount of potions from Kel'arr to see it.


Also made a discussion thread.

0.0.10: Mostly an art update with the focus on the player character, and only a few minor fixes. Also, in the folder there folder called "Short" that can replace the "Pc" folder for a different look at the player character.


I listened to what all you had to say and went back and did a grammar check and link check. I also tried to keep dead ends to a minimum. 

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Review by DramaCoach69

Version reviewed: 0.0.10 on 01/16/2018

Very fun game, although the transformation is very slow and with a Tavern ranking of 116 I still couldn't geta promtion.  I played the game through twice and reached the same dead end after finally going down on the men at the table in the bar.  Not the one you can steal gold from.  It's a broken link, and you can't even back out of it.  Very frustrating.  Female rating is well over 200, but the description reads the same as when PC is at 100 to 120.  I like the drawn art.  I would like to see a little faster development in relationships, and I am looking forward to developments with Clyde


Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.0.10 on 01/15/2018

Seems like there needs to be a lot more added for anyone to enjoy this game.  Will wait and see how it develops.

Review by HelloworldIizded

Version reviewed: 0.0.10 on 01/15/2018

@Smut_Peddler It's okay, Alderaan was blown up, Alderan is still fine

Review by Smut_Peddler

Version reviewed: 0.0.8 on 01/14/2018

Alderan was blown up by the death star. 0/10 breaks canon. 

Review by newport_georgeg

Version reviewed: 0.0.8 on 01/10/2018

I agree, there should be a Discussion area.

I have some ten things I have found and listed earlier, but they weren't updated.

As for Apple tarts thru carpenters, it is actually quite logical.  Of course more so looking at the code.  Apple tarts will give you a medium sized ass, naturally.  The other two are pretty obvious.  Dad being a carpenter is very macho.  Liking baking mothers not so much.  The effect is not much for feminity and sissiness but ass size might make a difference.


Below is a link to my Dropbox folder.


It contains the changelog and a working game file.  By working I mean that the changes of changelog are implemented along with some attribute boosting to test it out.

There is a bigly number of typos (e.g. your vs you're; its vs it's) but I ignored them.  My focus was eliminating dead ends and ugly red error messages.

I did add code for wearing a skirt in the tavern but hardcoded a lack of underwear.  When you go from cleaning to waiting, you should have a skirt.  When becoming a bartender, perhaps you should have a mini skirt and no undies.  


hope this helps

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