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Version: 0.0.20

Version: 0.0.17b

Version: 0.0.17

Version: 0.0.13 Bug Fix edition

Version: 0.0.12

Version: 0.0.10

Version: 0.0.8

Version: 0.0.6

Trapped In Life

This story is set in the world Alderan, a land of fantasy and adventure. However, out story doesn\'t follow a knight, thief, adventure, or a chosen warrior. No, our story focuses on a small boy who\'s just trying to live his life in a small village.

Its mainly a sissy focused story, and right now it will have a lot of grammar issues and the cheat options are finicky. Also, expect a few dead ends.

 Also, a lot of scenes may seem to repeat but it\'s all random based, maybe try coming back to an area after eating some cupcakes or working some jobs. It tracks a few variables so this early content may need some grinding.


Update: Added a bunch of things for the dad plot, also fixed some bugs.


  • Added Kel'Arr grind scenes 1-3.
  • Added Kel'Arr Talking scenes.
  • Added Kel'Arr submission branch.
  • Added Kel'Arr Tease scene.
  • Added Kel'Arr Blowjob.
  • Added Alvin(the Baker) Wake-up scene set up.
  • Fixed promotion_Tavern.
  • Fixed Blacksmith Creeper Scene.
  • Fixed some scenes at the lakeside.
  • Minor changes all around.



0.0.10: Mostly an art update with the focus on the player character, and only a few minor fixes. Also, in the folder there folder called "Short" that can replace the "Pc" folder for a different look at the player character.


I listened to what all you had to say and went back and did a grammar check and link check. I also tried to keep dead ends to a minimum. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.0.20 on 02/15/2018

I am getting error when talking to the father and at the tavern.  Not sure if it is related to pictures because I have yet to see any that are sexual.

Review by Takerough

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/09/2018

I use it too and I love that I can choose which one I want.

Review by BlackBananaSlut

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/07/2018

I use and prefer the Short pic version.

Review by Honeyshot

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/06/2018

Update: I want to know how many people used the "Short" Images in the folders? Anyone?

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 0.0.17b on 02/06/2018

I noticed in the earliest version that eating at the bakery did increase the butt size, but on my newest playthrough, the MC immediatly gained a huge ass upon his first night's sleep after wearing the apron at the bakery. I mean, he went from flat to thick overnight. Also, I noticed that the MC's sexuality took forever to change in relation to his appearance. Also, you may want to add some shoes/boots for men and women.


I look forward to your updates, keep up the good work.


I would suggest adding a female variant to the shirt as my character was running around in a thong and miniskirt with a guy's shirt and that just seemed odd to me. Love the updates though. I would also suggest the ability to consciously increase your butt size through eating instead of just random increases as my character started out flat and grew to thick way too quickly and with no explanation. Is this meant to happen, or did I just glitch?

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