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Venus & Despoina: A Student's Corruption
by nabnab2

Venus & Despoina: A Student's Corruption is a mostly linear Twine game made with the popular SugarCube 2 story format. There are branching/alternate paths which affect your progression and provide opportunities to role-play, but they all converge around the central story of forced feminization, sissification and corruption. 

I've tried my best to make every choice fun, with it's own unique content. It is assumed that if you're playing the game, you want to see your character feminized and transformed, regardless of your in-character choices. Therefore, "resisting" changes and activities is never code for simply skipping a sexy scene or becoming some boring asexual virgin. In general, the more you "resist," the more will be forced involuntarily on your character.

Feel free to make the choices to fit whichever role you want to play, without worrying about accidentally skipping 90% of the content. Personally, I recommend making the choices you personally would make if you were in the main character's shoes. For a first playthrough anyway.

See 'Plot' tab for plot details.

Currently, the game is unfinished with the full story not yet written. However, it should be fairly easy to play through what is there without running into countless dead ends and half-finished stuff. You'll know when you've reached the end of the current content.

You play as a young, brand new university student who finds himself lucky enough to be the center of attention between two smoking hot female friends. One as sweet as an angel, the girl of your dreams. The other? Dangerously devious.

Innocent and unprepared you find yourself coerced, and caressed, into a number of humiliating, arousing and even romantic situations.

And that's before one of the girls finds themselves with an unreasonable amount of leverage over you. You'd better play along or you might find yourself leaving university with a whole lot more than you bargained for.

Oh, let's be honest. Your destiny is set in stone. The only thing for you to decide is how much you try to resist.

Matt (that's you!) - An 18 year old, brand new University student. Naive and not really cut out for dealing with the likes of...

Amy - A super sweet girl (but not without a dominant streak) that you end up living in a house with during your stay at university. She really wants to do what's best for you, even if you don't...

Rachel - Amy's best friend, and a dangerously sexy young woman. You are no match for her teasing and schemes as she moulds you into the perfect playtoy.

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Review by aweoiadflkadsf

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/03/2018

A very well written, entertaining beginning. There are no gameplay elements besides a few choices, which are limited, but the writing makes it a good entry. The setting is rather average, but the characters are likable, interesting and funny. The pacing and mood remind me of comedy series like 2 broke girls. It's not realistic, it not thoughtfull, it's not extreme. Instead it's a bit quirky and lighthearted.

I hope people read my review before they read Kateye's review, who, if I had to guess, would describe Worms Armageddon as "disgusting display of animal abuse and abhorrent glorification of militarism. Don't play, if you dislike animal abuse."

Review by Kateye

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/22/2018

It is a rare game that makes me want to resist the M2F transformation. If you expect the "Invol M2F" tags to be the "accident" sort of story, do not play this. If you like being abused by someone in a way that is not "safe, sane, and consensual", go ahead and play this. Make no mistake, Rachel is an abusive, manipulative bitch who wants to feel powerful by abusing her nepotistic position to blackmail someone without gender dysphoria to become dysphoric, to change his body in a way he doesn't want or accept, and she will punish him if he asserts himself in the slightest. I do not wish dysphoria or abuse on anyone, and so this game goes in my "highly dislike" and "strongly discourage" categories. If this is the sort of game you like, go for it. But if you have any reservations from what I've just said, I would recommend avoiding it. I wish I hadn't played it.

Review by NetherP

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/22/2018

The writing is really good, amy seduction to get the MC do as she want was really convincing. But i am also surprised to find myself actually disliking the forced feminization by rachel. I think its because the MC is conscious that he is being blackmailed and just sort of give up. Usually i just play some feminization game where the MC is slowly corrupted without being conscious about it, or maybe its because there is an illusion of choice in choosing a route as the other reviewer mentioned.

So i do hope you really create another route with slow corruption rather than forced via blackmail. Maybe make rachel to convince amy somehow to help her change the mc. This is just my sugestion based on my preference, so you can just ignore it. 

Anyway its 10/10 while quietly raging about rachel bitchiness.

Review by centerflag982

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/17/2018

@Revengeance - don't kid yourself, this absolutely counts as cucking - it's just Amy that's the victim of it rather than the PC. It's honestly more distasteful this way IMO - Amy's genuinely trying to help you, but instead you're forced under the influence of someone who just considers you a new toy (adding injury to insult, so to speak, if she gets you expelled she deliberately keeps you from ever getting in touch with Amy again, even knowing Amy's own feelings toward you. Amy is seriously getting fucked over just as much as the PC here).

Ms.Maidenform hit the nail on the head - the initial presentation (and even the game overview here) gave the impression that there would be two general "routes" - one where the PC slowly embraces their new life willingly (which at first seems to be tied to Amy's content), or is humiliatingly forced into it (clearly Rachel's content). Unfortunately the end of the first week reveals that, no, your choice is "be humiliated by Rachel" or "be humiliated by Rachel via blackmail."

Been a long while since I've found myself this frustrated with a game that seemed like it was going to be fantastic.

Review by Mr_X1

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/15/2018

pretty good overall. main complaint is rachels text is purple on black and very hard to see. I would suggest maybe yellow on black or just changing the background to white.Basically dark colors on ligh backgroundt or light on dark is better. I hope to see more of the "pill" and choices that make more of a change of outcome than just slightly different text. 

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